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Mexico: Explosive-Incendiary Sabotage of Police Vehicles in Ecatepec

tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction”
W. Blake

Before dawn on September 13, at 3:30am, two explosive-incendiary devices were placed on two police vehicles at a police substation located in the Rio de Luz neighborhood in Ecatepec de Morelos, State of Mexico. Blah, blah, blah, why ya reading if ya already know?

We believe that the spectacle of the supposed “anarchist movement in Mexico” is one too focused on aesthetics, narcissism, posing and simulation and not dedicated enough to assuming the role of material war against all existent, a lot of noise and little action, we know that there are completely different ways of understanding reality and no moral authority exists with which one can judge another, however, we have a few things to say:

1.-The solemn formality and messianic character of many “anarchist” discourses cause little more than laughter, as they apparently brag about a great commitment to the “cause” but little desire to risk daily comforts, which results in mediocre actions that only stroke the ego, gaining attention without dealing a forceful blow to the system.

2.-For us, violence can and should be demystified and made commonplace, made available to any individuality, without turning to professionalism or revolutionary heroism. We don’t identify with the figure of the urban guerilla, the anonymous avenger, etc.

3.-Utopia and revolution interest us little. We want revenge. We have no program or ideology, we just have our guts, our delusions, selfish desires, whims, tantrums, etc.

4.-We don’t want to contribute to mediocrity by thinking that one simple sabotage is a blow for the colossal machinery that kills us daily. We know that the losses we caused are minimal in comparison with the infinity of live annihilated by this shitty normality we live in.

5.-Even less so do we give credit to the energy wasted on events, shows, parties and stupidities that only reinforce the pathetic egos of the participants and alleviate the guilt of their organizations. We know that many of these events are done in good faith with the aim of raising funds for this or that project, for compañerxs in prison, etc. However, to direct all energy on these matters, simulating and alluding to a fictitious war against the system, leaving everything in theory, words, chatter, songs and partying is what busts our ovaries/balls, our vengeance is not “to be happy”, our vengeance is material and relatively immediate, there is no hope for better or “more favorable” times.

6.-To hell with the masses.

7.-We want to encourage the crew to arm themselves and have fun carrying out their own attacks in their daily lives, in their neighborhood, or wherever. We mock the formalities and solemnities that only reinforce a fraudulent ego but cause no damage. They are therefore harmless.

8.-Well, quickly, we just wanted to laugh for a bit without so much “insurrectionary” chest thumping, without so much libertarian morality and solemnity, we made an unimportant joke, same as the supposed insurrection/war that the leftists, reds, anarchos, and other rebels claim to be carrying out.

9.-There is no other reason than now, we only “have” the immediate.

10.-To expand chaos, continue the crazy vandalizing, more action and less sitting on our ass.

In criminal energy!


Chichi Cell

Hard Words: An eco-extremist conversation

“These are hard words! Who can hear them?” (John 6: 60)

As a reader, I have never been very satisfied with all of the interviews that have been done with eco-extremists through the years. The interviewers have either seemed badly informed, of bad faith, unwilling to engage with anything new, or they simply didn’t seem that smart. In any event, as a reader who is a bit more informed on these topics, I wanted to ask some questions that got to the bottom of what eco-extremism is, its origins, and recent developments. Thus, Xale, Chief Editor of Revista Regresión and a member of ITS-Mexico, an expert on these topics, has been very generous with his time in responding the following questions and/or thoughts.

It should be noted at the outset that this conversation is held in the journalistic spirit. We ask and answer the questions to inform and not to exhort in this document. The interviewer declares him/herself independent of ITS and eco-extremism, and the purpose of this interview is purely to inform and “entertain.”

Let us begin:

HH: Since the beginning of the new phase of ITS and its internationalization, what in your opinion have been the lessons that the eco-extremists have learned? How do you think eco-extremism has evolved since the beginning of this year?

Xale: This calendar year has seen a great amount of movement for us. It has been full of news, new complicities, and new characteristics of eco-extremist acts and texts.

As an individualist advocate of this tendency, I think that the lessons from this year from eco-extremism’s expansion vary widely and depend on the individualist who experiences them. Speaking personally I think that there has been a qualitative advancement regarding the extremist acts against selected targets. The intelligent reader will know that I am speaking of civilization and its progress.

The Chilean members of ITS have shown  us that one can do a lot of damage with only one liter or less of flammable liquid. This they did on the Transantiago bus and at the Vivo Mall, in February and May, respectively. They have also taught us how, even if in some cases the devices don’t work, the threat remains. There is no discouragement and the war on the nerves continues.

The eco-extremist adherents to ITS in Argentina have also shown us a particular terrorist and indiscriminate attitude. The most recent bomb threats at schools, universities, and train station in May and June show us a defined tendency to disregard civilized human life in all its forms and in all of its corners. This is also evident after reading their most recent August communiqué in which they take responsibility for poisoning dozens of bottles of Coca-Cola that were distributed in a couple of supermarkets in Buenos Aires. In this manner they formidably threatened the social and physical well-being of the hyper-civilized.

Eco-extremists in Brazil have also recently joined ITS, showing the element of surprise. They have attacked ferociously and have shown that the threat of ITS is unpredictable. This irreverent attitude was manifest in the three kilos of blasting powder that they detonated in a shopping center in Brasilia. The attack leaves authorities demoralized since they have to search and search for those responsible. These attackers are now part of a tendency present in four countries which threatens to spread to more.

Eco-extremists in Mexico, the place where the international project of ITS was founded, have also demonstrated many lessons. Their homicidal attack against the Chief of Services of the Chemistry Department of the UNAM aimed to demonstrate the ease with which they can attack the hyper-civilized at any given moment with only a knife. In hitting this target, they showed that it is possible to strike at the most advanced center of study on its own turf. This assassination taught the authorities a lesson that they should not have covered-up past attacks on the University City.

The constant attacks with explosives show as well their capability of attack, the diversity of tactics, and their prolific activity even if these attacks are covered up.

The old ITS in 2011 focused on branching out nationally. From that year until 2013 it spread to Mexico City, Mexico State, Morelos, Hidalgo, Coahuila, Veracruz and Guanajuato. During this time, its expansion was barely halted. Now ITS-Mexico has a regional presence only in Mexico City, Mexico State, Jalisco, and Coahuila. Even though it has now internationalized, this shows the perseverance and continuity of the project.

Touching on the issue of theory, eco-extremism has also been growing in this regard. In the cycle of RS [Reacción Salvaje] I believe that the editors of Revista Regresión along with the factions of RS gave a theoretical basis for the tendency. These centered on the study of nomadic hunter-gatherer groups of this region, recovering their hostile attitude to all that is alien as well as their pagan animism. With the end of the cycle of RS, we gave these themes “a rest” and focused more on practice. Other theorists, however, have picked up the slack. I consider Chahta-Ima to be the most important eco-extremist theorist in this newest cycle. His essays and investigations have been fundamental for the development of other individualists by giving them foundations in history to attack or keep attacking.

The eco-extremist requires theory and practice. He or she needs to know and to do. They need to learn and at the same time to teach their brothers in arms.

Speaking generally, eco-extremism does not have “future plans”. It doesn’t act “under a program”. It doesn’t outline any future methods of struggle beforehand. There is no strategy to follow. We eco-extremists act spontaneously, we weigh whether an action is opportune or not for spawning a reaction. We follow our animal instincts and we continue with our warlike inheritance until, like the migratory dove, we disappear.

HH: I think people who read eco-extremist literature do not understand the role of the “war on the nerves”. I know that this has been explained previously, but you still find criticisms of eco-extremist actions that state that they should focus instead on attacking the power grid or whatever. They state that eco-extremist actions range in anything from jokes in poor taste (with bombs) or psychopathic murder (as was done at the UNAM). It hasn’t sunk in that all of those actions are part of a tactic known as “war on the nerves.” Being “under the radar”, deception, indiscriminate attack, etc. don’t just serve to strike out against the infrastructure of civilization (which, to be honest, is difficult to target, and upon being destroyed, it is rebuilt again providing “gainful employment” to the dumb masses). The purpose of these actions is also to become like the “monster under the bed”: a threat that civilization has created against itself. For me, at least, this stage of eco-extremism has underlined that aspect of ITS and the other groups.

Xale: Certainly, the people who make references to the actions of ITS and other groups as being “jokes in poor taste” or carried out by “murderous psychopaths” probably think that the war against civilization is a game. Maybe they think it’s only about attacking power grids or similar targets. We and the other eco-extremists no longer think that. We believe in waging a “total war” against civilization, as in a REAL war and thus we don’t worry about whether our acts are “acceptable” to other radicals or if they impress the media. If the actions of ITS bring disapproval from others, or are disturbing or intolerable, that’s precisely what eco-extremism wants. That is, to show that the War against Civilization should be taken seriously and it should be carried out by individualists who truly hate to the death all human progress. There should be blood spilled, there should be wounds and death since that is what War is. That’s what we carry out and we don’t hesitate in accepting this fact.

Lately the Western world has been classifying anyone who carries out any act of extreme violence as being a “psychopath,” “a mercenary,” etc. That’s what we see when they refer to the terrorist acts of the Islamic State, and indeed it is a strategy of governments and their media to belittle greater causes, lowering them to the level of being a mental disorder or what have you. It’s understandable then that people who share Western values follow this strategy to slander eco-extremists.

HH: What is the relationship between eco-extremism and nihilism? I ask since it seems like Nihilist Terrorism is the “branch” of eco-extremism in Italy and maybe in other places.

Xale: A little while ago the nihilist terrorist tendency has emerged and developed side by side with eco-extremism. This tendency is not passive and renounces all of the fundamental moral values of civilization. Terrorist nihilism, and especially the version that some groups of individualists in Italy have defended, is a philosophy with which we have found authentic affinity since it is totally opposed to the humanism and progressivism that we eco-extremists criticize so much.

I believe that the individualists of the Americas (of whichever country) feel sympathy with eco-extremism and this can be seen with the expansion of ITS. In certain groups, certain small but important aspects have been adopted from this tendency. But I have noticed that “Latin Americans” in particular have been more drawn to it than the Europeans who seem to be more drawn toward nihilism. But in this point, eco-extremism and nihilism go hand in hand.

It’s not unusual that we who inhabit the lands on this side of the world feel attracted to this tendency, since eco-extremism is the call of our ancestors. It is not a war for native separatism or indigenous identity, or to give a political sense to any of this. No, it is a war that we inherited from our ancestors. We invoke the dead of our grandfathers, and they have possessed us. Any individualist feels in the blood the fierceness of the ancients, be they  Teochichimecas, Yahis, Selknam, the great variety of Amazonian tribes, etc. Surely they are looking upon us to see what we say and do. I believe that this is even a genetic question (to put it in scientific terms). Many eco-extremists still come from native families: this drives us to continue the conflict in which they gave their lives. That is to say, we aren’t strangers in this fight, we still heed the wild call to defend ourselves by any means necessary.

Historically, the Americas were invaded by the whites in the sixteenth century, and with them came destruction, epidemics and disasters. They raped our sacred lands, the profaned the tombs of our dead, they killed our elders, they enslaved our women, they sold our children, they burned our houses, they stripped the Earth of minerals and they humiliated our ancestors in the most disrespectful ways. They killed the prey we hunted with veneration, they mocked our spirits and exterminated our languages and our culture; they consigned them to oblivion, all this and more in only the last 500 years, which is a relatively short time. Today the situation is no longer a racial one, it’s no longer a question of the white man who commits the atrocities, but rather civilization as a whole. We no longer have anything to fight for, we don’t have a community with which we share a common tongue, tradition, and environment. Elders no longer impart to us their ancestral wisdom. They have domesticated us for years. They have made us live in big cities, they’ve made us need money to survive in urban areas and work like slaves for it. They’ve made us believe that science can explain everything or that religion is eternal salvation. They’ve enclosed us in schools to educate us. They’ve tried to take the warrior spirit away from us by eclipsing it with modernity and religion, progress and monotony, drugs and entertainment, humanism and non-violence. They have tried to bury in a deep grave the accursed history of our ancestors who stalked their enemies, shot them with arrows, scalped them, and took out their tendons to sustain the points of their arrows; they conspired, and they fought to the death. Xale, the Teochichimeca tlatoani (leader) lives in me. He speaks to me in the tumultuous wind, in the thunder that echoes indiscriminately through the city. He whispers to me in the moss of the river, in the Dragon’s blood that grows toward the sun, in the shadow of mesquite. He awakens me in the flames of the fire, in the eyes of the nocturnal coyote, in the frigid cold of the mountain, in the tracks of the mountain deer. He speaks and whispers to me, he teaches and guides me. He has taught me to transform myself into an animal when I carry out attacks alone or with my pack. He has told me that every eco-extremist has a spirit that accompanies him as well. He has told me that the very fact that we have these thoughts means that we are a danger to our enemies and one of the most important things that he has told me is that revenge will be terrible…

HH: Indeed, it seems to me that the nihilist-terrorists of Europe have their own peculiar mode of expressing themselves. But overall the affinity comes in action. Some nihilists in other parts think that eco-extremism is trying to shame those who think that to carry out any action is “moralism”. I know that you’re not a nihilist in the same sense as your allies in Europe, but in your opinion, can you be a nihilist without physically attacking this society? Some nihilists say that their “Ego” doesn’t really want to attack anything, and it’s better to do whatever they wish.

Xale: That’s the attitude characteristic of the passive nihilist, one who states that attack isn’t an essential part of their thinking. It’s understandable that nihilism has those sorts of variations and misrepresentations in the modern era, but this does not conform to the original school of thought. It’s well-known that before the October Revolution in Russia, there existed a large number of women and men in secret societies who carried out selective and indiscriminate attacks that pushed Czarist Russia towards the abyss. These were the founders of terrible nihilism. These women and men aimed to wound society, they were driven toward a confrontation with the forces of that regime; those who made bombs to throw at those who were responsible for the societal and economic ills of the time. They were the ones who stabbed and stained their hands with blood; for their time they were quite advanced. Today they’ve “calmed down”, the new nihilists are dedicated to criticizing without doing anything. They relax and are bogged down in their own inertia. There’s even a philosophical strain of nihilism based mainly in art (?), but it too is “nihilism”. What I would take from all of this is that, even among all of the flavors of our time, there do exist real nihilists who ferociously confront society in the same manner as the original thinkers did. In Italy, we have the examples of “The Nihilist Sect of Free Death,” “Memento Mori Nihilist Sect,” and the “Cenaze Terrrorist Nihilist Clan.”

HH: Related to this question, it seems like a difference between the first stage of ITS and the Reacción Salvaje stage was a return to indigenous / savage / pagan roots with RS. Even now there are references to “Chicomoztoc,” etc. But I perceive a diminishing of this aspect in the present in favor of an opening to other ideas and ways of understanding things. Do you think that this perception is correct? Is this a necessary part of the expansion of eco-extremism?

Xale: Yes, as I have mentioned in the first response, in this stage of eco-extremism, we have put aside references to native groups a bit, since we have recently been studying and mentioning the question of paganism.

This shift in interest from the native theme can be seen in the communiqués that have been published of late as well as the content of Revista Regresión. And as you have indicated, there has been an opening to other questions concerning nihilism and criminal activity. I should clarify that this is not because we consider it more important to speak on these themes rather than focus on the war of indigenous peoples. No, it is our current circumstance which demands that we expand into other variants which can conform to the eco-extremist tendency.

With RS there was a concrete study centered on native war, and in fact most of the communiqués of that group had references to the war inherited from our ancestors. But after this cycle, and having more individuals who participate in our theory and practice, it is necessary to make an opening into other themes to consolidate the tendency.

HH: One interesting thing is that “to be native” in places like Canada and the United States doesn’t necessarily entail illegality nor war against civilization. Many modern tribes function almost like businesses. They have casinos or they rent their land out for oil and gas exploration, etc. Nevertheless, some critics have stated that eco-extremism exploits the memory of “dead indigenous peoples” for its sick anti-social causes. How would you characterize the relationship between eco-extremism to today’s indigenous peoples who are not that opposed to (and are sometimes allied to) civilization?

Xale: This criticism always makes me laugh a lot. To say that we are exploiting the memories of “dead indigenous peoples” only lengthens the list of excuses from this type of critic. Eco-extremists don’t exploit anyone’s memory. We would be “anti-social crazy people” if we were justifying by the same discourse the rape and prostitution of children, organ trafficking, sex with corpses, and the other illnesses derived from the atrophied minds of the hyper-civilized. But as we are only justifying politically incorrect acts against civilization, acts that were carried out by our ancestors, and even some contemporary tribes, this criticism is completely erroneous.

I am not going to deny that many indigenous and native groups in many parts of the world are accomplices to the major corporations that are devastating their territories. I am not going to deny that many indigenous peoples here in Mexico even are separated from their traditions and they have adopted Western practices. This often leads to harm to their environments as mandated by large corporations. You can count those tribes not absorbed into the dominant society on two hands; there are very few. Although I should say in many cases where indigenous peoples depart from their origins, they do so under their own volition because they want to adapt to the modern way of life. In other cases, however, they are manipulated to do so and are put into conditions which force them to depart from their cultural origins and join the walking dead in the cities. Here there are very well-known cases of companies that arrive in secluded villages to get cheap labor, and they convince the indigenous people there to work in the cities since they will get good money and creature comforts, which turns out to be completely false. When the companies no longer need them, they abandon them to their fate there. They then have to survive in a city as monstrous as the Mexican capital, and it is very unkind to survive on the streets here if you are an outsider. Thus, the indigenous people end up being homeless drug addicts, or in jail or dead. It’s a sad situation, sure, but it’s part of daily reality.

HH: Eco-extremism has a very complicated relationship with anarchism. Sometimes such phrases come up as “Anarchy by not anarchism.” Can you be an anarchist and aligned with eco-extremism? How would that go?

Xale: I just got finished writing an article entitled, “Indiscriminate Anarchists,” for issue No. 6 of Revista Regresión, where I describe the terrible terrorist acts that anarchists committed that have been buried and long-forgotten. In the text I mention the constant fights between anarcho-bandits and the anarchist-humanists of their time. This was due to the fact that the former always attacked their targets without regard to hurting innocent bystanders. These acts could be classified as “indiscriminate attacks,” a practice that has been a point of contention among today’s anarchists.

With this text soon to be published, I show evidence that some anarchists in the 19th century acted indiscriminately, violating moral and political codes of morality that are associated with anarchism as they were understood by the great majority of the traditional anarchist movement.

With this text I also aim (if only temporarily) to resurrect those anarchos from the tombs in which the official and not-so official history wished to leave them.

It’s funny to read, for example, about how the social anarchists were scared stiff by the terrorist acts of Di Giovanni around 1900. It is uncanny that some contemporary anarchists have the exact same reaction when they learn of our attacks, namely, calling us, “bandits,” “inhuman,” “these aren’t our comrades,” “let us exclude them from our movement,” “random attacks are for cowards,” etc.

Responding to the question, I think that anarchists CAN be allies to the eco-extremists, only if and when these anarchists firmly hold to the demonical and terrorist characteristics of their predecessors. On the other hand, the humanist anarchist who worries about society and dreams of a “better world” CANNOT be an ally of eco-extremism.

HH: What would be the difference then between an anarchist who sympathizes with eco-extremism and one who rejects it vigorously?

Xale:  The difference would be substantial. In fact, the anarchist who sympathizes with eco-extremism would have to subvert much of what was said by traditional anarchist thinkers, shaking off the humanism and progressivism that aims to obtain a better world without “State-Capital.” He or she would have to leave aside utopias and focus on the decadent and pessimist present in which we find ourselves. He or she would have to assume the role of an individual within our present circumstances and act accordingly. He or she would have to disregard all that is human (in philosophical terms). He or she would have to act in a cold and calculated manner without regard to collateral damage. He or she would have to be like Di Giovanni, like Mario Buda, like Santiago Salvador, like the galleanist anarchists.

HH: It seems to me that “social” anarchism is a vestige of the old politics of the masses. I can’t really say much about that, as I have never been an anarchist and I don’t know the history very well to be honest. On the other hand, I suspect that a lot of individualist actions that you mention took place before the “modern era of Revolutions,” as in Russia in 1917, Spain in the 1930’s etc. The social anarchist has a lot of trouble closing that chapter of history, even if the rest of the world (political or not) already has. The rest of the world has renounced all of this talk of the masses fighting in the streets or whatever. Even in extremist Islam, when it hasn’t been a question of conventional war, many of their attacks are individualist and indiscriminate. But the social anarchist can’t separate himself or herself from the idea of “waking up the masses,” to bring forth a “new dawn,” because he or she can’t renounce the old analysis or it would take away their hope and they would have to become a disgusting nihilistic eco-extremist or something like that.

Xale: The historical context which unleashed this accursed anarchy that I am speaking of happened before and after the Bolshevik Revolution and before and after the Spanish Civil War of 1936.

For example, Santiago Salvador acted alone in November 1893 when he attacked the Great Theater of the Liceo in Barcelona. This was in revenge for the death by firing squad of his friend Paulio Pallás (another anarchist terrorist who in September of that year attacked General Martínez Campos in the middle of a military parade in Barcelona. The terrorist threw a couple of bombs at his carriage, and the general was wounded in the attack, with two generals and a civil guard killed. There were also dozens of bystanders also wounded.) Salvador hid in his clothes two Orsini bombs, a very popular bomb among anarchists of the day that detonated when it struck the floor or other hard surface. The terrorist waited for the opera’s intermission and threw two bombs indiscriminately at the public from the balcony. The first bomb created an infernal deafening sound and blasted human flesh, blood, and splinters everywhere. The second landed on the fancy gown of a woman wounded in the first explosion, but didn’t detonate as the dress softened the impact of the bomb. This anarchist attack left 22 dead and 35 gravely wounded.

Maybe many contemporary anarchists don’t remember that the author of this attack was one of their political predecessors. It’s a pity that such an emblematic personality, who in his moment was a terrible enemy of society and the system, has been forgotten (as have many others). Not totally, of course, there are still those among us who remember him.

HH: There is certain ambiguity concerning the term “re-wilding”. Sometimes it is said that the eco-extremist must do what he can to not be dependent on civilization, but at the same time, “there is no future.” Is there a defined position on “re-wilding” or does it depend on each individual eco-extremist?

Xale: Re-wilding as we understand it differs a bit from how the Yankee eco-radicals understand it. I believe they were the first ones to employ this term. The meaning for them is to designate actions in favor of wild nature, always relating to the preservation of an environment and the spreading of natural settings into the urban spaces in which humans can then little by little become feral.

Personally, I know some eco-extremists who weren’t born in the city and at this very moment are leading the lives of nomads in some place within what is geographically known as “Mexico.” They go out for a while, return to their places, and then decide to attack civilization. It’s a very effective strategy.

That type of eco-extremist has decided to “re-wild” in wild nature itself: to wander like nomads, knowing how to hunt, to make friction fire, use animal skins, gather food, etc. Personally, I respect very much their way of life and consider that if that’s how they want to live, I’m all for it. In any event, to be in constant contact with wild nature always does something beautiful to you. You always give it a much greater value. This type of eco-extremist also knows that there is no future. That’s why he’s up in the wilderness before it all gets completely destroyed. Fortunately here in Mexico there are still wild places in comparison with other parts of the world where they no longer exist.

On the other hand, the eco-extremists of the city also “rewild” themselves individually in their own way. Many of us know how to do what the “nomadic” eco-extremists can do in given situations. But in the city one needs to know how to move about and to be the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. City eco-extremists need to know how to wage war, how to attack, ambush, evade authorities, mug, use firearms, and savor the last breath when taking the life of an enemy. All of this is also re-wilding: to return to the primitive in a conflict inherited from our ancestors; to put into practice the tactics that the ancients used but in our own conditions. In fact, the murder that ITS carried out also represents “individualist re-wilding”. The goal of assassinating an UNAM employee was not just to take him out and create negative reactions to this act, but rather with the same act, the members of ITS also murdered the civilized person within, killing little by little with thrusts of the knife those Western values imposed on them from childhood onward.

For me and my own, the eco-extremists of the city and outside of it, there is no future; there is only the present. We don’t have anything to fight for except ourselves. To re-wild ourselves is to know how to move about like hunters, to learn to stalk the enemy, to hate him, to spill his blood, to scalp him and offer the scalp to the dead. But it is also to know wild nature, to lose oneself in the wilderness, to be in contact with the cycle of the seasons; to know it, breathe it in, and love it.

HH: Some people have accused eco-extremism of being in favor of authority, since it rejects anarchism. Does eco-extremism have an abstract position regarding “authority” or is too much of a scholastic question in our context?

Xale: You can’t deny that authority has had an important role in human societies. In each ancient ethnic group there has always been a leader in war as well as in spiritual matters. The woman who gathered food could be considered a type of leader when the hunt went badly, being the “head” of the tribe in difficult times. Only relatively recently have we only seen the negative face of authority with the rise of authoritarianism. It has been translated into a concrete phenomenon that has wanted to “impose on us something by force.” That’s due to Western culture that we have stuck in our brains. Forced education accompanied by an authority figure who tells us what to do or say is the model in which we were educated. Up to a certain point, then, it is understandable that many consider authority something harmful and invasive.

It is necessary to cast off that Western culture to see authority with other eyes; to differentiate between an authority figure who wants to impose something on us at all costs and an authority figure who imparts to us valuable teachings due to his knowledge.

Thus, without beating around the bush I can say that eco-extremism doesn’t demonize authority, and it doesn’t flatly reject it as the anarchists do, for example. This is because we don’t only see its negative side in the Western way, but also we see the positive side of authority as indigenous people saw it. In fact, many anarchist groups have had leaders or authority figures. They might call them by another name, like “an example to follow,” but that’s another story. We can also say in the examples of the anarcho-bandits, etc. there was an anarchist among them who had a greater presence, who incited the rest, who had the most initiative, and whose knowledge was more elaborate. To give one example, Di Giovanni was the leader of his crew due to his commitment to all that he did, including bombings editing of books and newspapers, writing letters to defend himself from the calumnies of the “anarcho-Franciscans,” the execution of undesirable people, and hold-ups etc. Bonnot was the one who led his group of robbers in France since he had the most experience in robberies. Miguel Arcángel Rosigna was the one who led a group of robbers in Uruguay due to his almost perfect methodology and intelligence in committing robberies and jail breaks.

Even Bakunin could be considered an authority figure, but don’t freak out here anarchist reader. He’s an example of benign authority who taught valuable things with his theories. Due to this, the anarchist movement became a threat to its enemies.

Thus in gradually answering your question, I think that authority for the eco-extremist is an abstract theme. We don’t put special emphasis on it since we have no problem in accepting it.

HH: It’s true that leftism and anarchism (in general) treat authority as an absolute metaphysical category, when traditionally it hasn’t been anything like that. I blame modern man who can do nothing, is completely domesticated, and for that reason obsesses about the question of authority. In other societies, authority was charismatic. Even in the most primitive bands, however, there were laws and social codes that one had to follow whether you liked it or not. I read recently of someone saying that the modern anarchist wouldn’t hack it in primitive band society because their role would be defined within the band and you can’t shirk your obligation there. And all that without the state or the police, mind you. On the other hand, the social anarchist seems totally bound to solidarity and reciprocity among “comrades” or whatever they call them. But that morality is never questioned…

Xale: I agree with you that the anarcho-primitivst would surely get thrown out of the primitive band like a dog if he or she were ever to try to join one. Surely they would always be whining about something and pushing the others to rebel against the shaman or something like that.

HH: I believe that many interested readers especially in the United States think that eco-extremism isn’t for them, since there the state is very powerful and eco-extremist action does not appear possible. Is there a way to be an eco-extremist in the United States without being immediately thrown in prison or shot down by the police?

Xale: I sincerely believe  that people who think that eco-extremism is not possible because you have the largest security agencies in the world “in house” so to speak are cowardly people who can’t think of ways to carry out actions in the United States without getting caught. It’s true that the NSA is spying on the majority of radicals and that the FBI has a list of potential trouble-makers. And it’s certain that the police have infiltrated extremist groups to the point of being able to break them up. I’m not denying that. I think that the problem lies in people who are under suspicion, the ones already on a list and who have their photo in the system. They are people who are part of certain movements and are already suspects for the security agencies. Those people who join movements love the spotlight, to be recognized as being “the most radical.” And they like to brag. Now let’s think of an eco-extremist who isn’t interested in any of that, who acts alone or with an accomplice. Someone who keeps a low profile, who doesn’t hang out in the places where there are people who belong to radical movements (anarchists, environmentalists, ecologists, Black Bloc, etc.). Let’s think of an eco-extremist who knows how to hide, (as much as possible) his Web history. We would consider this person to be very cautious, untrusting and intelligent. Under certain conditions I think that this eco-extremist could carry out attacks without getting caught or killed by the police. Of course, I know all of that is easier said than done. An eco-extremist should have conviction, dedication, patience, and commitment.

An eco-extremist would be very capable of carrying out attacks in the United States, come out unscathed and continue the war, of that I am certain. Only time will tell if I am right…

HH: This is a sensitive issue, and I am not suggesting anything concrete here, of course. I am only observing. But it seems like individualist and indiscriminate attack is a constant theme among people in the U.S., or at least the Yankee mentality obsesses over it. John Zerzan, for example, is always going on about the “mass shooter” who kills innocent people in clubs, schools, or other public places for no reason or for “twisted” ones. As you well know, everyone up there has guns, and lots of guns, of every caliber, etc. The shooter always shoots himself in the end or is caught by the police, but there is never a way to stop these “lone wolves” before it’s too late. I mention this because it can explain the reaction of the well-behaved anarchos when faced with eco-extremist attacks. It’s not a question of something that is separate from their daily lives, but is rather very much a part of it: a “crazy guy” with a gun killing people out of pure frustration.

Xale: I think what you are talking about is really a cultural question. In Mexico there are not really a lot of cases that I know of where a person starts shooting randomly at people. If people have guns here is for protection, for revenge, or it’s for a job (assassination, assault, kidnapping, etc.) If someone gets killed, people don’t say it was because of frustration or it was done by a person who was mentally disturbed. Instead they’ll say something like, “he probably deserved it,” “it was just his turn,” or “that’s what you get for trying to fight back!”

I remember one case over here that was similar to the “mass shooter” thing over there. In 2009, a man was painting slogans in Balderas Station in the Mexico City metro about global warming, the responsibility of governments, etc. The police tried to stop him, and all of this during rush hour and with the station full of people. The man resisted arrest and from his belongings he took out a revolver and killed the policeman trying to arrest him. Many passengers were terrified and tried to hide in the cars. Some bystanders tried to play the hero and take the weapon away, and without remorse he shot them in the same manner. He left some wounded and one dead in the skirmish. When his clip was empted, he was surrounded and almost lynched. He was finally arrested, and the press published that he suffered from schizophrenia due to the treatments he had undergone in an insane asylum. This led to the violent reaction, but in any case, he was condemned to spend some years in a “mental health” clinic and was afterward released. Maybe in this case people over here would say, “that fucker was crazy,” but the context is quite different from what happens over in the United States, though the root causes are the same. In this case, it was the medicine that he was given that made him have a schizophrenic episode; the medicines and treatments that derive from the main problem, civilization.

Addressing the U.S. context, from my perspective I think that the mass shooters have real reasons to carry out those sorts of indiscriminate attacks. They’re not just doing them to do them, or from nothing. They aren’t just shooting to fire their gun. There was something that drove them to do it and plan it out. Killing a large number of people like that considering how they did it can only be the result of a great number of religious, social, clinical, and cultural causes, as well as economic and political one, etc. I’ve known of people who were bullied in school who one day decided to show up to class with an assault rifle and take out the person who was bullying them. Some others have done so for racial injustice against blacks, others for religious reasons and they attack U.S. society since they consider it an enemy of Allah. Others do it out of “white supremacy.” Some do it because they are on psychoactive medications. In the case of U.S. eco-extremism, should it ever emerge one day, the reasons for an act of this type would be attacked but we would know that it was the only option. With this we arrive at the conclusion that civilization is the problem and we attack it without hesitation. That is to say, all of the causes and reasons, actions and their consequences, derive from a framework of diverse conditions, and I think they deserve a profound analysis before condemning them. Those cases and others are for me a single reaction of animal human instincts that attempt to manifest themselves in civilization. And since they find themselves unable to develop as they had previously, they find a release in those conditions. You have to accept that. All of us in civilization are to a certain extent “frustrated” for one reason or another. Thus to say that those acts are derived from frustration is not a conclusion that is totally mistaken when all is said and done.

HH: I think that the “theoretical work” of our current time is to find a means to re-found a paganism / animism apart from the secular mentality of leftism and Western monotheism. For me this signifies a profound knowledge of one’s local environment. Do you think a change in perception, separating oneself from humanism and anthropocentrism, would change the “pessimist” rhetoric of eco-extremism? Or rather, if Nature is the one who wins at the end of the day, and human beings are the real “villains” who are defeated, would this mean that the “true nihilists” are the ones who defend civilization, and, why not, society and humanity simply put. What do you think of this analysis?

Xale: The change in perception that you are speaking of would have to be radical. We would have to change from pessimists to optimists, from nihilists to positivists.

Maybe there would be some eco-extremist or someone similar who, due to his cultural formation and social conditions, would have a different perception to the one discussed here and, as you imply, would consider modern humanity to be the real nihilists. Though, if he did have that perception, I don’t think the central idea of the individualist defense of wild nature would change, nor the embodied recognition of the old deities linked to that nature who are the fundamental basis of this.

But now reality dictates the pessimistic setting and it is within this framework that we develop. We don’t have another option to take up and act on.

HH: What is the role of criminality in eco-extremism? It seems to have emerged as a major theme on the blogs, Revista Regresión, etc. What would you say to those who would object that criminality is also part of civilization and does not merit being idealized?

Xale: Criminal activities are a fundamental part of the eco-extremist tendency. Criminality in this case consists of stealing, planting bombs, burning things, threatening people, acquiring ingredients for explosive devices, transporting arms and explosives, storing these, conspiring with individualists in other parts of the world to carry out attacks, assassinate people, and in some countries it’s even a serious crime to publish, translate, and edit these types of messages inciting people directly or indirectly to carry out crimes. We eco-extremists are criminals, thugs, thieves, murderers, and attackers. That’s the essence of all of this, it is its nature. In this we aren’t idealizing anything. It’s a practice inherited from the naked savages who robbed cattle from the Spaniards, those who ambushed and attacked their caravans; of those who killed the enemy and raided their towns reducing them to ashes; of those who poisoned the tips of their arrows, etc. This is the practice we are continuing only in a different time and context, but in the end it’s the same war. This refers to the practice of criminality, but as a term we have coined it as rhetoric. If society and the authorities say that we’re criminals that means we are. If they say we’re terrorists we’re that too. Those labels don’t scare us, we’re not going to try to defend ourselves saying that we’re not criminals because within their juridical terms we are. We aren’t going to get indignant at this name like the majority of “revolutionaries” and “radicals” do when they’re called those things. Eco-extremists don’t defend “just causes”, their “compassion” and “humanism” don’t represent them. On the contrary, they are best represented by violence and the lack of consideration for civilized life.

Many people see criminality as part of civilization, sure. Many even think that it is a product of social conditions that some suffer in civilization, and that is also true. Evidently, if civilization did not exist, criminality in its juridical aspect would not either. But I emphasize, only in the juridical aspect. This is because crimes against anyone would also take place without civilization. But it needs to be asked, would criminal acts be classified as criminal without civilization? Or would they be classified as retribution only? Or in the modern era is there no difference? Is criminality something that emerges from the problems of a civilization, or could they be considered a consequence without it having to be strictly associated with civilized conditions? We ask this since it has to be remembered that everything in this world and outside of it is governed by cycles, all is constant movement where every action is followed by a reaction.

Let’s take one example: the Aztecs considered the Teochichimecas to be barbarous and uncivilized, and they didn’t dare to explore the Gran Chichimeca. When they did they encountered hostile savages who expelled them violently. The Aztecs then did not consider these natives to be criminals, just “uncivilized”: a people without culture. Under this logic, the Aztecs focused on building a civilization without interfering in the Teotlalpan Tlacochcalco Mictlampa (“the northern place where death dwells” in Nahuatl). Maybe their gods recommended to them not to mess with the Teochichimecas. They listened to that recommendation and left them alone. They devoted themselves to conquering and expanding their empire by subjugating other tribes that were easier to conquer. The War Chichimecas, looking at the Pre-Columbian civilized people, did not enter their territories, and had no need to come into conflict with them.

When the Spanish arrived at the Gran Chichimeca, they began a campaign of total war against those accursed uncivilized peoples. These people responded accordingly with the same harshness as the white man and even worse. It was then that they were considered criminals by the laws of the Spanish crown, and they were then enslaved, domesticated, or exterminated. That is to say, the actions of the Spanish who attacked the Teochichimecas created this reaction.

I would even say that if the Westerners hadn’t arrived with that insatiable attitude of subjugating all people and things, the Teochichimecas would have just continued on with their simple lives, that’s for sure. They would have merely continued to fight against neighboring tribes as that was their perennial tradition due to their conflict-prone nature.

The same is true of the eco-extremists. Since civilization wants to completely artificialize, mechanize, and domesticate us, we respond violently like our ancestors did. Thus criminality is not just a product of modern civilization as such. It doesn’t arise from it. It is given the name of “crime” by the laws of this society but in itself it is a general consequence of an action depending on the established system called civilization, the system of domination, etc.

This reasoning is based only on the juridical-historical aspect, an official punitive matter. But if we break down the term “criminality” a little more, we will see that it is quite relative, and it bases itself on a fixed moral position as in the examples that I will cite here:

-A man holds up a bank with his gun, he threatens the teller with blowing his brains out if he doesn’t give him all the money in the till. In this case, the robber will consider that at that moment he is committing a crime, or perhaps not. Maybe he will think he is doing something “bad” or perhaps not. Maybe like many bank robbers in Mexico City, a bank robbery is just another “job” where he risks his life to earn money, employing strength and intelligence, just like a miner, a window washer on a tall building, or a metal worker.

But for the teller, the manager of the bank branch, and the police, that man is a criminal and he is doing a “bad” thing.

– A worker in a slaughterhouse kills dozens of head of cattle daily. He slits their throats with a sharp knife so that they bleed out and their meat is then processed. It’s a dirty job but at the end of the day this employee is considered to be a “good” citizen because at the end of the week he gets his wage with which he can support his family and as an extra he contributes to the food industry. Slitting the throats of cattle is not considered to be “bad” and much less a crime. But for many radical vegans what the worker in the slaughterhouse does is “bad” and he is a criminal for killing animals so that others may eat them. For that reason the vegans decide to torch his car.

-A law student wants to “be somebody” in life and for that reason in school he doesn’t care if he has to claw over others to get ahead in his law practice. He uses tricks to get his degrees and finally gets to be an important lawyer. In his career he is charged with putting people who are falsely accused behind bars and with successfully advocating for the clients who are almost always rich. For that lawyer none of this is “bad,” and much less is he considered a criminal just because he jails people with false evidence while receiving a handsome compensation in return for each case won. At the same time, his wealthy clients are quite pleased with him. But the relatives of the people he puts in prison don’t think the same about him. For them what he is doing as a lawyer is anything but “good.” And one among them even considers him a criminal. And knowing that he will never get his day in court, that relative decides to follow him and put a bullet in his brain.

As you can see in these examples, and as I stated above, if we analyze the term “criminality,” in many cases we would see the term as relative. For sure, eco-extremists don’t see criminal activity as actions that are either good or bad, but as consequences of other actions, employing and defending the term within the rhetoric that characterizes us.

HH: What would you say of Zerzan’s crew who think that eco-extremists should flee into the mountains to fight against the cartels to free wild places?

Goddamn Zerzan and his buddies! Their stupidity and the incoherence of their criticism never cease to amaze me! Haha it’s obvious that they’ve run out of valid criticisms and they’re just spitting out ridiculous things like that. This would be as if someone asked Zerzan’s band of anarcho-primitivists, “If you criticize technology so much why do you have a radio show on the Internet?” And they looked equally dumb in telling us that we have to go and fight the cartels so that they leave the mountainous regions where they inhabit alone.

To respond to their question I would ask Zerzan and his disciples: Why do we have to go into the mountains to fight against the drug assassins of this or that cartel? We would have to do that if our goal was “earth liberation,” or if our goal was “re-wilding” in the gringo style. But as those are not our goals they can go fuck themselves. There’s no doubt that their chief Zerzan and his subordinates are only thinking within their own terms. They can’t level a sincere or valid criticism because they can’t get out of their closed mentality where they think they’re always right in what they preach. It’s a shame, we were hoping that with all that was written against their (anarcho) primitivism they would come up with a thoughtful criticism but I guess we were wrong. Maybe in another lifetime…

HH: With this question our conversation ends. The truth is that few who read this conversation will agree with all that is contained herein. But the truth is that eco-extremism doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. As a defined tendency, it is still quite young. It’s only five years old, and it has changed much during that time. But we are now living in the ruins of failed utopias, be they socialist, capitalist, or religious. Within that context, eco-extremism will continue to be an option. People hate eco-extremism not only because it is opposed to society, but also because it reflects society without civilized illusions. It reflects the disgust and frustration that the hyper-civilized have, things that they feel but can’t change. It is an attack on all of the lies of the domesticated world. The idealists of today don’t even swallow the pill of optimism and humanism. The world is on the edge of the cliff and there is no turning back. Alea iacta est.


August 2016

(Mexico) Fourteenth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“And she said that the dead Indians will resurrect and she would turn the old into young men, and if that we didn’t want to go [to the rebellion against the invaders] that she would make the Earth open up and swallow all of them.”
– Andrés’s testimony against a Guachichil witch. 1599

A) Concerning international matters
“The seed is within you. That seed that binds itself to the Earth, to the ancient and the primordial. It binds itself to nature. There are many factors so that allow this seed to germinate, for example, moisture, sun, wind, the minerals of the Earth, rain, etc. Environmental conditions strongly determine whether a small seed ends up being a leafy tree.”
For the individualist extremists, for the warriors who listen to the call of the wild, it goes out to that small section of people, they will understand what we are referring to…
May their already germinated seeds rise toward the heavens…”

We wrote that on May 15th under the name, “Council of Uehuetlatolli” of Wild Reaction, and from then on the seed of confrontation has germinated not only in Mexico but also in other countries.

From not too many moons ago, eco-extremism has violently positioned itself in this war unleashed by fierce individualists in various places. They listen to the call of the wild, attending to the voices of their ancestors in war against the Alien. They sharpen their knives, plan arson, set explosives, expand their criminal activities, conspire in the darkness and with the Ineffable, employ politically incorrect rhetoric, exalting the deities by what we do, and so on.
We are an invisible menace, the owl stalking its prey in the night, the mosquito that bites quietly, the clamoring tsunami that emerges out of nowhere, the alligator that comes up from the depths of the swamp without warning. We are the invisible menace, and this was completely evident after that indiscriminate attack carried out some weeks ago by the “Wild Wilderness Society” of Brazil, which surprised many as another group of ITS emerging in the southern region of the continent. The pressure cooker explosion was the threatening roar of the Amazon jaguar, it was the range of sounds of wild animals during a night in the Amazon. It was the cry in unison of the uncontacted tribes that fiercely attack the oil installations; it was the thunder of our ancestors driving us to the war against all that is civilized. It was the call of complicity, the call that echoes in the heads of the individualists ready to attack like the animals we are. The deafening explosion that terrorized many on August 1st of this year in Brasilia was a reminder that we can attack when least expected and in any place thousands of miles from where ITS started. It is a reminder that the internationalization started by this group some months ago marches forward, it is still afoot and threatens with more…

B) Concerning the local
We are an invisible menace. While the Mexican authorities continue to rot in their own corruption and stir in their own incompetence and filth, we continue our war. We continue still with impunity, laughing at their attempts to catch us.
The great national scandal that was a man left panting on the ground gasping for life and slowly wasting away at the University City was only one of our attacks on civilized life which we accomplished with ease, this time using only a knife. Before committing this act we knew that the press would go crazy. After five years of carrying out terrorist acts, the downpour of reactions is to be expected, and we are accustomed to the PGR opening up investigations on our attacks and then denying our existence by stating that it is reserving “information” for 12 years. That’s why we took responsibility for the attack the very next day, though it is true that ITS doesn’t care about the cackling of the drooling pathetic members of this society. Of course, they singled us out as “crazy people,” “criminals,” “sociopaths,” “murderers,” etc. We aren’t going to use this space to argue about whether we’re crazy or not, since we don’t give a shit about those labels. We aren’t scandalized when faced with the supposed insults that instead of making us upset cause us to chuckle a bit and confirm our disgust towards the all of the moral values defended by idiotic humanists. They can go fuck themselves!
After our attack the reactions kept pouring in. The Chief of Government of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, denied that ITS was the author of the crime. Sure, they needed the highest government authority to state the “official story” about this crime to stop the hysteria that overshadowed (and overshadows) the University City. It’s not in the interest of these authorities that people keep thinking that a group (or various groups) are planting bombs and carrying out assassinations without having been caught and, aside from that, the same group has branched out its tendency into other countries in only a few months.
We repeat, after five years of carrying out attacks we are all too familiar with the tricks that the authorities play to “diffuse” these situations. We know what dodges the Chief of Government Mancera uses and we have proof. In 2011, the man who was not yet the Chief of Government but rather the head of the General Procurator of Justice (PGJ) was “looking into” the wave of attacks by anarchists and the “old” ITS of those years. But he was just lying so that the citizenry and the corporate leadership (who demanded that those responsible be caught) would believe the so-called experts who stated that the intentional arsons that these anarchist groups took responsibility for were “short circuits,” and the explosions at various targets were due to “gas leaks.” To cite another example along the path of his professional career, now as Chief of Government, Mancera vehemently denies that the cartels exist in Mexico City, in spite of the decapitated bodies, the bodies hung from bridges, the narco-messages, and the other acts that indicate that there are cartels in the city, and they are constantly at war over turf in the capital.
To top it all off and to mention his most recent lies, only a little while ago, a group performing banda music, one which is known to have relationships with narcotrafficking, was attacked in an exclusive area of Mexico City. The vocalist was shot and wounded by unarmed gunmen. Afterwards, the “investigations” of the PGJ of the capital discounted that this was a direct attack and they denied that it was the result of the musical group’s ties with the narco-traffickers, since as the Chief already stated, “no cartels are operating in the city.” Surprisingly, many gobbled up the version of Mancera’s interns in the PGJ. It seems like, not only do the authorities discount the obvious, but they also have recourse to the absurd in denying the great number of crimes, passing them off as “insignificant things.” These attitudes only affirm their incompetence and their idiocy in which they deny everything. This is convincing proof to not believe anything that the Mexico City authorities say about “solving a crime”. In the end, they have to keep the peace even though it only exists in their demented minds for a few moments.
How does one believe in a person who has lied so much over and over again, first as Procurator and then as Chief of Government? What truthfulness would the declarations of a person like Mancera have, who doesn’t miss the opportunity to cover up a large quantity of bad situations in this city under such upheaval, all to keep the peace?
The ways of the “Chief” do not go unnoticed among the groups in ITS – Mexico City. That’s why in an interview with Radio Fórmula we chose to respond first concerning the attack at the University City (and on the subject, the stuttering of the one who read it was quite amusing), by writing the following:

“We know that the capital authorities are preparing their inept investigations lacking in credibility, as they always do, to indicate that we weren’t the ones who did it in order to not alarm the university community.”

Some weeks after our attack, the press published the “official version” (for idiots), in which they discounted the possibility of it having been an attack and instead posited a version in which the death of the Chief of Chemical Services was the result of a fight between employees that took place while they were drinking on campus.
With this version in hand, a handful of modernist intellectual dunces believed what the “irreproachable,” “expert,” and “efficient” capital authorities cooked up, as one can read in the extensive “analysis” of the alternative “male feminist” Víctor Santana, published in the magazine, “Horizontal,”, entitled, “Journey to the bottom of the extremist brain.” Here he expresses his (partial, as he states) relief that the authorities have “resolved” the attack at the University City stating that ITS was not responsible. Be that as it may, you can’t expect much from a junkie writer who reeks of gender equality and useless taste for literature, which is, as someone once stated somewhere, “like a tie, it doesn’t really serve a purpose.”
A week later in order to fortify the “official” version, the organs of public opinion published another note where it was said that three suspects were captured on security cameras fleeing from the scene where they found the corpse of the victim. They said that these persons were the same mentioned by the authorities a week beforehand. This information contradicted what was reported initially that there were no cameras at the scene that captured footage of the crime nor the perpetrators who committed it.
Taking all this into account, it is clear that the authorities were forced to invent their version to cover up the truth, which was stated in that communiqué: ITS was responsible for the killing, and, in spite of wide press coverage and the desperate month-long investigations, they simply couldn’t catch us. But even then they couldn’t admit that we were responsible, and that’s why they had to create an elaborate cover-up. But don’t worry, we’ll keep attacking.
C) On the international cover-up of the ITS mafia
The Mexican intelligence services have taken a different tact. In Chile, for example, they have stupidly lumped us in with anarchist groups, looking for us in their midst. In this regard, cybernetic police have signed comments on anarchist blogs as “ITS” in order to get a rise out of people, seeing that ITS never comments on blogs. On this, all we have to say is: Keep trying to defame us, and keep looking for us, your search will be in vain!
The government strategy to cover-up information is easy to discern here, even though it doesn’t just happen in Mexico, but also in other countries. The same is going on with ITS-Chile. After its arson attack on the Transantiago bus in February of this year, the press in that country reported the incident, but they didn’t report who was responsible in order to not alarm the populace.
The same situation occurred with ITS-Argentina. After so many attacks that they have carried out since February, in spite of all of the threats that they have made to the press and the bomb threats that have affected hundreds, in spite of their poisoning of dozens of soft drinks this month, the authorities have covered-up that another ITS group is active in Buenos Aires.
In Brazil, the same occurred when after the explosion of the impressive pressure-cooker bomb, the press went crazy saying that it was an act “that indicated a terrorist attack.” ITS took responsibility and the media received this news which indicated the continuing internationalization of the group. This was only a few days before the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and only shortly after the press praised military intelligence for arresting various people who had a relationship with ISIS (thus “foiling” a possible attack.) The authorities with the cooperation of the press classified ITS-Brazil’s attack as an “act of vandalism,” thus trying to hide the expansion of eco-extremism into those lands from the view of the international audience, though not with much success.
All of this just indicates one thing: that ITS is an invisible menace. The authorities in the countries in which we operate know this all too well, so they continue with the same strategy of silencing us, but we will keep at it.

“My people are few, they seem like dispersed trees in a plain swept by the storm… There was a time when our people covered this land like waves, like the tumultuous sea covers the floor covered in shells. But those times have passed, as have the glory of the tribes that today remain, only a funerary remembrance…”

d) Concerning taking responsibility for attacks.
All that being said, we claim responsibility for the following recent acts:
-August 4th: We became nocturnal animals and under the thick darkness of the morning, we abandoned a briefcase-bomb near the station of the Lechería Suburban Train in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico State.
August 4th: While the rain protected us and the sky thundered like a leafy tree had been knocked over by the wind, we abandoned a package-bomb in the office of the renowned physician and scientist Gerardo Jiménez Sánchez in the San Ángel neighborhood, Delegación Álvaro Obregón in Mexico City. Jiménez is the President of Genomics and Bioeconomics A.C. and Founder-Director of the National Genomic Medicine Institute in Latin America.

The explosives were signed by ITS but were covered-up by the press. But it doesn’t matter, we will strike again. We were there with the demons of our ancestors. We will return to attack when they least expect it…
We learn from Wild Nature, her violent and indiscriminate action, just like Tropical Storm Earl, which struck some states in the south as well as the southern coast, leaving “desolation,” chaos, destruction of infrastructure, and a little less than fifty dead in its wake. May every hyper-civilized person killed in “natural disasters” carry with them our joy, the same with every mortal and non-mortal victim of the eco-extremists and nihilist-terrorists.

“Accursed be the race that has invaded our country and made women of our warriors! Our fathers from their graves upbraid us for being slaves and cowards. I hear them now in the lament of the wind. Their tears fall from the crying sky. May the [civilized] race vanish, may they die! They have taken over our land, corrupted our women, profaned the ashes of our dead! This race must be thrown out, in a bloody trail, and sent back from which they came.”

Terror and death to the hyper-civilized!
For the continued internationalization of ITS!
Death to the moral of attack!
Forward eco-extremists of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil!
Forward nihilist-terrorists of Europe, Asia, and America!
¡Axcan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl! (Until your death or mine!)


Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico
Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje-México
-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)
-Clandestine Group “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)

















Thirteenth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Wild Constellations-Argentina

The trajectory of the history of humanity is quite obvious. Every wild nook (the few that are left) is to be lost forever within this most disgusting and rotten civilization. Today’s hyper-civilized will perhaps one day regret the terrible decline of Nature, or maybe not. But we live in the present and we are attuned to today’s reality: now, in this precise moment. And what we see shocks us, and fills us with rage.

Society, far from trying to change the course of things, does all that it can to annihilate Wild Nature. And when we speak of “changing the course of things,” we are not speaking of “revolution” or “class consciousness.” We are speaking merely of the simple exercise of pausing a moment and thinking, “what should I do with my life,” “what do I really choose and what is foisted upon me,” “this is what I really am, and I will it.” This is not an exercise in “meditation,” “liberation,” or “self-help.” It’s merely listening to our ancestors, and our own instinct. To listen to what the winds say, the rain, the silence. To let oneself be touched by the rays of the sun or lose oneself in the night with the stars.

Thus, last July 12th, in an act of antisocial savagery, we poisoned dozens of 600 ml bottles of Coca Cola with hydrochloric acid and we left them in the refrigerators of two large supermarkets. So now you know, hyper-civilized, if you bought Coca-Cola in the Coto in Recoleta (French around the 2400 block) or in the Carrefour in Caballito (Av. Donato Alvarez on the 1300 block) and you felt a bit ill, you can think of the initials: ITS…

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations

Twelfth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

“… And this is only the consequence of my own action and position before those who I despise. The action for which I was arrested on April 7th, 2015 was to light a commuter bus on fire since it was a target and a machine meant to advance civilization. It is a symbol and utility of the city…


A frustrated bomb attack

The Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile and Uncivilized Southerners continue the war against civilization. In this manner, we abandoned our hiding places, places from which we conspire concerning each attack. We walk through the mountains and the cities. The former we love, adore, and defend; the latter we hate, attack, and burn.

Their cities only cause us disgust, but from them we get all that is needed for attack, and from out standpoint, we don’t have any problem taking advantage of these “resources.” Even so, we attack and destroy with our Untamed Fire.

The city, its buildings, and cars are in our sights. In this case, the last of these were our targets. We are enemies of civilization, and its disgusting transport machines of human goods will not be safe.

Thus on Monday, July 25th we abandoned an explosive device with a homemade detonator (identical to the one that destroyed a Transantiago bus in February) in a line of cars parked on a street to the north of the capital.

Unfortunately this time the fire chose not to “speak”. This time we did not have the pleasure of seeing the heap of Progress burn. This is the pleasure we had in seeing the bus burn in February, one that was repeated later when we set fire to a food court of a mall.

Bomb threats

For its part the Mystical Horde of the Forest has also adhered to the internationalist project of ITS continuing to operate in the shadows, waiting and analyzing in order to fall upon all that is alien. With wise patience of the Ancient inhabitants, untamed patience that is not passive, but is rather like the stalking of a Jaguar.

Thus in the last week we have taken upon ourselves to realize a series of bomb threats against educational institutions, shopping centers, and Metro stations. These threats have been dismissed, which does not surprise us. All you various hyper-civilized people, be aware that sooner rather than later our threats will become real.

Our failed bomb abandoned at the FCFM in April bothers us; the urge to burn it to the ground is still very much alive in us.

With ferocious spirit we salute the friends from the Secret Forest Society of ITS-Brazil, and their terrorist attack against a shopping center and their declaration of war against the Olympic Games. We also send an accomplice embrace to the terrorists of the Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia, and their mortal attack against a worker of the UNAM.

We also salute the Wild Constellations who continue the war on the other side of the Andes.

In the North, South, and center: Forward Eco-extremists!
Because we love all that is wild and natural: War!
Because we hate all that is civilized and artificial: War!

“We do not want large noisy cars here. We don’t want them in the lands where our ancestors hunted. If the civilized keep advancing, their brothers’ scalps will hang in our tents.”

– Roman Nose

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile
Uncivilized Southerners
Mystical Horde of the Forest

Eco-terrorists who detonated pressure cooker bomb last week ‘declare war’ on the Olympics in revenge for bulldozing wildlife

The “Sociedade Secreta Silvestre” organisation – who claimed responsibility for detonating a pressure cooker packed with metal in Brasilia – say they will bomb the Olympics

A GROUP of eco-terrorists who detonated a nail bomb in Brazil last week have issued a chilling threat to the Rio Olympics – in revenge for ripping up the city to make way for the games.

Extremists at the “Sociedade Secreta Silvestre” organisation – who claimed responsibility for detonating a pressure cooker packed with metal in Brasilia – say they will bomb the Olympics.

They have “declared war” after Rio games chiefs failed to fulfil promises to plant 24 million trees in the city and clean up the polluted Guanabara Bay.

The terrorists were also angered after an Olympic golf course was built on 58,000 square metres of natural park for the games – which had environmentalism as the opening ceremony theme.

A manifesto on the group’s website read: “We will use the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to attack and declare war on hyper-civilisation and its dead world of concrete and steel.

“Our similar units in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are as well prepared as the tens of thousands of cowards mobilised to strengthen public security for the Games.

“And guarantee that in the states where events occur they will not pass unharmed but will be severely attacked.

“If you don’t want to be within a blast zone, lock yourselves in your basements and stay there.

“Tourists, if you don’t want to share the same end, go back to your rotting cities. You are not welcome nor will you ever be welcome here, except by our explosives.

The group, who blew up a pressure cooker device in Brasilia last week, chilling said they know there are gaps in security.

“We know there are gaps in security and they will be properly used.”

They claimed to be behind the blast of a pressure cooker device in a car park outside a shopping centre in Brasilia, a few hundred metres from the hotel of the host’s Olympic men’s football team.

The explosion, last week, did not cause any injuries.

Brazilian authorities have played down the threat – but security experts were worried.

Peter Martin, a global security consultant, told The Sun: “Despite all the focus on IS these guys are the only ones to have successfully detonated a bomb with actual intent to do some real damage.

“They’re a pretty serious threat.

“This seems to have been suppressed by the government and media in Brazil. Environmental groups wanted a lot of things out of the Olympics they have not got.

“They are also the kind of militants who are very difficult to track.”

Eleventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Secret Forest Society – ITS – Brazil)

“I only want to see the cities leveled, the jungles taking over amidst the burnt-out factories. We are savages and we will be savages. Between life and death we will dance… If death comes we will keep destroying things in hell; disgusting world, I will laugh as I see you falling, in this eternal confrontation…”

-N.D. Stalking Death

Pindorama* – The untamed forest beings of the deepest jungle sing and invite us to join them in an immoral savage war at their side. In the darkest alleys of the putrid city we hear the uncivilized echo of those who do not speak human and who do not hesitate to accept the loud call from our ancestors who lived at the bottom of the curse, and who cry out for the total destruction of the civilized world.

In a band like barbarians we join together to sharpen our daggers, to load the clips into our guns and prepare the bombs to defend with tooth and nail the eco-extremist conspiracy against civilization and human progress as it spreads to these lands and which we are ferociously beginning.

The Secret Forest Society (Sociedade Secreta Silverstre – SSS) is a hidden materialization of eco-extremism, the adherent group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in the Amazon region.

The Brazilian authorities have prepared the best they can against the potential attacks of ISIS and they even detained some of its cells here in Brazil. But they weren’t expecting the eco-extremists.

We have strategically waited until just days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to attack and declare WAR against the hyper-civilized and their dead world of steel and concrete, as well as its foundations and technological devices.

We aren’t lone wolves as the authorities and Brazilian media would have it. We are an entire pack that growls against all that is civilized!

We proudly heed the call of hurricanes, earthquakes, lightening storms, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, avalanches, heat waves, floods, and other natural disasters. FOR THE EXTREMIST DEFENSE OF WILD NATURE!

Like an incurable plague we emerge and like violent gusts that sweep away all in front of them, we will sweep down provoking terror and devastating all in our path. Our target? Civilization in its totality and human progress! This WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE that “innocent bystanders” won’t be killed during our terrorist attacks.

We are wild uncivilized animals: criminals, terrorists, amoral, and a mafia comprised of enemies of all that is civilized. We publicly DECLARE WAR at this time against those who support civilization and their accomplices. We also take aim at any structure that enables and sustains the expansion of the civilized world.

The Olympic Games in our sights

It is not a coincidence that SSS/ITS-Brazil is presenting itself now, in these days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, an event of great mobilization of the citizenry nationally and internationally, a show with lots of glamorous hype to keep the minds of this dead society filled with garbage. On the 5th of this month, the world’s attention will be turned again to the international celebration with the failed slogan, “A new world.”

Dear citizens, we have the great pleasure of informing you that if hell exists, it’s a lot like the reality of the current world. We state as well that better days will never come, no matter how many doses of hope you take. This is the moment of disaster!

The slogan of the Olympic Games mentions a “search” for something different from the hell that humans hands has made. In a hilarious manner, the “revolutionary” movements also look for a “new world”. This phrase is the same absurd rallying cry to change the world that various leftists movements uphold. All are searching for a “new world,” “the promised land,” including most anarchists. They are following different paths, but they are all looking for a “solution” or “remedy”, but all paths lead over the same cliff.

We affirm that there is NO way out from the civic abyss that reeks of death, and we eco-extremists know this all too well.

It’s a matter of taking one step forward and two steps back. There is nothing that can be changed in this world, and everything to destroy. SSS/ITS-Brazil along with ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina also will fix its amoral and indiscriminate gaze on the Rio 2016 Olympics. We are and will be the eternal enemies of all of the citizenry and all of civil society. This event will not escape our attention. The savage spirit of the dead Jaguar killed after being USED and THROWN AWAY during an event of the passing of the Olympic torch in the state of Amazonas is incarnate in us and clamors for violent attacks.

We will inflict the maximum amount of terror on this event against the hypocritical citizenry that simulates a ridiculous peace; a reunion of the whole world as if everything around us was okay.

While Wild Nature dies and civilization continues to celebrate within its artificial world that consumes all that is natural, to this worldwide celebration we will leave our bombs!

Our bands of allies in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are prepared just like the tens of thousands of mobilized cowards who are there to provide security to the Games. We guarantee that in the states where events will be held, they will not pass unscathed without being severely attacked. We know that there are breeches in security and we will utilize them accordingly. Not only will the imperial Olympic installations be targets, but the mobile and stationary targets around them can also be attacked. We don’t care about the “innocent bystanders” who might be killed or mutilated, in the end the accomplices of civilization should fall right along with it.

Thus, citizenry, if you don’t want to be within a blast zone, lock yourselves in your basements and stay there.

Tourists, if you don’t want to share the same end, go back to your rotting cities. You are not welcome nor will you ever be welcome here, except by our explosives…

We see the Olympic structures as a profound manifestation of urbanism and modernity, just like the very expansion of civilization. Wild Nature has once again been stabbed viciously, this time to make way for installations for the Olympic Games. The example we saw was the civilized blow against the little that is left of the Atlantic Forest for the construction of a golf course in the Barra de Tijuca for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

They had no mercy when they did that and without mercy we will attack the Games. This event is not neutral and will be hit with multiple blows in a savage manner.

Those who collaborate or have collaborated with it, even “innocent bystanders,” will fall! The sick Olympic torch carries with it a cynical symbolism which makes us spit at its very mention. In that symbolism is seen the Sky, the Mountains, the Sea, those same things that are indiscriminately pushed into the abyss by the progress of civilization, all of which this society supports! The hypocrites who participate in this event spew forth cynicism before the world saying that they “defend” something of nature with that ridiculous affirmation. From now on we will show what a real defense of Wild Nature looks like!

We have declared war on this destructive international event of this dead society that consumes Wild Nature. Social peace will be proudly broken and mutilated.

In order to begin this savage attack, SSS/ITS-Brazil assumes responsibility for the attack in front of the shopping center Conjunto Nacional, carried out in the city center of the capital of Brazil, an occupied sector and only a few meters from one of the installations that will be used in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Yesterday evening we planted there an explosive consisting of three kilograms of blasting powder in a pressure cooker and we then disappeared into the shadows. The device caused a large explosion which stirred great fright in the citizenry and security guards who were nearby.

From afar, under darkness we observed the silence, the wind that blew and confronted the urban cacaphony… the lights of the city could not conquer the starry night sky accompanied by the expressive moon… and in the middle of what was a powerful explosion and a ball of fire, all of this caused us to laugh. We attacked in a militarized zone, and right under the noses of “security forces.” Even though the explosion didn’t produce the results that we hoped for, we will continue to perfect our techniques to cause the maximum amount of destruction in each new action.

Oh, the Conjunto Nacional is an emblematic building in the commercial district, one of the symbols of the destruction of Wild Nature… shopping centers are stands of civilization that sell artificial items to this dead hypocritical society. They are a conglomerate of distributors that offer scraps to this rotten civilized society and its citizenry. All this is at the cost of the frantic destruction of Wild Nature.

Yesterday CN continued on with its killer business and today its building has been hit with an earthquake of maximum magnitude. This time around the attack took place outside the building, tomorrow it could be on the inside…

We declare that this is only the start of the eco-extremist war against civilization and its “human progress” in “Brazil”. All of the structures and individuals who maintain and sustain the expansion of techno-industrial society and its consequent destruction of Wild Nature will now be considered targets.

Civilized structures will be blown into the air like wild birds and the flames will burn until there are only ashes left. Those who drive the destruction of Nature will pay with blood for their actions, blood ritualistically offered to the same untamed Nature just as ITS-Mexico has greatly done when it killed a worker at the UNAM, an institution that is an incubator of progressivists.

The only laws that we recognize are the laws of Wild Nature. This is a war of life or death that we will wage until the final consequences. We will inflict acts of terror and destruction while we are still standing, and it will be until our death or the death of our enemies.

We are the most repugnant products that this rotten civilization has ever created. We live in the shadows, angry at the citizenry, we spit on civil society and we vandalize wherever we pass. We look down on work, we hate the schools and we set fire to the universities. We are iconoclast heretics, supreme enemies of Christ and adorers of paganism. We are those who burn churches with their priests, pastors, and faithful still in them. We are amoral nihilists, apologists for violence and crime. We are those who opted to apply the laws of chemistry backwards in order to be able to build explosives that tear apart bodies and destroy buildings. We are disgusting delinquents uncommitted to civilized life and who are against the future and all that is human progress. We are those who don’t fear tomorrow, and who have chosen today and this moment to deliver blows… This we have chosen, there is no turning back and that’s it…

We end this first communique of the Secret Forest Society (the eleventh of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild) with the following sentences from the eco-extremist publication, “Ishi and the War Against Civilization,” which has been translated into Portuguese:

“Eco-extremism will have no end because it is the savage attack, the ‘natural disaster’, the desire to let the fire burn and to dance around it. The anarchist recoils and the leftist fears, because they know that they can’t defeat it. It will continue, and consume everything. It will burn up utopias and the dreams of civilized futures and leave only Nature in its place..”

Let us be dangerous…

With ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, and other parts of the world, forward the eco-extremist mafia!

In complicity with the Nihilist Terrorist Groups in Italy that attack social peace! Forward “Cenaze” Terrorist Nihilist Clan, “Memento Mori” Nihilist Sect, and allies!

Greetings to the convicts of the CCF who set fire to Greece!

Forward eco-anarchist and nihilist groups spreading terror in Chile!

Greetings to the Hostility Group Against Domination which is also at war in these lands!




Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Forest Society

* – An name used by some indigenous groups for “Brazil”

(Mexico) “Antisocial Individualities for the fall of civilization” abandon a false bomb

Artificial light, light of death

In the opaque light, the beauty of the stars, the nefarious artificial laughter invades the uncertainty of the night. The non-living dance on the rivers of concrete feeling so free, feeling to be masters and lords of all that they don’t understand. Immersed in an existence based on superfluous activities, they follow along like lambs with all that is normal for civilization: work, drink, sleep, work, drink, sleep, all the way until death. For us, these non-living are accomplices in the advancement of techno-industrial society and its venerated progress, being immersed in its routine. A sedate and fictitious happiness, but at what cost? The answer is all too clear: Wild Nature. While toxic gases from cars poison our air, they drink to the point of losing consciousness, as if nothing were happening, as if the irreparable damages to the Earth were things that only existed in stories or in the movies.

Ecocide advances at a nightmarish pace, this time dressed up as humanism and progress. The theater of progress in which all want to be the protagonist has begun. Success and progress go hand in hand, and all of the non-living want to be accompanied by both. For them success is based on the accumulation of objects (inert ones, the ones which civilization values). They see another human being, either male or female, as only a body to use to pleasure themselves sexually; and to take pleasure in the practice and thoughts fostered by this hyper-sexualized civilization. Really, non-living ones? It’s so interesting to talk about various brands of alcoholic drinks? Their world, their lives, are based on the night club in which they get drunk next weekend. And this is what they call life?

Our pessimism, the pessimism that grows by the day within us. We aren’t expecting anything to change. We don’t have false and ridiculous hope that the human changes his thinking and actions in order to save Wild Nature, since the same human is its only destroyer. Is all lost? Yes. Only Wild Nature can give account for all that she has suffered. So why do you act then? We act since we are egoist individualities who want to maintain our wild instincts and attack all that is alien to us. Civilization will not take from us the savagery of our ancestors. They in their time defended their customs and the environment in which they lived with their lives. We will continue that war, even if the war against civilization has been lost. To live and to die like savages, individualists and egoists.

As we mentioned, for us all is lost, even so, our untamed heartbeat does not permit us to be among the non-living. That’s why on July 22nd, 2016 (according to the Gregorian calendar), clothed with the natural light of the sun, we created tension. We abandoned a device of suspicious appearance outside of a nightclub named “JINX” located in Torreón, Coahuila, México. The reason for this location is that we consider bars and night clubs to be alien phenomena that corrupt the natural beauty of the night. It’s funny how some simple cans wrapped up in some cables can mobilize so many among the forces of order. Such was the ineptitude of the municipal and state police that they were obligated to call an anti-bomb squad of the SEDENA. This gives us significant cause to mock them. What great preparedness of the forces of order! (of course) The device was found by the employees of the night club around noon.

The intention was for it to be found at night, the time when the club receives all of the non-living thirsty for diversion. For now we are enjoying the tension it caused among the authorities and the passersby.

“Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!” was the message that could be read on the piece of paper bound to the device. The local press said that it was a love letter, and that is correct: it was a love letter to Wild Nature, and a threatening letter against civilization. The next package will not just be a “joke in bad taste.”

For the extreme defense of Wild Nature!

To keep alive our savage instincts!

Long life to the anti-civilization anarchists, eco-extremists, and nihilist terrorists!

Death to civilization and its lackeys!

An accomplice embrace to Tamara Farías, savage individualist who did not hesitate to put a bullet in the head of a bank security guard!

Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!”

Until your death or mine!

-Antisocial Individualities for the fall of civilization

The “Cenaze” Nihilist Terrorist Clan threatens civilized life

As nihilist terrorists we attacked the social and civilized life of society.

Last July 19thwe left a small explosive device inside an envelope along with a piece of paper listing our name and intentions written in stencil near a cement flower bed on the Via Nato Torriani in the center of Milan.

This attack was completely covered up by the press and authorities, probably in order to not alarm the many optimists who live and prosper in that bourgeois area of the metropolis of Milan.

We express that from now on we are aligned with the “Memento Mori” Nihilistic Sect and its intentions, and we clarify that we are not a “political” group.

We pursue and we strike out using our nihilist, animal, and amoral impulses!

We are advancing, deepening, and studying techniques to make a more destructive impact.

Forward indiscriminate terror and selected targeting!

Affinity with the “Memento Mori” Nihilistic Sect!

A salute to the feral and extremist groups against techno-industrial society!

-“Cenaze” Nihilist Terrorist Clan

(Perú) Anarchist Sect of the Mountain

In the region of Peru, July 2016

I walk, slowly. I look attentively.

The street, the city, buildings, humanoids, how disgusting!

Memories, experiences, my moments, isolated places, unique one, these comfort me.

I continue walking, looking, alert. The heart beats always, but now I feel it.

My steps follow, now they go quickly, not slowly.

On every side of me pass zombies, automatons, the hypercivilized. I see them well, but they don’t see me. I laugh to myself in silence.

They don’t know, nor do they imagine it, they don’t have the means to…

I go attentively and I observe, now my heart is beating out of my chest.

I continue, I get closer, from afar I see the place.

Going quickly I get ready, then I stop abruptly. The stop light halts me, dammit!

Seconds pass like hours. I wait…

Anxiety, nerves, my body is high on adrenaline, I wait…

There are cars in every direction, horns, construction, workers, suitcases, ties, pets on a leash, civilization, I wait…

Finally, the moment comes. I cross, I’m on my way.

An accomplice approaches. Another awaits me at the place. He stands by.

Now my heart is in my throat. I shake like an earthquake, I leave it and flee…


This time I failed, but we are together, uninjured, with impunity, far away. With Chaos, Anarchy, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, and the Plants. Even so we howl, shout, dance, as those who knew, the ancients.


Another day, our unsettled minds are moving on to the next one. What will it be? When? Where? The fire will tell.


We salute the prisoners of war, those on the run, those who tend toward the Wild, the terrorists and the saboteurs.

Long live all that is Wild!

-Anarchist Sect of the Mountain.

All who fashion idols

And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcasses upon the carcasses of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you. — Leviticus 26:30

All man’s work will disappear
from the soft trickle of the light rain
and the raging heat of the forest fire
from the wild winds and the rivers with indomitable spirits
raging against the dams that impede their freedom

I am the soft trickle of the light rain
and the raging river

I am the blowing winds
and the fiery forest

I am the indomitable spirit who with nature
destroys the idols of man’s hubris

All man’s work will disappear
The concrete slabs will lose to the grass
and the burrowing animals who fight as the savage man does
The buildings will crumble from the rivers,
blood of the earth
And man himself will one day find death,
death which he has tried so hard to flee
but which unrelentingly returns like the force of nature it is

I am wild nature, which resists domination
and which will prevail in the end
But in the present I am prepared to
live wild or die


We were on the hunt, and last night we turned into wolves. Our thirst for blood was satisfied for a moment, while the demons of our ancestors took possession of our minds and bodies.

We lurked about the University City, one of the cradles of human progress. This is a place that forms smug professional minds who are devoted to the disgusting purpose of “building a better tomorrow.” This “better tomorrow” is stained by the destruction of the Earth, by the destruction of the instincts of the individual and by the domestication of the species.

We don’t believe in a “better tomorrow”. We aren’t “revolutionaries” nor do we identify with their recycled ideologies. We are individualist-terrorists with egoist purpose. We are politically incorrect, immoral, and indiscriminate.

The University City is the place where most recently the “Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group” and the “Guamera Eco-Extremist Group” have attacked (April 25th and April 8th, respectively). The authorities silenced these attacks and pretended they didn’t happen. Well, you’re not going to be able to keep this one quiet.

Yesterday we stabbed the Chief of Chemical Services in the Department of Chemistry at the UNAM. Our knife pierced his flesh, his muscles, and veins, bleeding him and leaving him for dead. It’s a pity we couldn’t scalp him (as was the practice of our ancestors in war), but that’ll be for next time…


We already said in our first communiqué in January of this year that, “the wounded and dead that we inflict will be as a blood offering to Wild Nature,” and we weren’t joking. We executed this man to show that we don’t have any respect for the lives of the hyper-civilized of the university or anywhere else. We despise their routines, their norms and morality. We reject equality, human progress, tolerance, science, collectivism, Christianity, pacifism, modernity, and all of the other shit that reeks of civilized domestication.

No one within this putrid civilization deserves any consideration, least of all the disgusting progressivists and humanists who hide behind the walls of this and other universities.

This civilization wants to eliminate our most wild instincts to impose on us its values that run roughshod over the individual; its work and study; its law and religious beliefs; and its monotonous rules and hypocrisy. In this case, it wants us to consider this murder “evil”, even though it is a result of a war without morality. But they haven’t succeeded, and the proof is in this “painful homicide” that we were able to pull off without a hitch.

Be more careful, students, instructors, and researchers of the UNAM and other universities, since we won’t hesitate to mortally attack again.In continuity with the “Nihilist Funeral” started by the Individualities Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) in 2011, when they shot dead the biotechnologist Ernesto Mendez Salinas in Cuernavaca; and in continuity with the annihilation of the life of a computer science student of the IPN carried out by the Indiscriminate Faction in Iztacalco in March of this year.

May Eco-extremism and Terrorist Nihilism increase in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Italy, and other places.

With Wild Nature on our side!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

Eco-Extremist / Nihilist Mafia


The hyper-civilized along with their structures of social life deserve fire and explosives. We are not sympathetic at all with disgusting “class struggle” and we spit on humanist precautions of some for the common citizenry. Those masses would not hesitate to snitch to the police (refer to the “citizen’s arrest”), so that’s why they will only get Uncivilized Fire.

We are un-ideological individuals. We thus piss on all ideologies. Our motivations for attack are the Rivers, Volcanoes, the Ocean, the Forests, the Puma, the Meadowlark, and all that is Wild.

We have shown as a faction that attack against civilization is possible with minimum resources. We have brought to it Chaos, destabilization, and why not, Terror.

We detest civilized life, its rights and processes, its values and progress. Thus, its recreational areas are and will be targets for eco-extremists. Malls, movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, etc. are civilization itself and thus are targets.

It’s for that reason and many more that we attacked and take responsibility for the fire in the food court and rooftop of the Mall in the center of the capital this past May 24th. For all until now the act was an accident. Well, not anymore!

Let it be known that this was arson, an Egoist and Savage Fire. With these words we, the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild, declare that we were the authors of this attack; we who again lurked about your disgusting city like a content Patagonian Puma.

The backpack hid the material and, surrounded by citizens, we got off the bus and headed to the chosen spot. In those moments, your heart tells your mind that there’s no turning back, that you have no doubts on this chosen path. With each step we walked with the spirits of the native peoples of the past, with the stars and the wind. We got there and it was only a matter of getting to the agreed upon place. Our “disguise” gave us the capability of getting into places where others can’t. With our hearts racing and our hands trembling we abandoned our explosive device hidden experimentally within a carton of milk. The escape was doubly tense, but once outside we laughed with pleasure (and not silently). People looked at us like, “What’s wrong with these guys?” And we disappeared….

In hiding and far away, today almost a month later, this is our moment!

In the frozen Southern lands, we remain among those who resist all that is artificial. This resistance is not passive, but violent and Wild. It does not fear the consequences of these acts, facing off against the techno-system. Our Fiery Terror comes from our most primitive instincts, those which artificiality has not been able to eradicate within us.

Accomplice greetings to ITS in the North, to eco-extremists everywhere, to the Italian Sect and the Mystical Horde of the Forest!

Let it be known that there is War in the South!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

– Uncivilized Southerners

(Argentina) Eighth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”


To the undoubtedly stupid:

By this brief message ITS claims responsibility for:

-The repeated bomb threats on schools in Buenos Aires which have generated denunciations, “a hug for the school” (?), and even a page on Facebook. “We’ve made this page in order to stop the repeated bomb threats that our beloved establishment has suffered”. (1)

– The bomb threat against National Quilmes University. (2)

– The bomb threat against the Northern Diagonal C line of the Buenos Aires subway made this past June 15th. (3)

To the press we say: The bomb threat on the Northern Diagonal was strategically planned and carried out. We knew of the strike on the B line and of the union conflicts on other lines. Also we know that it is a station where transfers are made and thus a threat would cause delays on other lines. But let it be clear that this was a mere strategic move. We aren’t interested in union conflicts, working class struggle, nor the firing of any given worker. ITS can also be a scavenger animal, take that into account…

The bomb threat against the Northern Diagonal was a warning and they know it well. When they got everything running normally again we decided to follow up as they didn’t seem to get the message the first time. Thus, on Saturday evening we went over there and left an explosive device directed to the President of the Buenos Aires Subway, Juan Pablo Piccardo, which unfortunately didn’t explode. That will be for next time.

Our threats are the lightening strike that announces the storm. We threatened the subway and then we went for its president. Tomorrow, who knows…

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations


Preliminary note: This text is written with a good dose of sarcasm and satire, reader discretion is advised.

Preliminary note 2: This text is not to be interpreted as the standard “invitation to dialogue” nor is it an “intervention to work out ideas,” as some have characterized our destructive criticisms. This is just straight trolling from those who administer this blog and meant to be offensive to those who talk shit.

Preliminary note 3: See Preliminary note 1

Since the inception of eco-extremist actions and interventions, there has been a steady and unending flow of criticisms from various schools of thought. It should be pointed out that few of these have the intention of being constructive. The majority are just plain shit-talking, criticizing for criticism’s sake, or straight defamation. Here we are going to try to answer and refute them. We say “try” because it would seem for our haters that eco-extremist texts are written in a special hieroglyphics, as it seems impossible for them to understand. Or maybe they’re just retarded, hard to say, but either way, let’s get started…

“Those who take aim at us the most are the ones who admire us the most.’“


A) From the blog

As we’ve mentioned before, “Maldición Eco-extremista” is not a cute inoffensive blog. We are not a news site that avoids discussion and we don’t really want to keep putting up preliminary notes on any text that tries to describe our disagreements with a particular position. If the content of a particular text does not convince us usually we just ignore it.

We don’t publish criticisms, analysis, and claims of responsibility for actions that smell of radicalism with explanatory notes for good measure. That’s what most “counter-information” sites out there do, and it’s clear we aren’t one of them.

It should also be taken into consideration that eco-extremism means illegality. It’s pissing on legal and juridical statutes imposed by civilization. Since we follow this attitude we state it openly. Thus, in our preliminary notes we publicly root for individualists to satisfy their darkest instincts while leaping over barriers of what is “legal” or “permitted.”

Sure, these have logical consequences before the legal representatives. These are well-known and it would bore us to have to describe them again here. As we say, those are the consequences, reactions to our actions or the actions of others. Being the “public face” of eco-extremism carries with it certain responsibilities and one of these is to reply to all of the shit-talking against us. We would love to not have to deal with all of this stupidity and gossip, but as the title states: “Our response always comes, like an earthquake.”

B) Critics of México, Argentina, Chile y Gringolandia, UNITE!

For some time, a handful of criticisms have been published on different blogs, in magazines, etc. mostly of the anarchist persuasion. Most of these are incorrect interpretations or mere unfounded judgments of the words and deeds of the eco-extremists. These are texts that it would be worth the time to respond to rapidly, but to be honest when we first read them we had to laugh:

-(México) “Contra el eco-extremismo a la mecsicana” was written by Heliogeorgos Caro (HC), a self-styled intellectual in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the UNAM who thinks that his intellectual formation makes him “slightly above average”. The eunuch HC, to refresh your memory, was owned several times by the criticism of Reacción Salvaje in the piece, “Ya nos habíamos tardado: Breves contemplaciones sobre los comentarios catedráticos de Heliogerogos Caro,” from March 18th, 2015.

It seems that “Hípster Cagón” [Shitty Hipster] wanted payback with his little essay, the rematch (LOL!) for all of the butthurt that RS inflicted on him and now he is searching desperately for a reply. Poor thing…

Of this criticism, we’ll not say much. Only that it’s totally off base. His premises are useless since they don’t have much to do with the essence of eco-extremism. It’s a criticism from a pseudo-mathematician who defends scientism at all costs. So there’s not much to see there, really.

-(Argentina)  Another staunch critic wrote an expose in the Argentine magazine, “Puñal Negro,”  [Black Dagger] that in its first issue had an article entitled, “Objetivos ¿amorales? del ataque”. These anarchists look up to us so much they even gave us their first essay in their magazine. Wow!

Those “black dagger” folks are an example, but don’t get excited, they’re an example of bad interpretation of eco-extremist writings. For one thing, they confuse “indiscriminate attack” with “random attack,’ which to be fair is a common mistake for the nuns of anarchism and brain dead folks like them.

It’s pretty obvious that the objectives that eco-extremists choose to hit are OBJECTIVE TARGETS and not random as those dagger folk would have it. Eco-extremists have at least had the guts to say that they do NOT regret the wounding of bystanders who find themselves in the middle of an attack. This is what is meant when we bring up “indiscriminate attack,” and, in fact, this is the ancient and venerable manner of waging war. To be sure the most primitive ancestors of the black dagger folks brutally killed and maimed members of other tribes indiscriminately during any given conflict. Only it seems like this brand of anarchist only accepts “modern” methods of attack: ones that are done with much care, going out of the way not to harm the random bystander. What garbage!

We know that our conditions aren’t the same as those of our ancestors, but the war practically is. It is the War against the Artificial within the eco-extremist perspective. So that’s why we exhort anarchists of this type to see more than what they want to see and look beyond their own noses. If they don’t want to, it’s better if they just shut up.

It’s an all-too-common hypocrisy in some radical circles, those which are always going on about the defense of “life,” “against domestication,” “against exploitation,” and other boring endless dreck. But when a passerby is wounded in one of their attacks, they either keep quiet about it or apologize. The first is cowardice, the second is a sign that, if you keep on carrying out actions like that, others might be similarly injured or even killed. So if you don’t want to die from all of those pangs of conscience, you might as well devote yourself to helping old ladies cross the street, or something similar.

When eco-extremists speak of “Indiscriminate Attacks,” they’re saying that they DON’T care if bystanders get hurt or killed during their attacks, as long as the target is hit. That is to say, they are out to hit a SPECIFIC target. That’s it.

This was also the case with Severino Di Giovani and his gang. Do you remember that from your Anarchist History class, Dagger dudes? No. Alright, let’s refresh your memory, boludooos:

May 7th, 1928: A powerful explosion destroyed a significant portion of the Italian Consulate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The target was the General Consul of Italy, one Mr. Capani, one of the right hand men of Benito Mussolini. The two anarchists, Severino and Ramé, not being able to make it to Capani’s office, abandoned the suitcase with the bomb in it on the stairs of the diplomatic headquarters. The bomb exploded powerfully, leaving nine dead and 34 wounded. Seven of the dead were fascists, the other two dead and the majority of the wounded were BYSTANDERS. Because of this attack, Severino’s group would be labeled as a “gang of violent crazy men.” Today we don’t live in Severino’s time when he used terrorism to fight the fascism of his age. Today we fight the new face of fascism which is civilization and the domestication of those who celebrate it. The eco-extremists don’t hesitate to attack it.

We mention that this attack of Di Giovani is what we mean by “Indiscriminate Attack,” so that you idiot daggers can understand better where we are coming from. The Great Terrorist Di Giovani’s act was a good example of this. Compare this REAL anarchist with the fascist gangs, take into consideration the fierce and indiscriminate practices of the past. Do it and they will come back from the past to take your lives like they did that of the anarchist López Arango, who talked a lot of shit about Severino.

Then the “daggers” continue saying:  “what we carry out is what we do because we feel like it. It is not a call from any type of morality or a call of the sacred forest or any other mystical bullshit.”

We have thrown the bible of anarchism and its church in the trash a long time ago. Specifically, we have cast aside that slogan, “no gods, no master,” or “against any God.” For sure, we piss and shit on the Christian god and his religion. No doubt about that! Our belief is in Pagan animism.

Our paganism believes in the cycles of the Earth. Thus, we venerate and extol the Wild and Ineffable: the Mountain, the Rain, the Thunder, the Sun, the Wind, the Moon, the Rivers, the Condor, the Deer, etc. With the greatest pride we extol that which WE ARE and what we believe. We walk with our DEITIES at all times, as once our ancestors did. Just as the last wild tribes on Earth do, bound to their Gods and their mysteries.

The truth is that in every attack against civilization, eco-extremists act possessed by that spirit of what you call the Wild Forest. This call incites us to commit violent and radical acts against progress and civilization.

Eco-extremist Paganism is Accursed, its attacks will also be Accursed…

We hope with this that we have cleared up any doubts concerning the term, “Indiscriminate Attack.” And if we haven’t, that’s not our problem. It’s the result of your inferior intellectual abilities. Lastly, if our pride bothers you, or our paganism, or what we are or do, just stop reading eco-extremist communiqués and stop coming by our blog. Stop being our judge, jury, and executioner. Stop saying that you don’t want to argue even when you’re making an indirect argument. Either way, eco-extremists aren’t ones to lie down and keep quiet.

-(Argentina) The anarchist publication “De la propaganda a los hechos” (May 2016).

It would seem that the anarchist who wrote the essay, “On ITS” has understood the concept of “Indiscriminate Attack” better than many others. This only goes to show that it’s only out of stubbornness and stupidity that some have refused to understand this term and not because eco-extremists have explained themselves badly.

But hold on a second, this anonymous anarchist also doesn’t seem to have understood all of the questions that disturb them. Let’s take a look.

To start, it’s necessary to state to the anonymous author that eco-extremist attacks are NOT POLITICAL. Eco-extremism does not seek or claim any determined political positions, and thus our acts ARE NOT POLITICAL, Thus, by pure logic, its ends are not political either. Therefore, the majority of the criticisms that have to do with “virtual symbolisms,” “unleashing material actions that really affect progress,” etc. are self-refuting.

He states, “if they only attack for the sake of attacking, and they don’t seek to move past the line between virtual symbolism and unleashing in material actions that truly affect progress”.

Really eco-extremists are not looking to end civilization with their attacks, or anything of the sort. To think otherwise would be delusional, since doing that is impossible. Even if you killed all of the scientists in the world, destroying their lab and blowing up all of the bridges of the city. Not even the most destructive action can halt the advance of techno-industrial progress. In this we are extreme realists and we ask ourselves if any of our actions will stop progress and we believe that they won’t. That’s the sad reality and we have come to accept it.

On this point, we are confused as the author of the text, at coming to the same conclusion by saying, “but the structures that allow civilization to function cannot be allowed to halt one minute for fear of the citizenry. We see that after these attacks the places of exploitation will keep functioning, the machines will keep working, and if the employee dies, he will be replaced with someone else the next day,” still he criticizes the idea of disinterested attack or attack for attack’s sake. Yes, eco-extremists are pessimists and sadly we have concluded that the destruction of civilization is impossible. The only one capable of inflicting SERIOUS harm on civilization, or better to destroy it, is Wild Nature herself. So then, what is to be done? Twiddle your thumbs and wait? Watch civilization spread far and wide destroying all Wild places, without doing anything? NEVER!

Yes, eco-extremists choose disinterested attack that expects NOTHING in return: an attack in the name of Wild Nature against civilization. An attack in defense of ourselves and all that we are losing. And let it be known that they do it for the EGO trip too, for the sheer pleasure of attack, and they have no qualms admitting it. That’s why they claim responsibility for their attacks and they adopt acronyms and names for their groups.

Let it be clear: eco-extremism doesn’t pretend to try to “destroy civilization.” It does not want to “end progress.” It aims to HARM civilization, to STRIKE OUT at progress in the PRESENT and DESTABILIZE what can be destabilized. For that, eco-extremism employs indiscriminate and selective attacks, terrorism, sabotage, assassination, threats, various criminal activities, etc.

The anonymous author also writes about ISIS. He writes that the attacks of those terrorists carried out in the metro and airport in Belgium didn’t halt progress, stating, “we see that after these attacks, people don’t stop heading out to their places of exploitation, the machines don’t stop working, if an employee dies, he’s replaced by another the next day.” He’s right, of course. Progress doesn’t stop for anything. And sure, groups like ISIS want to destroy Western civilization by force to impose an Islamic civilization instead. But what does this have to do with eco-extremists?

The author continues: “While capital advances with the great strides in technological developments, and world overpopulation gets worse by the day, why should we think that attacking an innocent bystander who is bound in servitude has any effect on the advance of civilization?”

When was that ever mentioned in the communiqués of eco-extremists?

No one has ever said that attacking an innocent bystander halts the advance of civilization! Because saying that would be really dumb.

And, to be honest, we can turn that question the other way around and ask the anarchists: Why do you plant bombs in banks when the next day the insurance will cover the damage and the bank will keep functioning as if it never happened? Why plant bombs in police stations if people don’t stop becoming police afterwards? Why support anarchist prisoners if solidarity actions won’t shorten their sentences let alone free them? Why write hit pieces available in PDF format if most of the criticisms contained therein collapse under the weight of the ignorance of their anonymous authors? Why “struggle” and “heighten the contradictions”? Why anarchy then?

The anonymous author continues with his dumb questions saying: “Why have recourse to symbolic terror against the docile masses during their commute when we could be thinking about biotechnologists instead and the significant infrastructure that provides the city with energy?”

It seems that this idiot thinks that civilization is only about the electrical grid and scientists, which is obviously NOT THE CASE. Civilization also includes the neighborhood corner store. But of course that’s not eco-extremism’s target (for the time being).

Dear Mr. Anonymous, please think before you write things down, because your supposed criticisms are poorly thought-out. It’s appropriate to say that your words seem to be only “criticisms” vested with “good intentions” for the sake of  “moving discourse forward” while employing the technical language of anarchy. But really they are counterproductive defamation. And even if we don’t particularly care for confronting these sterile criticisms, we mention them without censoring them.

The anonymous author also criticizes the word “antisocial”. We eco-extremists affirm that yes, EVERYONE IS OUR ENEMY: all hyper-civilized people, the masses, the accomplice citizenry, civilization as a whole. Why, Mr. Anonymous Author, are we EXTREMISTS then? Because we advocate half-measures? It should be mentioned that if we had the power to kill off 40 million people in your region and others, annihilating the infrastructure that maintains civilization, we would do so without thinking twice about it.

The anonymous author asks as well, “Being antisocial would be any action that attacks a passerby or a worker? Or only the actions that are classified under the title of being ‘wild’?”

We respond that this is not necessarily the case. An attack that is truly antisocial is one that is carried out with an attitude of hatred, revenge, reaction, etc. against the values of society; against its symbols and its members, and it wouldn’t necessarily fall under a misanthropic attack.

And even if it appears that the author has a computer he doesn’t seem to have a dictionary. For he doesn’t quite know which definition of the world “anti-social” to employ. Since I have a dictionary right here I can help him so that he stops spewing such epic idiocies:

“Antisocial: 1 –  That which is contrary to society or harmful to it. 2- One who has difficulties with life in society or who feels repulsion to it.”

Dude, it’s that simple!

And when the anonymous author pretends to have the bull by the horns and celebrates his “victory” by deceiving himself that he has our number with his shitty criticisms, he then labels our tendency as “moralist” since he recalls the slogan that ITS used back in 2011: “Nature is the good, Civilization is evil.” Let’s remind this anarchist again that ITS has not used this slogan since beginning its new phase in 2016. If he wants to criticize stuff from five years ago, maybe it’s best that he doesn’t, because these arguments no longer apply.

ITS has not used this slogan recently, nor the term, “individual freedom”, nor used an “x” to designate the gender of words, nor returned to any of the other bad habits that were present in the first communiqués. We recommend that the author read the ITS communiqués again, and take notice this time the evolution of eco-extremism in ITS and other groups. Then he can avoid spitting out dumbass arguments that only confuse and deceive his readers.

And the dummy keeps asking, “or are we to affirm that misanthropy, hate, rebellion, or war exist in wild nature?”

We respond that NO, in wild nature there is no misanthropy, or hate, or rebellion, but there is WAR and REVENGE. We recommend that the author also spend less time in the city and more time outside of it in contact with nature. If he doesn’t, he’s probably not going to understand what we’ve written.

And in addition, without wanting to repeat ourselves, we recommend that he also learn to distinguish between “warning calls” and “threats” before saying that ITS has contradicted itself in that regard.

This concludes the first part of the response from the administrators of this blog. The second part will address reactions from Chile and Gringolandia.

Until next time.

We continue:

-(Chile) There’s no doubt that eco-extremism has been a pain in the side of many since its arrival in South America. So much so that “some” anarchist cells have staged a drama “demanding” (directly or indirectly) that all of the other anarchists excommunicate us from their “churches” for being blasphemers. These arson-committing “nuns” have taken on many names, but it’s evident that it’s the same group of assholes. They deceptively hide behind the initials of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), and they issue communiqués published on various important blogs in anarchist circles. You guys know which ones we’re talking about it, don’t think we’re not going to notice! So keep on reading.

February 1st:  Note that this was only weeks after the fierce arson attack on a Transantiago bus that had all of its passengers on board in broad daylight, an attack for which ITS in its third communiqué took responsibility. This also announced the internationalization and expansion of the group. After this attack, the Paulino Scarfo Revolutionary Cell (FAI/FRI) devoted itself to anarchist business as usual in setting fire to a bank, and then issuing a boilerplate communique recording the facts of the attack, the “revolutionary reasoning” behind it which is now as sacrosanct as Christ’s cloak, and some other things for good measure. However, they deviated from the standard anarchist fare by mentioning two things that surprised us.

One of them was this:

“(herp derp) Also on the basis of this revolutionary perspective of conceiving of the confrontation with Power and Authority, we distance ourselves from all discourse that seeks to propagate indiscriminate attack and the defining of any person as a target to physically harm and kill. The unlimited source of our actions seeks to avoid collateral damage against persons who by chance are found near our targets during our operations. This understands that all planning today is according to the narrowing down of the material objective. Attack has a morality to it and is not indiscriminate. We embrace the arson but we do not share the discourse that it sought to propagate.”

For those who don’t speak “revolutionary anarchist,” here’s a translation:

 “We didn’t understand jack shit of what the eco-extremists wrote about concerning ‘Indiscriminate Attack, but it sounds ugly so we don’t agree with it because it doesn’t sound like revolution, or social war, or solidarity with prisoners, or insurrectionalism, or the FAI, or ‘againstpowerandauthority’.

Our attack on the Santander bank was an exemplary attack, that’s how it’s done folks. We teach by example.

We are morally superior since we have morals unlike those eco-extremists, but we don’t just come right out and say it because we’re cowards.

We wouldn’t know what to do if in one of our attacks, innocent people were hurt. We don’t want to judge anyone, but we’ll make an exception for that text that ITS-Chile put out taking responsibility for the incendiary attack against the Transantiago bus with people on board.”

Pretty pathetic…

The second thing that surprised us was that these anarchists are shameless (though to be honest we find that kind of admirable) in christening their “cell” with the name of Paulino Scarfó!

We laughed heartily at that, as it seems like these shit-flinging anarcho-nuns, with their insinuations and great sense of humor, have no idea what the anarchist Paulino Scarfó did in his day; that is, being a member of Di Giovani’s fierce indiscriminate gang of anarcho-bandits. These anarchists need to read more and immerse themselves in the history of the TRUE anarchists of yesteryear. We’re sure that Scarfó is turning in his grave knowing that his name has been taken up by a bunch of anarcho-Boy Scouts, who are always looking out for the citizenry and launch insinuations against the bad terrorists who don’t care about hurting people when hitting their target.

Scarfó executed many attacks, and here we will mention only one:

January 20th, 1931: Three powerful explosives were detonated at three different train stations in the subways of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Paulino Scarfó abandoned one of the bombs at the Plaza Once station. Mario Cortucci placed another bomb at the Maldonado Station of the Central Argentine Railway. And Márquez left the last explosive at Constitution station. The casualties were serious, with four dead and twenty wounded. All civilians. (Severino Di Giovani: Ideologue of Violence. Osvaldo Bayer. “Sombraysén Editores”/ PDF page 272).

Certainly more than one anarchist crosses himself when faced with this information and wholly denies that Scarfó was one of those responsible for this act that is “despicable,” “ruinous,” “similar to the acts of the Islamic State,” (as modern anarchists bloviate when faced with similar acts). Funny how this bears a resemblance to the Indiscriminate Faction’s aborted attack against the Mexico City subway in October 2015 that spooked so many anarchists. But go ahead, read Osvaldo Bayer’s book on the subject and see for yourselves that Scarfó was an indiscriminate terrorist and a TRUE anarchist. We hope that in the process you will realize that your words and hypocritical precautions for the populace are nothing but humanist garbage.

-In March, days after ITS groups published their Fifth Communique where they make public their expansion from Mexico into Chile and Argentina, the “Cell of Individualists and Anarchist Nihilists for Anti-Authoritarian Insurrection (FAI / FRI)”, after detonating an acid bomb at an auto dealership, issued a shitty communiqué which was way funnier than the other one.

They wrote:

“History, past and present, has shown us that the foundation and exercise of authority has also developed in communities that existed before the emergence of civilized life, and also it has been manifested in groups that have remained outside of civilization. That is why our struggle is essentially ANTIAUTHORITARIAN. This obligates us to distance ourselves from the self-proclaimed ‘eco-extremist tendency’ that has defended indiscriminate attack. It goes against the idea of being ‘against all authority’ and denies international solidarity in word and deed with comrades who have been imprisoned for the cause of insurrectionary anarchy.”

So to begin, we have to state, “LOLWUT?” Who wrote this? This doesn’t even seem to be

from anarchists, more like a group of priests who want to dress up the Virgin Mary in the black mantle of anarchy!

We’re going to further break down their argument. They state:

“This obligates us to distance ourselves from the self-proclaimed “eco-extremist tendency” that has defended indiscriminate attack. It goes against the idea of being “against all authority” and denies international solidarity in word and deed with comrades who have been imprisoned for the cause of insurrectionary anarchy.”


“This obligates us as purists to not mix with the sinful eco-extremists, those who have defended blasphemy. It goes against the idea of eternal salvation, and they deny philanthropic solidarity of supporting one’s neighbor.”

It’s clear that these anarchists are so puritanical that they are beyond absurdity.

After saying that shit they continue stating:

“We’re not interested in online polemics with them. We prefer to dialogue with our comrades through action.”

That’s hysterical. They throw a rock and hide their hand behind their back instead of launching it and staying for the rest of the fight. It’s clear that these modern anarchists have nothing to do with the fierce anarchists of two centuries ago. What a pity…

Before that they wrote:

“History, past and present, has shown us that the foundation and exercise of authority has also developed in communities that existed before the emergence of civilized life, and also it has been manifested in groups that have remained outside of civilization. That is why our struggle is essentially ANTIAUTHORITARIAN.”

On this we’re not going to attempt to make them understand that not all forms of authority are harmful, since they obviously WON’T GET IT. They should think more profoundly and not remain in the old expired discourse of social criticism that they defend. It’s true that “authority” has existed in ancient ethnic groups before civilization, but it’s worth asking: Is the authority exercised by a leader of a Bushman tribe (for example), one that helps to feed them, something that is harmful?  Is the authority of the Taromenane shaman, one which cures and alleviates illnesses in his band of wild humans, something harmful? Was the authority of the great Teochichimeca warriors, who were able to take revenge against the Spanish in their day, something harmful? If you say “yes”, you’re hopeless…

You guys are so pure that surely you notice in every social circle the stain of sin… oh sorry, I meant to say, “authority.” You reject it, just like your Neonazi rivals are also so pure that they notice every stain of sin… oh, sorry again, my bad, I meant to say, “multiculturalism.” They reject it in the same manner. The only difference between you and them is the banner you defend, and nothing deeper than that.

-The last defamatory “cell” to publish its poison was the so-called, “Heriberto Salazar Pack of Saboteurs (FAI-FRI)” in May. Once we suspected that the other two “cells” were the same as this one, we stopped to analyze the communiqué, as well as profoundly think out and compare these situations. In this way, we reached two conclusions:


On this communique before anything (besides making our sides hurt from so much laughing, like when they asked that people boycott our blog LOL!) , we find the origins and intentions of this document rather dubious. At least the other two communiqués took responsibility for an attack, this one didn’t. That led us to believe straight away that these people were either COPS or REPORTERS. We’re 98.99% sure of this.

We’re not just saying it to say it. Any reader with half a brain would notice something strange going on here. Reading the way they phrase things, how they mix up terms right and left, this would at least set off alarm bells for a careful reader.

*On blogs that have performed the task of spreading the poison of the police

The poisonous communique can still be found on the “Contrainformante blog”, “Voz como arma,” “Instinto Salvaje,” “Autistici-Cruz Negra” (Italian translation), and “325” (English translation) (for whoever wants to read it). You could have found it as well on the super-blog, “CONTRAINFO” until they realized that they made a mistake and then deleted it. The other blog, like the sheep they deny being, took it as being authentic on the basis of having been published on the “reliable source” Contrainfo (ha!), just as the “preliminary note” says on the Spanish blog, “Voz como arma”:

“I republish from Contra Info this communiqué signed by the Heriberto Salazar Pack of Saboteurs – FAI / FRI, which criticizes from some place in Chile the so-called, ‘eco-extremist tendency’. In particular, the issues center on indiscriminate attack, and the distinct insults and threats from these factions against the wider anarchist scene.”

It seems that these dumb sheep dressed in wolves’ clothing have fell hook, line, and sinker for the words of this “Pack” of police. All the latter had to do was start saying bad things about eco-extremism, as some time ago the same people decided to publish the communiqués of Reacción Salvaje (for example) and say in their boring “preliminary notes” that they didn’t agree with the texts but they did agree with the attacks. Thus we ask, why did you publish the RS communiqués if you didn’t agree with them? That’s a sign of your negligent “positivity”, your solicitous and promiscuous attitude, a lack of analysis and your suffocating inclusive modus operandi. Then we noticed again that you call yourselves, “Voz con arma (Voice with Weapon), with good reason because your words are toxic and they can be used as a biological weapon.

The fact that Contrainfo deleted the suspicious communqiue confirms for us the doubts as to the origin of the text, and that we aren’t just being paranoid.

What a shame that these “important” blogs within militant virtual circles, which make “important” interventions for “libertarian theory and praxis,” don’t have any filters and publish any shit that pretends to be or is signed by FAI-FRI even when it’s actually COPS or REPRORTERS who wrote it. What a shame that they can’t distinguish “critical comments” from poison like that.

The police are so obliging that you mistake them for comrades? But you aren’t so obliging with the eco-extremists, since those at “Contrainfo” didn’t publish the Seventh Communique of ITS nor the Indiscriminate Faction’s communiqué taking responsibility for the assassination of the IPN computer science student, or the presentation of the now-defunct “Tierra Maldita” blog (which should be mentioned was sent multiple times). And for obvious reasons you probably won’t publish this either. Nevertheless it’ll be in the inbox of Contrainfo as well as the other blogs (wink).  We get why they haven’t published the latest eco-extremist texts, since we looked over again their “Conditions for publication”, and one of the points reads, “only that which conforms to limits of decency and respect for human dignity, personal information, equality of the sexes and of all human beings will be published.”

Eco-extremists definitely are neither decent nor do they respect the humanist values that are implied in that condition, and they spit on the equality of the sexes. That is to say that eco-extremists have been “EXCOMMUNICATED” by Contrainfo!

We’re not saying that they have to publicize the controversial words and acts of eco-extremists just because they are emailed to them or they have to do it by force. No, but for fuck’s sake, everything signed “FAI/FRI” is published without even reading it? That’s a damn shame, because it would seem that any idiot who wants to stir up shit in a communiqué will have a place to do it in the blogs of “counterinformation” if they just stick as “FAI/FRI” at the end of it. What a bunch of dumbass motherfuckers!

It’s sad that they are so bewitched by those acronyms, which are important to many anarchos, that they are manipulated by people coming out of the woodwork who want to poison the well of many radical circles.

Sure, anyone can make the mistake of publishing such idiocies as those of this “Pack”, but the thing is that they won’t even fess up to doing it, at the very least. It’s to be expected that, if they fuck up publicly, they can at least admit that they made a mistake, right?

*Does this type of anarchist remember anything?

A similar story occurred some months ago, the same thing but with a few changed details.

This was the supposed criticism that was signed by the “Colectivo Libre Observador (CLO). Some will remember this, if not, we will refresh your memories.

The campaign of the “Black December” having ended, CLO published a defamatory communiqué entitled, “Criticism of the Gray December”. In this communiqué the CLO came out of the militant campaign sowing doubts and distrust in anarchist circles. At the end of it they expressed their doubts and also invited various “comrades” to question the actions of other groups, among them the “Kapibara Group”, a group of fierce eco-anarchists who we sympathize with. In other words, they wanted to point the finger at these groups accusing them of being “cops”.

On the scene then arrived the again the anarcho-pleasers who administer the “Instinto Salvaje” and Contrainformante” blogs. With the same incompetence and unwillingness to read or analyze what comes to them or what they publish, they uploaded the CLO text on their sites. This created a series of discussions, criticisms, and polemics within anarchist circles, the same as what is happening now with the stuff from the “Pack”.

A group called “Uncivilized Southerners” published its own sharp polemic against the CLO entitled, “Against the Calumnies of Civil Anarchism”, which concludes as follows:

“We believe that this defamation against this group also attacks those individuals who embrace eco-extremist practices against civilization and progress. These are having increasing relevance in the lands of the south with the emergence of various individuals opposing technology. These idiotic words (halfway down) by the “free thought collective” show nothing more than their fear at the heightening of the conflict. They assume the role of defaming all that is not in accord with their anarchist principles, while labeling as ‘terrorist’ all those who diverge from their ideal (though ‘terrorist’ is a compliment in our eyes.)”

They should know that the war against civilization and its supporters will not cease, on the contrary, we will make sure that our acts horrify those who continue to defend the ideals of justice and social equality, as well as those who defend anarchism. Here we make a distinction between that and anarchy itself.

We are putting the pressure on so that the conflict takes a continually extremist direction in the name of all that is wild. We will ensure that the ideas and acts of ecological radicals spread and continue in the southern lands.”

It was a surprise to many when this same group (Uncivilized Southerners) took responsibility for the attack on the Transantiago bus, adopting the acronym “ITS”, in an internationalization of the eco-extremist project into South America.

Other anarchists who took positions against the CLO were “Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras”, who issued their own communiqué entitled, “On Black December and police tactics to poison us with doubts and distrust,” in which they wrote:

“No one in these months has issued ‘reflections’ which have come from those addresses. However, the blog, ‘Instinto Salvaje’ and the Facebook page, ‘Contrainformante,’ published the text, ‘Against the Gray December” and opened the door for validating those who have been sending the calumnies and detractions previously mentioned. Instinto Salvaje retracted the text from their blog, probably since people pointed these things out and criticized various counterinformation projects, including the one to which we are presently writing.”

Thus when we write, “the ones (Instinto Salvaje and the Contrainformante blog) with the same idiocy and lack of reading comprehension of what they read or of what comes to them,” we aren’t mistaken, since these two already have a history of not checking the texts that come to them, allowing this poison to spread in radical circles.

And in this case, the same thing happened with the “Pack”. They got wind of the dispute between the anarchos and the eco-extremists, and used it to spread their defamatory message by taking advantage of the lack of reading comprehension and ignorance of eco-extremist texts (a common trait shared by many anarchos). This meant that more than one of them would fall for these lies and even sympathize with the shit that the “Pack” was spewing, as one can read in the “Voz como arma” page.

Those of the “Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras” affirmed the following in their previously mentioned text:

“Already in 2012 the ex – Chief of the National Intelligence Agency of Chile, Gonzalo Youseff, announced that they had begun a campaign of ‘poisoning’ due to their difficulties in infiltrating anarchist cells. He stated:

‘Among the departmental techniques to inhibit political violence are collaboration with police, increased hostility from the judiciary… and internal poisoning by spreading distorted information given to anarchist cells so that, for example, distrust is spread among their members’. (Gonzalo Youssef in an interview with the newspaper, “La Segunda,” December 2012)”

Let’s remember that the police paint all “radicals” with the same brush: anarchists, feminists, occupiers, eco-extremists, etc. For them, we’re all the same. They use this strategy to counter those who seek to undermine societal order, no matter what ideological orientation they claim. It’s a pity that those who are in charge of publicizing actions on anarchist blogs don’t get that this is what is going on. Through their negligence they end up assisting the police in spreading their poison in radical circles as the author of the above cited text indicates. We also feel pity for the cell that issued its polemic against the eco-extremists (the ones who attacked the La Cisterna bank), which was cited by the poisonous communiqué of the Pack.

To conclude this point, we will mention the last paragraph of that same text:

“To conclude, the problem isn’t that the police or dumb people send fake messages to try to deceive us. Today it could be ‘Libre Observador’ and ‘Rodrigo Opazo,’ but tomorrow it could be another message with the same intentions.”


Or maybe they really are anarchists (who act like police or reporters) who wrote that communiqué and we are just being paranoid. And knowing that there are anarchists who are very close to these positions, as well as the fact that various anarchist blogs have published their communiqué without reservation, and it’s still up on their sites today, we should take them at their word. We will examine this position below.


We thus proceed to review the communiqué that this “Pack” issued. They wrote:

“(Herp derp) These are so-called eco-extremists who shout coolly ‘death to anarchy’ thus disowning their own origins and formation, the idea following which they used to take nourishment from the warriors of the urban guerrilla of the past and the present, and then they went on to emphasize certain aspects that have always been within anarchy and its struggle for the liberation of humans, our brothers the animals and the earth.”

First of all, eco-extremists have NEVER stated or indicated that we support the defamatory slogan, “death to anarchy” (death to civil anarchism, SURE). Maybe the members of the “Pack” were stoned or drunk when they read something about eco-extremism and that’s what they understood. That seems far more likely of an explanation.

They say that we deny our anarchist roots, something that is false since eco-extremists have always at every opportunity pointed out anarchists who we identify with in the past and the present. We’ve never denied our start as eco-anarchists, and on the contrary, we are proud that we came out of that scene. The thing is that we have made our own path out of it.

This “Pack” of stoners wants to damage our relationship with the few anarchist to which we maintain some affinity. That’s not going to happen, since TRUE anarchists can read the bad intentions of the “Pack” which only have the potential of getting either our people or theirs thrown in prison.

They continue:

 “Being extraneous to the constant tension we want to keep and to our struggle to make anarchy alive, a certain self-proclaimed eco-extremist sector is throwing away the libertarian ideal that manifests itself in the insurrectional struggle.”

If the ideas of the “Pack” defends are to poison our relations, talk shit, and then hide behind the “FAI/FRI” designation, and these symbolize the “libertarian ideal”, for certain we’ll toss these in a trash heap so that we can spit, piss, and shit on them as appropriate.


 “A certain small group linked to the imaginary category of ‘symbolic populations’ and musical/countercultural university areas (they disown university but they attend it… and they study the subjects they hate so much), despise the human animal and therefore see the enemy everywhere.”

What the hell is this? Is this an accusation? This paragraph is irrefutable evidence that the “Pack” is a police front that is trying to get some benefit out of the “dispute” between some isolated anarchists and eco-extremists, in order to strike out at the terrorists or whoever.

If these anarcho-police want to look for the eco-extremists in the universities, let them look. For certain we’re studying nanotechnology or communications in order to work on NatGeo Wild, that’s for sure.

In order to point out more groups, the “Pack” states:

“7 years after Mauricio Morales went away we greet warmly the Manada de Choque Anarquico Nihilista for their cool and intelligent insurrectional actions during the demos of May 1 and April 21, when they gave yet another proof of the importance of the coordination between people in affinity.”

What does MCAN have to do with any of that?

In conclusion they state:

 “We also greet the warriors of the Célula Revolucionaria Paulino Scarfó (FAI-FRI), who in their claim of an attack on the Banco Santander in La Cisterna wrote: ‘Attack has its ethics and is not indiscriminate; we embrace incendiary actions and we don’t agree with what is being said around.’

It should be remembered (again) that the CRPS (FAI-FRI) was the first “cell” in this block of three “cells” that directly and indirectly positioned themselves against the eco-extremist attacks. They should be thanked for drawing the attention of the security forces of the State (which they hate so much) on this “dispute. No doubt the police will greatly benefit from all of this.

The responsibility of all of this has been on both sides: our responsibility as we have responded to them, and the responsibility of those who have published the calumnies of the “Pack”. But the people who got the ball rolling were there anarcho-cops. It should be remembered that when you play with fire you will get burned.

This is the first and the last time that as Maldición Eco-extremista we comment so extensively on this shit. We don’t want to give more fodder for more confrontations nor acknowledge the acts of the most puritan anarchists of the southern part of the continent. Or keep responding to the trolling of police playing anarchists. This latter action was necessary to make themselves visible in virtual anarchist circles where there are few who are truly analytical. It could even be said that intelligent anarchists with a publication project are an endangered species, such as those few who did not publish the “Pack’s” communiqué knowing what we have described above. Many pages of “counterinformation” fell for the trap, even those of similar ideological trajectory in foreign countries (325, CAN-Italy, etc.). The latter sites don’t know anything about this shit and were tripped up by their own ignorance. But here we say that they were just as culpable as the Spanish language “counterinformation” sites.

We also recall here the whole past drama back in 2011 when ITS began to publish its communiqués publicizing its terrorist actions in Mexico. At that time, many anarchists in the region were beside themselves once they found out about the situation. They couldn’t believe that a group like that could exist. Many blogs just ignored ITS (in particular,, and a bunch of anarcho-Zapatistas even made a video where they drew the conclusion doubting the existence of the eco-extremist group. They stated in particular that ITS was a “front group” created by the Mexican army, that they were fascists, that they were agent-provocateurs of the PRI (the governing party) and the CIA to unleash repression on the poor “social movements.” They also stated that ITS was an “anti-anarchist group of the left” and a bunch of other laughable things. In their exasperated reasoning and desperation for someone to believe them, they were almost to the point of saying that ITS was a puppet group of alien reptiles trying to take over the world (?) They said many things at that time, but ITS always responded with attacks and by continuing the project up to this day. That is the situation as it plays itself out in Chile, Argentina, the United States, business as usual…

Thus, having thoroughly gone over and exposed the supposed “critique” of the “Pack”, we conclude by asking these anarcho-cops: What did you think you would gain by this communiqué? It doesn’t scare us. Do you think it will make the Eco-extremists stop their attacks? Do you hope to demoralize us and that we retreat? That’s not going to happen. It’s true that the poisoning of the anarchist milieu took place just as the ex-chief of the National Intelligence Agency of Chile predicted, thanks in large part to the same anarchists who have fallen for it because certain “counterinformation” sites have dropped the ball. Before this situation all that there is left to do is be intelligent, sniff things out and be aware of the enemy dressed up as a critic. Some anarchists have shown themselves to be imprudent and have jumped to erroneous conclusions. They are unable to recognize their mistakes which is why they are bogged down in the mire in which they find themselves.

We are certain that some of the publishers of these “blogs” will read what we wrote above and reflect on this situation and their role in it. Others will double down and continue to swallow the poison that comes down to them from the “spheres of power” (putting it in terms that they can understand).

-(Gringolandia) Speaking concretely, we can divide the criticisms of the “yanquis” into various groupings. The most significant for our purposes is the response from U.S. anarcho-primitivism, which has a broader influence on eco-radical circles. Specifically, John Zerzan has accused eco-extremism of being “nihilist” and “postmodernist”. “Nihilist” presents us with no problems whatsoever since we have nihilist buddies, specifically in Italy, and we’re proud of our affiliation with them. But leaving aside that particular calumny, Zerzan excommunicates eco-extremism for its use of indiscriminate attack and its lack of respect for leftist values. These values have a special place in the heart of the old hippy even though he proclaims himself to be “post-left”. His leftism is anything but “post-”. According to Zerzan, we have to have “hope” that 7 billion people will unite in one accord to dismantle the economic, political, and social system that sustains their existence, and that they will do this more or less peacefully. (“The future primitive”) But in pointing out that this is an impossible fairy tale, we are condemned as “nihilists” (as if that word was offensive to us, LOL!) and cast out of the flock of U.S. green anarchism, with all of its resources and professional websites (we mention here Anarchist News among others).

In the end, Zerzan wants to destroy civilization in the physical realm without destroying the values on which it is based. This really means that no one will do anything save for supporting the same mischief of anarchist kids with Daddy issues, and any act of resistance amounts to the same “creative destruction” that is characteristic of any given civilization.

Civilization destroys Wild Nature, sure, but you still have to respect the concepts of innocence and guilt, morality and solidarity because… well to tell the truth we don’t know why. Of course, you can question language and “symbolic thought” (as Zerzan and his acolytes do) but civilized morality is sacrosanct for them.

Then we have the phlegmatic U.S. nihilists. The ones who are cooler than anyone else, the popular kids of the class, who reject all action a priori since they don’t want to make a mistake and by that be considered “moralists” or anything like that. We applaud their egoism, but we are a bit confused as to why their nihilism always ends up doing nothing, supporting nothing, but criticizing everything. It should be mentioned that some even support eco-extremism (with reservations, of course). Maybe one day they’ll even pass over to our side, little by little. All we can say now is that, for being such nihilists, they sure have the certainty to be super-critical of everything that crosses their path. If they really believe in nothing, maybe they can leave us alone, right?  Or is it the case that they wear their nihilism like designer clothing which makes them special snowflakes but means nothing more than producing books that change nothing, but hey, it sure feels good publishing them…

In general, we don’t know if we are translating things into Mandarin instead of English, because it seems that people up there are only reading what they think we are saying, and not what we are really saying. It’s almost as if the “hard sayings” traumatize people since they don’t square with the modern liberal mind (we mean “liberal” here in the classical sense). Just to be clear: we eco-extremists aren’t searching for reasons to attack, because we don’t need them. If you need them, you’re part of the problem and not the solution. Your needing a “reason” is domestication if it’s anything at all. And eco-extremists already know that trying to find ways to include the masses in what we do is a waste of time. That the anarchists rack their brains trying to include them in a “winning strategy” perplexes us to no end. If history teaches us anything, it’s that the masses will never change the world. If that’s the case, does that mean you’re going to stay home and twiddle your thumbs because nothing can be done? Are you going to wait for the masses’ or democracy’s permission to attack?

The strategy of attack in the here and now comes from the premise that society does not exist nor can it, at least how anarchists conceive it. In truth, society is merely a grouping of confused human animals dominated by interlocking webs of power with the aim of augmenting human power as an end unto itself. In that sense, these human animals are only “talking tools” in this process. Collective agency, as Chahta-Ima points out in one of his essays, is an illusion. What’s more, to try to spread ideas like “liberation” or whatever other stupidity in the masses is trying to destroy the machine with its own logic. In these attempts, the machine always wins. The machine has ways of transforming any given project for “liberation” into a method of strengthening domestication against Nature.

Thus, eco-extremists don’t care about society, and only take it into consideration to the extent that it is destroyed under its own weight or by entropy. We are on entropy’s side. Civilization with its ideas about equality and self-determination don’t impress us. If you don’t want to use the term “Nature” here you can use “entropy” or “chaos” instead, they’re all the same thing. All civilized order is a threat to Nature: that’s the way it is, it’s always been this way, and it always will be. From the cradle, we are trained to love that which isn’t good for us, to do things we don’t want to do, and think things that are foreign to our interests. We applaud any behavior that attacks that slavery; domestication in which the animal, the plant, the forest, and the river don’t exist for themselves but rather are manipulated to serve the Idea of Civilization: of control, security, innovation, progress, and, (why not?) liberty, equality, and fraternity. For us, the love of specific wild places with which some of us have an extensive personal relationship, but also the wildness within ourselves, the complete rejection of domestication and society, all of these are the only things that we hold dear. What’s more, they are the reason behind our rage which leads to the indiscriminate war against society.

The reality is that eco-extremism is expanding. From a tendency that only existed in North America, it has spread into South America, and allied Nihilist Terrorist groups are multiplying in Europe.

Because Nihilist Eco-Extremism is not only the explosives of ITS in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina; not only the bullets of the Indiscriminate Faction piercing the brain of the techno-geek; not only the nonchalant terrorist attitude of the “Guamera Eco-Extremist War”; not only the polemical words of Revista Regresión and Chahta-Ima; not only the Indiscriminate Attacks of the Memento Mori Nihilist Sect in Italy; not only the translations of “Místico y Maldito”, “Nechayevshchina,” “Palmer Amaranth,” and others… no. Eco-extremism is the armed resistance of Amazon tribes in their war against the logging, oil, and mining industries; it is the arrows of isolated tribesman fired at helicopters in Africa; it is the continuation of pagan belief which resists total Christianization; it is the resistance of the individual against domestication manifested in criminal activities;  it is the tornado, the earthquake, the fierceness of the last coyotes, the hostility of elephants, the bee who stings and lets loose her stinger before dying. Eco-extremism is the violent defense of the same Wild Nature: her reaction, her answer, her power.

You can jail, finger, defame, or even kill all of us eco-extremists as well as all of the Nihilist Terrorists who have declared themselves our allies, but the War will continue, even if under another name, or even as something nameless…

We end with these words of a known and controversial imprisoned anarchist whose name needs no mentioning. We recall here his powerful words to demonstrate that the era of “good feelings” has ended, and that killing and terrorist indiscriminate violence against civilization is now underway:

 “To those critics, judges without gavels who judge and criticize those who entered that church, I send my infinite hatred. From here and not from anonymity I say that I consider them my enemies. They are the same as those who sat in judgment (if not exactly the same) against those who put planted an explosive device in a house in the La Reina neighborhood in 2011 (which unfortunately didn’t explode), and that threatened to blow up a school. The same as those who sat in judgment of an action in Macul con Grecia in 2013, where they threw Molotov cocktails at a Transantiago bus that ran their barricade and where people from the bus were “affected” by the vengeful and beautiful fire. They are as idiotic as those who claimed to be the “Macul Blockade” arguing that those who attacked the bus weren’t the real blockade, ha! For sure some miserable university folks criticized. They are the same as those who criticize / criticized (even from other parts of the world) the bomb in the Metro Military School in 2014, where many bystanders were wounded and a woman “suffered” the amputation of her fingers; and some months later she would parade her mutilated hand on television. They are the same as the judges who cried for the death of those who lit a bank on fire during a demonstration in Greece, which resulted in the bank being reduced to ashes with three workers inside. We could go on giving a thousand more examples. I shit and piss on all of those judges without gavels. I expect for the common citizenry that an infinite number of bombs explode among them, since “filthy citizen life is not only found in the barracks.” I am against civilization and in the citizenry / humanity I find the most civilized target (myself included).  These are the ones clinging to progress and who devote themselves to destroying the untamed, all for the filthy and disgusting plastic called money.

Long live individuality! Strength to those who conspire!”


In the spirit of attack:

Maldición Eco-extremista

Öme Archival Group

Místico y Maldito



Nihilistic Funeral: The Annihilation of Life

“The only God I believe in is a loaded pistol with a hair trigger.”

—Richard Kuklinski

Desire, the exaltation and orgy of death and murder, the target to hit, annihilating the border that restricts the identifying model of the flow of life.

To strike and annihilate – to become oneself one’s own god, killing the continuous circle of life that hopes to live and prosper. To try the odor of blood that gushes out of a wound.

The experience that elevates an individual, action that resides in fear of the periphery of consciousness, where remains that static plan becoming an obstacle and imprisoning the touch of egoistic joy.

One’s own joy, in order to be possessed by the shaking of limbs, the unknown existential bottom, the body and mind, diluting the fragment of radical immoral destruction.

Transcending the imperfect and total completion, the execution of the desire to kill, to annihilate the the death of thought, collapsing the libido and the personal hell, tasting and enjoying a life that turns, dying for the exaltation of a God without God.

I possess, I move myself, I feel, I transmit, and I inject the image that transforms itself in front of me, showing the final departure and verifying by the lived life.

Domination and control of my emotions in a dark abyss, lucid I enter down the road of “not listening.”

I push forward, with a broken rhythm, the explanation of action, the spastic tremor, deriving the injected bloodline of the next one close to death. The one who wishes and desires it, overcoming the obstacle of a drawn and desperate face.

To feel the sense of death, having it before you, wanting it, without hope, the choice of an imprisoned body.

Pleasure, passion that divides and separates at an instant. The pure blow to life that flows at the margin of “living”. I am the criminal nihilist who denies obsolete humanity, transcending the moral-mortal human, existence in an identifying and categorical representation in equal evaluations.

I am the bad passion that inhabits the nihilistic abyss, for the destruction that annihilates the multiple protean forms of equality.

My jaws spew forth venomous saliva from the abyss, they look for a warm body. In the cold that breaks the exhaling of breath.

I breath and breath to break the breath, and the blowing of hope, thinking of the illusion of the future, the weak and unchangeable smile, in a stable perpetuation of the logical path that was taken.

The ghost of Kirilov (1), the demon who dwells in me.

I love in the world that dies, in the instant in which I live and breath the fragment of the dying thought, the posthumous exhalation of the penetrating breath, with my insides, the essence of my unicity.

Experimenting, acting like it changes the lived moment, is life, existence is between a logic that categorizes and places on it the seal of truth.

We experience nihilistically – we enter abysmally – savoring the fear of the search for death (and the dead in a succession of real objectives and the normal context of creating perspective.

The miserable fable of the real world exists in the context of life in the society of equals poisoned by my egocentric ambition, annihilating the margin of respect for life.

The fragment that pretends and wishes to break the rule of equalizing compromise with humanist gratitude, of life in the context of the living.


We go on to realize – advancing, in order not to back in the absolute – the absolute that accumulates and imprints the mark of generalization of the dynamic of action, the product of the act, that established the rule to strike at the target, my only objective.

The choice, the dynamic, the intended target, searching through the daily wear, imprinting and tracing, marking the exterior sign of the dualistic representation of society. The margin of the limit that is found and possible, make concrete as an event and an axiom. An report categorizing, the typology of the date of publication deducing the adhesion of the method that the moment follows as well as the planned act.

The logical representation of the sign that turns off the circuit of events, living the way at the margin and hanging on, deducing the conclusion of the reordered affect, the communicative success of the arrangement of the elaboration of the effect-conclusion.

The effect given to the determined disposition, establishing the conclusion that requires and reclaims, making effective the arrangement of the definition of the limit. The one I circumscribe, the specific conclusion of a blocking of hegemonic equality.

Hegemonic equality of the harsh struggle of the egoistic act of the unique objective. It stimulates the side, the opposite of trying to merge with the consequent opposition.

The limit that circumscribes and encloses in itself the border of consciousness [*]

The radical struggle of the unique that looks for its target. It completes the presumption of the absolute planting of hegemonic equality. Predisposing itself in the so-called “society” (so much that – in effect- it is criticized by them). Thus they try to obligate and submit definitively the unique love of an egoistic power.

The fable that invokes predisposing the logic of the event, it converts itself into the effective rule in the concrete and tangible named consciousness; the presumption that pretends to predict the effect from a given act, in a feedback clarifying the truth of the good with the falsehood of evil.

Filth is washed in lucid consciousness of those humanist persons. It is the representation of the limit of the tangible, that breaks and annihilates not only the transfer of the truth, in respect to my only truth. I annihilate the base and the margin of the moral-mortal life.

To strike and the attack are synonyms where I break the “passage of equality” that tries to coagulate and contain the egocentric enjoyment of destruction.

Why the egocentric target?

The egocentric target as negation of order of the structure of the hypothesis and verified truth, the connection between the movement of action and the finalized ethical behavior, among a series of coordinated nouns of the direction (with two sides) in which my destruction should explode. My destruction does not run in any deciphering or deciphered system and is incomprehensible by the protean multitude of versatile behavior. By an imposed clause with the others, the human, that stepped on the other foot to try to be aware and disposed to the anemic avid smile of equality.

The destruction, the annihilation of my target, is the egoist rupture. The hegemonic proposition of the suppositions and the inventories in the profundities of consciousness. To seek enjoyment that becomes the purulent laws of legal ethics in persons – ethical behavior – political ethics (anarchist or not). The reverberant refraction, in the nexus of order and genus in order to an egalitarian division. The grade is typology, in the catalogue of the reparation of the action that is the product of destruction.

The production of destruction, makes that an act- the sleepiness that makes of an authentic movement within a demarcating rule – the only accessible logic to the esoteric multitud for the human race.

I elevate Egoist Unicity against the barrier of of compensation, it is sunk in the Abyss of Nihilism, to strike like terrorist against expired humanity. The reason why it says “no”. Consciousness that reclaims its submission and fault of one’s neighbor, to attack and annihilate in a selective manner.

Annihilating the margin and seduction of fear in the judgment of the moral morta human – and striking and nailing the Nihilist dagger in the weak belly of the conforming reformist.

The retrospective begins, killed and germinating resentment, striking without a system of identification and evaluation of behavior.

Should I value the target – through the valuing of the possible? [**]

I experience the annulment of the advance of the Nihilist Destruction against the world declared to death.

I don’t want “only” the death of the world, as a social system, but also want the death of my target, annihilating logical alteration – a systemization – owing to the apparition of fear in the mouth of consciousness.

The target that I select as a preeminent action of my Joy, longing for the instant when my phallus is raised in the predominance of the next target.

I enjoy the death of my target, selecting it in an Egoistic moment, in which thought is sunk in the light of darkness, the “mortal” life with the dead death.

I am the Nihilist Terrorist and Criminal, who wants the Destruction of the impulsive – derivative system, to unclot the blood, in an infected and purulent wound . The disintegration of the seductive reprobation of ethics, in an optic of organic representation and of behavior, in a straight line that established the automatic automaton.

Annihilating, annihilating, eliminating my egoistic target, in a decomposition of the stream of good conscience, with the end of respect for life and the living, in the precise method of a variable organ of the absolute and the concept.

I negate and break the “neighbor” who comes and turns into my target, in the experiment I cross inverted parabola that indicates the route of the way of hope.

Hope, the horrible concept in the lived moment, in the apparition of bile in the mouth of conscience. [***]

I want the destruction of the utopian illusion of the future, in the ascendent destiny, like the elimination of a judge in the power of the individual.

I explore and advance, I am aspiring, I am in favor of the strategy of assertion, in the passage that annihilates the step taken, that has turned into putrefaction. I emerge and submerge, I impose the libido, and my phallus begins to ejaculate, which I enjoy the image of the death of my egocentric target.

I am the owner of my gun, the elevated narcissist in the breath of death, in the explosion that locates and takes out the bolt of existence, for the “Unique” instant, like the masturbation of my phallus, that has joy in exploding sperm for the end of life!

Stripping, with my Nihilistic-Terrorist gun, the cornerstone of equality, the foundation of truth, the principle of respect of the human essence.

The sensible human-essence, fingerprint of truth, bolt of reality in the vital arc of the end and death.

Nothing in nothingness, it is the design and inspiration that understands and includes the consequent consequence in order, that orders and disposes of the literal movement, the existential clue.

The reality in the present of no-variability, the immovable continuity – repetitive in a circle that given persistence and form, defines the use of the result, recomposes a series of plugs and articulations, where life can continue in death, a life that is already dead, that blocks its own slope, disposing regularly of the life of the utopian illusion.

I penetrate the groove between me and the death of my Egoist target and I savor the moment when the present is stepped underfoot and the destruction of the past is made into simply the past, to express within my Unicity the existence of the breath of a life, that exists and disappears, loses consistency and contracts, expanding the blood, leaving consciousness in pieces, transforming Arbitrary Power, the veins that become the spectre without vital flow.

I raise my Egoist Gun, a song of death, that bursts nothingness into flames toward nothingness, radical and extreme, exalting Terror, without asking of possible infections in the absolute in a dying world. I arm my Power penetrated by the negation of my target, through the exhalation of his breath, steps backward in the illness called, “humanity.”

Spasmodic investigation, eyes turned back into the margin of life, stench of the egalitarian society, the vision projected outward, in the implicit alteration of the same project and the formation of the clot of representations that determine the ordinary occurrence of common emotions.

The will of Death, the Unique that blocks the ethical juridical ground of the rotten community of humans, choosing Free Will, the attack against the delicate “heart” of the human subject, losses in a tenuous life like a fragile branch of a fallen tree.

I want to break one of those branches, reducing it to nothing, to identify the worth of the true world, killing the common emotion that the mortal moral consciousness erects.

For the Nihilistic Annihilating Funeral of a Life


[*] The consciousness – postulate of the ethical comportmental truth – the dwelling of the submissive – not as the Egoistic Individual – but rather as a subject “subject” who redeems his passions, that flow step by step in a metaphoric periphery, far from the Egoist and Destructive joy of “certainties”.

[**] The “Possible”, geometric and schematic action, reduces Egocentric Power to the flow that reflux determines, the sequential movement of hegemonic egalitarian egoism, evading the annihilation of the true values imposing – the doctrine of respect of the parts, acting in order to secure Nihilistic joy and the schematic action, in a series of rules that make possible an action within the limits that cannot and should not be transcended.

[***] The common metaphor of the “mouth of conscience” is the link between the act of the individual to impose dualistic morals that are part of the conscience. This expresses by the mouth, imposing deduction, resolution, within the limit that cannot be transcended, since the truth is not an ethical way of acting, within the agent of representation of the good in respect to Terroristic evil.

  1. [NB: a character from Fydor Dostoyevsky’s novel, The Demons.]

The Indiscriminate Faction claims responsibility for the assassination of a computer science student of the IPN

On Wednesday May 18th at around midday, Ángel León de la Cruz, a student of computer science of the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences (UPIICSA) of the IPN was shot during an “attempted assault”. We would like to state that the information reported publicly by the press is incorrect. This was a direct attack and we were responsible for it. The media lies again in its reporting and about the cover-up by the Mexico City police. Something similar happened when we abandoned an explosive device on a bus at Chilpancingo Station on Line 9 of the Metro. The authorities stated that the evacuation of hundreds of people from the station was due to a “technical failure.”

Last Wednesday’s assault was only a small distraction, since the computer geek who died of his wounds on Friday the 20th was our real objective.

We took the life of that damn progressivist whose very existence tended toward the artificial. His future would have been secure, another cog in machine of decadent civilization. For that reason we executed him. If it’s any consolation to his relatives, we report that Ángel decided to defend himself when we confronted him with the revolver. He didn’t just let himself be killed like a defenseless, domesticated animal. The claws came out, but we kept the upper hand of hunters pursuing their prey until we prevailed against him. Well, if that serves as consolation to you, fine, but if not, whatever.

In a violent neighborhood like Iztacalco it’s easy to hide in plain sight like the common criminals and thus carry out attacks like this one against students and faculty of the important centers of higher education. It’s also really easy to get a hold of a gun on the streets of Mexico City, use it and get rid of it, with the risk of course that whoever ends up with it is arrested because the gun is “dirty”.

That’s what happened with the four men who were apprehended on the streets of Cuauhtémoc Delegation who the police found using the same revolver as the one in the attack, and who are now accused of carrying out the murder. Regarding this, to the Mexico City police (who are known to frame people left and right), we say that they should stop being dumbasses since they know full well that those men didn’t do it. How convenient that the computer nerd died on the 20th and on the 21st the authorities issued a statement that they arrested those responsible. Only an idiot would believe the official story that the corporate press is peddling here.

All the same, we claim responsibility for the attack.

We shot the computer science student in the head today, he died, and tomorrow it will be another progressivist…

We aren’t going to stop. The ranks of the eco-extremist groups and nihilist terrorists are growing. We are a reality, a threat, and that is more significant than the pathetic sterile critiques that certain anarchist blogs publish against us. This is our manner of responding to those critiques. Let the humanists keep talking, and we terrorists will make ourselves known by claiming responsibility for acts such as this one.

For indiscriminate and selective attack!

-Indiscriminate Faction

(Scotland) Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience ”Falcon Of Chaos”

Edinburgh, Scotland

On 8/3/16 at night I set fire to a car using firelighters under the fuel tank. Wandering at night one can also create the very pleasant moments of meeting many interesting individualities that prefer the dark like foxes and raccoons. This action is an action of self fulfillment and a challenge of boosting my capabilities. Whoever wonders what kind of car was it and if it was worth the effort is a prisoner of the social and civilized swarm. Of the political necro-sickly conscience of those self-imprisoned in ideological dungeons. The neighborhoods of the peaceable citizens with the signs of the neighborhood watch are very disturbing to me as symbols of self-repression of the rationalist society and it was my pleasure to disturb one of them. The ghost of the Law everywhere around me deadens every will and worst of all even every thought of someone to defy it. It converts every lobotomized humanoid into its worthy servant without questioning. The rottenness of the systematic quietness becomes a knife in the throat of the conscious anarchist individuality trying to crush its free flow of life. Its will to become something else. Though the one who defies this situation stabs the reification of life and expropriates moments from the repeated procedures of civilisation tearing down the sepsis of normality.

On the 7/4/16 I attacked a van of the city council by slashing the tires and vandalizing its logo and its writings. As I was heading there I came across accidentally a van of a construction company of which tires were also slashed. Thereafter during the same night I headed towards some garage/storages of the city council where the signs and writings were vandalized with nihilistic symbols which did not aim at becoming idols but signify the transition through attack. These actions happened during the Edinburgh international science festival which took place this period, of which the above targets were major financial providers, filling the prison city with the propaganda of the ideology of science, of the most contemporary religion which as ”godly speech” has classified and claimed everything around us. Made as a product easily inside the capitalist reality of annihilation of producing personal thought to fit in every culture where everyone can receive a part of it as so to remind to the faithful of the ghost of Progress that the future is in good hands as long as they leave themselves in the armful of this deity. Leaving outside the horrific parts which treat life as trash because they would repulse the future believers and inspirators of their pathetic social evolution. Also with endless events that promote the green development, ideologicalized captivity, objectification and spectacularization of the non human animals and the earthly environment as well as the human subjects themselves who reproduce these logics being imprisoned in the dungeons of their ideologically and rationally constructed realities. Though I do not excuse them. In the question ”did the ghosts make them or did they make the ghosts?” I answer that there is a mutual relation between the two. The enthusiasts of ”human essentiality” for so many years have tried to save this sacred that from its pedestal arise so many whips and chains as well as others who have found in this ”essence” the source of the ghost of Evil they always vomit prophecies. I am beyond this contemptible idiocy. Against every mass leprosy but also against the herds that drag it.

Strength to my comrade from the cell Anti-Surveillance Front / Incendiary Nomad Cell / F.A.I. as well as to my comrades who from far away conspire with whatever they have for the personal anarchist war.

For the beauty of self-realization and the rise of the self over every authority.

For the rise of the unique individualities and the war for their own.

Death to Science.

Death to every civilisation.

Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience ”Falcon Of Chaos”

(Mexico – Chile – Argentina) Seventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“When we hunt, it is not our arrow that kills the moose, no matter how powerful it is. It is Nature that kills it.”
-Big Thunder

Universities, educational centers, academic institutions, etc. are the places where they prepare present and future progressivists (that is, those who believe in progress). Thus, they are an immovable target for eco-extremist attacks.
The incubators of progress (high schools, universities, trade schools, etc.) are the keystone to the development of the technological, scientific, and industrial system. They are the academies where they prepare young minds that have been blinded by modernity. They are complicit in the destruction of Wild Nature.

Today we live in a society consumed by technology, one that reproduces the moral values most conducive to the unrestrained development of the system. This society trains and guides its children to lead a life that clings to values such as “humanism,” “progress,” “indiscriminate solidarity”, “collectivism,” “equality,” etc.
Teachers never tire of saying, “study, prepare yourself to be someone in life,” and the children pay attention to them. Some make it to be professionals or prominent people within social circles. These are the progressivists par excellence. The others have less education, and constitute the great mass of wage earners who swarm all over the place, progressivists of all forms. These two parts, one way or the other, maintain the normal functioning of civilization. Some are the executioners and others are the slaves, but all are made from the same mold, that’s for certain.
The majority of people in the universities (though not all) have a superiority complex due to all of their degrees, their erudition, or their “knowledge” accumulated over their time in the classroom. They aspire to progress. Those who study to be engineers, for example, whether they study systems, robotics, mechanical or computer engineering, etc., are a prime example of this. They are always coming up with new technological fixes to “improve nature,” or “to save water,” or “to solve climate change,” to increase production, etc. That is to say, they study and put into practice the necessary methods to help overcome the crisis that the system now faces.

The other example are science students (physics, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, neurology, mathematics, etc.), most of whom (though, again, not all) equally create methods to improve science and help it to become the absolute truth. This new truth supposedly replaces the
simple ancestral beliefs left to us by the ancients. This ancient wisdom is everyday more devalued by modern knowledge. They propose instead brilliant theories that try to explain the mysteries of the world around us.
Artificial and complex intelligence is what the system aims to make a “belief” in this century, this to the exclusion of the beliefs based on the forces of nature. These latter beliefs are judged to be irrational, primitive, and doubtful.

That which the sciences and those who study them (though not all) aim to do is explain every process, action, etc. that is observed, thus taking humanity to a higher level, thus carrying the banner of arrogant anthropocentrism. They forget that human knowing is nothing compared to the Great Wisdom of Wild Nature (or whatever you want to call it.) They have also proposed alternatives to “help” nature. This is a hidden hypocritical attitude that hides its real motive of obtaining notoriety and fame among their fellow investigators. They seek to increase their alienated knowledge which is totally foreign to the idea of  “helping nature,” which is what they claim to be working towards.

The last example are the science and social studies students (law, communications, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, art, economics,  literature, architecture, etc.) which form part of the alternative and progressive wave that is now back in style.
Those who have more theoretical than practical knowledge place themselves in a new era of inclusive youth who are immersed in the moral values of the system, allowing its continuity: “feminism,” “anti-classism,” “communism,” “civil anarchism,” “ecologism,” “anti-racism,” “legalism,” “humanism,” “anti-fascism,” “pacifism,” “primitivism,” “Marxism,” “passive nihilism,”
“veganism,” in other words, PROGRESSIVISM.
We clarify that not all of these students have moralism deeply ingrained, though the great majority do.
Indeed, these types of students can be found in the universities, vegan restaurants, in cafes and bars, talking about Nietzsche, Bukowski, or Dalí. They live in co-ops, in squats, and can be found at demonstrations where they are working for “a better tomorrow.” They try to change this society for the better by giving to it thinkers, critics, and saviors, without noticing that in their demands, even though they talk a good radical game, they are only proposing that which the system needs to keep going.

It is thus that these university or high school students continue with the previously-mentioned attitudes, that is, on the path of modern progress. And it is for that reason as well that we see the universities as symbols of harmful human progress, and the professor / teacher masses as directly responsible for the degradation, domestication, and destruction of the Earth.

As is to be expected, eco-extremists refuse all of this. They refuse to accept these values and they subvert them whenever they can. For this reason, ITS has no consideration for these sheep as is evident in the attacks for which we now take responsibility below:

April 12th.
An extinguisher filled with dynamite was abandoned in front of the University of Ecatepec in Mexico State. This campus is located on the Avenida Insurgentes in downtown San Cristóbal, two blocks from the Municipal Palace which is filled with police, and only a block and a half from the central command of the State Security Commission, which we mocked with our attack without any problem.
The device was planned to go off once the students came onto campus for morning classes at that semi-private university. But a system error took place and it exploded beforehand. A great explosion was heard around 6 am, without wounding anyone. This still caused a significant police mobilization at the site of the blast. As was to be expected, the act was covered up by the demoralized municipal authorities.
The progressivist students are safe for now. Next time we won’t fail…

-On the same morning an explosive device with an electromechanical trigger was abandoned in front of the Hispanoamerican Educational Community, located in the same municipality.
The device was contained in what appeared to be a black briefcase. It was activated by pulling on a fake handle, and was composed of galvanized nipples filled with dynamite. According to the press, the device exploded without leaving anyone injured. This for sure is false reporting, as the device could not have exploded without someone having pulled on the handle. We are certain that it injured one of the campus guards, a student or a teacher who may have picked it up, as we left it in at the entrance of that private educational center.

The authorities of the institute sounded the alarm to the police at 7:30 am after the “suitcase-bomb” exploded, which mobilized a police and military operation in the area, which prevented the students from entering the campus.
The press stated that there were two explosive devices, which is also false. Our hypothesis is that one of the nipples exploded blasting the other nipple some meters away toward the exit of the campus. When the state police and soldiers arrived at the place, they found the remnants of the cheap suitcase that was the product of the explosion of one of the nipples, while the found the other next to the exit.

April 19th
A homemade explosive device inside of a plastic container filled with shrapnel was detonated at one of the entrances of the Technological Institute of Advanced Studies of Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey) at its Mexico City campus, in Tlalpan Delegation. The device exploded successfully,
without our being able to verify the damage done. The act was silenced by the Mexico City authorities.

April 25th
An explosive with an electromechanical trigger was abandoned in the parking lot of the Architectural Faculty of the UNAM in the Ciudad Universitaria, on Avenida Insurgentes, south of Mexico City.  The device abandoned between two cars resembled the one detonated at the Hispanoamericana Educational Community in Ecatepec: in a briefcase (see image below) and composed of two galvanized nipples activated by pulling on a fake handle. Although we weren’t able to verify the result of the explosion, we are certain that the explosive went off, only that the university authorities once again covered up the act.
-On the same day, another explosive was abandoned at the entrance of A Building at the Faculty of Engineering at the same university in the Ciudad Universitaria. This explosive was contained in what appeared to be a shoebox. The mechanism works when the box is picked up, which makes the negative pole attached to a rod hit the positive pole stuck to the ground, generating an explosion. The consequences of this explosion were also covered up by the authorities at the UNAM.

Frustrated attack against the FCFM, Santiago, Chile

I prefer the saddle to the streetcar, the starry sky to the ceiling, the difficult and dark path leading to the unknown to the highway paved withasphalt, and the profound peace of nature to the discontent that the cities offer.

We penetrated the cradle of science and progress in Chile. The Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Chile (FCFM) was the target of our will turned into attack. The FCFM with its technological innovation and its latest scientific advances contributes daily to the
perpetuation and improvement of the techno-system.

Those techno-nerds applaud all that is technology, science, and progress. Their departments of sciences, physics, and engineering. Their humanoid robots constructed in the robotics labs. Their great observatory constructed on the Calan Hill. Their innovations in mining along with their studies in machinery, all the same. With all that, the educated and studious scientists seem like the saviors of the planet before the masses of citizen-students who rush to graduate endorsing and sustaining all that is progress and science.

In this way, all of the FCFM represents without a doubt progress and civilization in its highest expression. From there we decided to leave a present abandoned by the second active group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in Chile. While we occupied ourselves creating a distraction to divert attention, two of our people entered stealthily into the installations of the faculty at eleven in the morning to leave the explosive device, which would then explode at the given time.
This was a frustrated attack that has been covered up by the press. And from here comes the importance of taking responsibility for it. If the attack was foiled, that doesn’t mean that we will not take responsibility for it and make it public, as otherwise it would have never been brought to light. We would not permit this to happen since it is ours, from our EGO, in the name of the WILD, and against civilization.
The reason that it was foiled was because it was discovered, as its doublé system of timers was designed not to fail (see image). The structures of the FCFM, dedicated in 2014, deserved to burn into ashes. Our attack was not preceded by a warning call or anything of the sort. We were hoping that the flames burned the enclosure as well as a researcher or student. We don’t have consideration for anyone.

The renowned professors along with their researchers abroad and the poor students all take part in the subjugation of wild nature and thus deserve the worst. This is a warning that we are getting closer, improving our aim. We will take care of it: Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar, Dr. Paulo Araya, Dr. María Elena Lienqueo, Dr. Guido Garay, or the student Luz Martínez. We know your daily routine, your monotonous lives. Dare to continue to support progress, beware of the consequences…

“And when my hour came I found the must rugged, solitary and desolate place that exists.”

The wild can wait no longer. Civilization expands indiscriminately at the cost of all that is natural. We won’t stay twiddling our thumbs, looking on passively as modern man rips the Earth apart in search of minerals, burying her under tons of concrete, or piercing through entire hills to construct tunnels. We are at war with civilization and progress, as well as those who improve or support it with their passivity. Whoever!

The Universe, with all of its galaxies, stars, and planets, with its immense unknown, also forms part of Wild Nature.
Because the Universe is abused by man through his rockets, satellites, and invasive projects aimed at other planets when this one collapses.
Because a satellite is a television cable floating in space, it is the same as a highway going through a forest.
It is for all of this that we act violently and indiscriminately, in defense of the Wild and in self-defense. We see ourselves under siege by Civilization and Progress, and we find satisfaction in the harmonious movement of the stars.
From there our name comes, since it is our identity, the one that we picked. It is what we really are and not what they want us to be.

With Nature at our side, this past April 22nd, we abandoned a package-bomb at the National Technological University (UTN), that is located at Calle Medrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The action was covered up by the press as has been the case with many others. We are almost certain that the package was found as it was abandoned in a common area well within sight of all of the techno-nerds.
We know that they do not tolerate the presence of ITS in other regions outside of Mexico and they find that unsettling. They’re right! ITS does not forgive. But by silencing our actions they don’t achieve anything more than increasing our desire to watch the world burn.

Experience is gained with time. Knowledge is gained through theory and practice. This is how this war will continue, come what may.
This international coordination by groups of ITS against primordial targets is only a test of our level of operative capabilities. And also of our desire to see all that tends toward artificiality burn and collapse. These attacks that planned to hurt, destroy, and terrorize university objectives and educational centers are the beginning of something larger. Today it was the universities, tomorrow who knows what we will choose to jointly target.
It doesn’t matter if they censor and cover up our acts. We will push forward, and to the authorities and specific targets in the three countries where we are active we say:
Heed the consequences of covering up our attacks, for you know that the seed of eco-extremism has developed in fertile soil, and has sprouted!
To those who develop, work on, or find new and effective ways to domestícate and destroy the last vestiges of wildness that remain, we say:
“Take heart, relax, pretend like we don’t exist, but don’t complain when you see our arrows pointed at you.”

For selective and indiscriminate attacks and eco-extremism!
In defense of the Wild Universe!
Let the mystics and arrogant people keep talking!
Neither “revolutionaries” nor dreamers nor optimists, nor cowards, Indiscriminate Ones!
Death to humanist progressivism!
Continuing the war inherited from our primitive ancestors!
Death to the Moral of Attack!
In complicity with allied eco-extremist and nihilist terrorist groups!
Let the explosives keep detonating, may civilization keep burning, may violent resistance against the Alien spread!
Let us be dangerous:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Argentina)
-Wild Constellations

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chile):
-Mystical Horde of the Forest

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico):
-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)
-Grupo Oculto “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)

They took their time already: Wild Reaction responds to “Destruye las prisiones”

Translated from Spanish by Palmer Amaranth

Coahuila, February 26, 2015.

Having read the Venezuelan anarchist Rodolfo Montes de Oca interviewing “Destruye las Prisiones” [Destroy the Prisons] (DP) – the anarchist anti-prison insurrectionist tendency publication -, Wild Reaction will offer some responses, comments and contemplations. This isn’t from a desire to start a long and tedious discussion about the ways in which each develop their violent projects against the system, it’s just a quick response to what seems important for us to mention (once again), since it is obvious that, after many communiques and many contributions in regards to the terrorist tendency against the techno-industrial system and civilization, there are still some who do not fully understand or who misinterpret our individual positions.

Thus said, lets kick over the traces:

 A. New stage

Ever since the first Wild Reaction (RS) communique we’ve said bluntly that the conformation of several groups into one would be a new phase. New in what?

DP assumes that the new phase would be one of actions, something we never said. The new stage in our struggle against the techno-industrial system, civilization and progress, regarding action, has been in the re-appropriation of sabotage as a form of attack, maintaining the terrorist positioning of individualists tending towards the wild (ITS).

This stage lived by RS also comes with a form of discourse (as DP rightly mentioned), wanting to leave behind the “kaczynskian” past, striving for the realization of a different tendency, unique in its kind, in Mexico and in the world, which we’ve been successful in consolidating.

It would be worth mentioning that this stage is divided into sub-phases, the first being the threat-propaganda, which worked well when issuing the first communique (YES, with the fucking machine guns and all!), calling the attention of the press and the federal government.

The second was when we returned to use the butanes, the nipples, the bomb threats, fire and the masses to generate destabilization, we returned to our old, homemade and immediate weapons for public demonstration of the multi-functionality of RS factions, it worked.

The third is this, where we fully commit to theoretically demonstrate the marked distinctions with “kaczynskians” and insurrectionist anarchists.

There are other planned sub-phases, which we won’t mention, logically as to not ruin surprises.

So let us say, sirs of DP, the new phases of a group like RS are not always as expected, or not as obvious as some other armed groups in history, those you are accustomed to.

 B. Of the Wild

To be a bit clearer, RS divide what is Wild in three:

  1. Real: In simple terms, the Wild is something that is remote, resists and stays inert to everything that is artificial, not only the wildlife, but also the surroundings, deserts, forests, jungles, coasts, plains, etc., every corner of these, caves, gorges, seas, rivers, waterfalls, hills, etc. The manifestations and processes of bio self-organization in nature. Everything that is found outside the globe also represents the Wild; planets, black holes, galaxies, stars, supernovae, satellites, meteors, etc. Instincts rooted very deeply in humans, who refuse to adopt certain hyper-civilized habits, are also the Wild.
  1. Concept: In somewhat more theoretical terms, the Wild as a concept is what we employ in communiques, graffiti, intimidating messages to the enemy, etc., it is the understanding of what has been lost, it is what is claimed to not fall into the same game of the same old struggles. And although the Wild as a concept is already used by many people from ideologies alien to our tendency, for members of RS it’s vital to keep this term in high.
  1. Pagan animism: The Wild is also within the beliefs of those part of RS. We believe that humans are believers by nature. Because from the beginning, in this long journey of man and woman on earth, the ancients had the essential need to create deities from nature itself. In this way, RS groupuscules maintain very strong personal beliefs and reject Christianity at all cost, as did our ancestors.

So when the groupuscules of RS position themselves on the side of the Wild, we are referring to all three points; defending Wild Nature as such, claiming the term, and widening our pagan beliefs around warrior nature spirituality. It is logical that we are not Wild on strict adherence to the term. When we self-proclaim ourselves “wild” or “uncivilized” we refer to the Wild as a concept only. Anyone capable of reasoning would know that savages would not write long communiques defending their positions in the war against this system.

DP says that our attacks have been focused in cities, but we also carried attacks on urban development in forests. Let’s do a quick review of some of our actions:

  1. In 2010, a cell of the “Earth Liberation Front” (which is now part of RS), successfully attacked the infrastructure that would divert water from the River of Dinamos Forest to the city, in the Magdalena Contreras Delegation of Mexico City. The until then eco-anarchists, made threatening graffiti on the machinery and the material used, they destroyed wells being constructed and arsoned three machines, the damage was considerable. On one of the machines they painted “Out with civilization in wild environments“.
  1. In 2009, the “Ludditas Contra la Domesticación de la Naturaleza Salvaje” [Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature] group (now part of RS), completely arsoned four machines in the plains of the Nextlalpan municipality in the State of Mexico. At the time, the machines were used for the construction of the super highway, connecting several states with the Federal District, called Circuito Exterior Mexiquense [Mexican Outer Loop], a megaproject that this group confronted on several occasions from 2009 to 2010. More than ten attacks were carried out, most being arsons of machinery owned by the Carso company, leader of the project.
  1. In the same year, a group of individuals who took the same name as above (now part of RS), arsoned a cellphone tower, leaving it unusable (owned by Telmex), in the darkness of the surrounding hills in the municipality of Atizapan, State of Mexico.
  1. In the warm mountains on the outskirts of Aguascalientes, the “Circulo Informal de Antagónicos Individualistas” [Informal Circle of Antagonistic Individualists] (now part of RS) released many wild horses from an industrial farm, thus starting a campaign of attacks against touristic and urban settlements threatening the hills of Cerro del Muerto, acts which for various reasons were never claimed and which we minimally expose here.
  1. In 2010 another cell of the Earth Liberation Front (now RS too) arsoned various machinery and carried out a series of attacks against several targets in the municipality of Coacalco in the State of Mexico. This was in response to the construction of housing units invading the hills of Cerro de Guadalupe, the last of semi-wild places in that area.

These are just some quick examples of our actions in forests, plains, mountains and hills. It is true that our attacks have been more frequent in cities, this shows the measure of our possibilities. The struggle against the techno-industrial system and the defense of nature is both in cities and in natural environments, it is not only focused on the later as DP says.

We recognize the resistance of the Purépechas in defending and dying for the forests of Michoacan. We admire the Huichol rebels who oppose the development of the mines in San Luis Potosi with all they’ve got. We support the Chichimecas who deny the Christianizing of their native

beliefs in Guanajuato. We support the Mixtecos who reject at all costs the medicines of cities and prefer to continue curing themselves with plants collected in the Sierra of Oaxaca at the risk of being denounced for witchcraft. We respect the decision of the Kiliwa who prefer extinction before having their culture absorbed by the Western way of life. We hold high the resistance that distinguishes some Raramuris in staying away from civilization and maintaining a semi-nomadic life in the deserts of Chihuahua. Without doubt, the fight against progress and in defense of the land includes both native ethnic groups that resist it in their environments, as much as the civilized living in the cities, undertaking acts of sabotage and terrorism against that same progress. Because the struggle for nature is not limited to one way, strategies vary, contexts, situations, risks.

We repeat, the attacks to the system and resistance to it are as much in natural environments as in the cities, they are complement, the resistance must be everywhere.

Why then does RS not attack the dam to which the Temacapulín community in Jalisco is opposed (e.g.)? Attacking a mine or a development project that already has a history of communal resistance would intervene in a process of struggle for land and push police to charge against these people, whom are already very poor as to have to endure more beatings from the authorities. And we do not say this in a moral tone, but rather in a strategic and prudent way. This is why RS factions carefully choose their targets. Within our possibilities, we attack techno-industrial progress in natural environments and in cities.

Would we build alliances with communities if given the opportunity to defend the land?

For sure, being cautious and not claiming them in the moment. Working with the people from the highlands does not cause us any problems, we do not see this as leftist, as DP wrongly said (again).

As we defend our individuality, we know how to live in community. Over the years we have learned humility and simplicity from the people living in the hills, which is why RS is now a little more respectful than ITS was before, if anyone had noticed.

 C. Romanticism a la RS

DP apparently considers our position on the Wild as romantic. Not surprising, coming from anarchists who know that their utopias are even more romantic than those they criticize, an attitude taken from the civilized feelings of this society with Western values, as always denying the relevance and importance of those who are positioned in favor of the Wild and natural, labeling what is ancient as romantic.

To recall: Who were those who categorized as romantic the beliefs and ways of living in nature of our wild and nomadic ancestors? Yes, the damn conquistadors, the Franciscan idiots! Was that not one of the ingredients to humiliate the natives?

Cataloging as pagan those who seemed “romantic with nature”?

Maybe it was our mistake to say that we are “wild” or “uncivilized” without mentioning that we refer to our indomitable instincts and the warrior heritage that we carry in our blood, something that does not bring credibility to our actions, but which certainly supposes a critique towards these terms coming from people like us, civilized.

This is why for some time now (in our communiques), we have said time and again that we are civilized humans clinging to their primitive past, people whom with a civilized learning process have glimpsed the root problem, and now, through that awareness obtained by the study, understanding, experience and practice, we declare war on the system as did our wild ancestors. To continue their war is to keep the flame of conflict against civilization from extinguishing. Seeing each other around the fire in the middle of the forest, armed, is to see once again the faces of the warrior spirits of those whom we have inherited certain physiological and intellectual aspects tying us strongly to their legacy.

 D. Anthropology, a dominator

DP is right, in our learning process we have studied some theoretical anthropologists, and other sciences, to give weight to our positions. But for some time now, you cannot read any references to books of these in our communiques. Why? Because we have realized that we can learn more from the elders of certain ethnicities or by living in nature, than with books from scholars exposing repetitive and impractical theories.

And if DP sees anthropology as an evil social science “of domination”, why then make it obvious that, when answering Oca’s question on the outlook of the prison system in Mexico, it took its historical reference from an anthropology book?

Some groups of Mayas and Aztecs, though they had no idea of the prison establishment, as penitentiary system, did use cages as means of retention for the application of immediate punishment, which in the majority of cases was corporal punishment such as flogging or mutilation, or for the retention of those they would sacrifice for religious ceremonies.

Perhaps they made it up?

Come on.

 E. An unintentional movement?

From the moment we started to spread our ideas and actions, the truth of the matter is that we didnt have in mind that someday those same words and actions would transcend and become references for other groups and individuals. It has been a pleasant surprise to learn that people across the continent are reading and analyzing our texts, are being inspired by our actions, such that a whole intermittent work of dissemination and translation has been undertaken (this thanks to groups of anarchists, or not, who sympathize with us). Without it being our intention, a stronger and more critical tendency, resisting the progress of the techno-industrial system and harmfulness of civilization, is being created. We don’t know if this will ever become a movement as such, and it should be said that we don’t count on it. We are victims of causality. But if one day it were to take form and we were living, we would want that movement to be so destructive and threatening that from its mere mention, progressives tremble with fear.

From the beginning we decided to claim our actions by individualistic duty and for the mer fact that they are ours. We did not want others to claim them or for them to be taken as a prank, or something related to gangs or the drug barons. From the moment we made our criticisms public, and up till now, there has been a breakthrough in this tendency, something that fills us with pride.

Back to the subject, DP writes that if we create a movement we’ll be playing along with the system with ideas that would “carry its same seeds”, but as we do not want to create any movement nor are we preoccupied or interested in this, then, we’ll leave these problems to those who do want to create one, as do the kaczynskians or anarchists, for example.

What falls into the pathetic is what DP writes (about convening with the system) when they ask: Where do the pages where they print their words come from? Or the computers from which they broadcast their actions, the weapons with which they attack scientists or the food with which they nourish themselves?

This is equivalent to what we might question of anarchists (some not all), with the same absurdity displayed by DP: Where do they get the beers to get drunk, if you are supposed to be anti-capitalist? Do they use American brand computers to view their “counter-information” blogs, if it is assumed that they are anti-imperialists? If they are against all prisons, does DP consume animal products? If they say they are environmentalists, DP separates its trash? Are they deep ecologists, radical, progressive, etc.? An anarchist of DP can carry their government id? Please! Can you give us some other even more overused “reasons”? It is obvious that the editors of DP have understood nor even the most minimal part of our posture, or, we haven’t been clear enough? The first is an urgent lack of analysis on their part, the second is their whim.

 F. Absolute Truth

It is true, RS holds an absolute truth in Wild Nature. We’re here because of it, for it we fight and die.

We do not want to let go of it. Even though being civilized, we maintain a symbiosis with it and all that is Wild. Many anarchists (not all) of the DP type are afraid to be as cutting and defend their positions because they could be labeled as intolerant and dogmatic. We’ve lost that fear. We have chosen to defend tooth and nail our convictions and our habits distant from the “normal” ones. That’s why we claim our absolute truth, thus we have gained many enemies for being so direct, so honest.

Typical, in society (and in groups of “rebels”, like some anarchists) people are accustomed to niceties, to hear only what suits them, to “healthy coexistence”, to lies and hypocrisy. We don’t endorse these attitudes, we prefer to be as we are instead of hiding our true opinions and positions. Despite who gets upset.

 G. The personal

Apparently DP wants to talk about our personal lives, since we always (in all our communiques, that is) refer only to the attack and ignore the modus vivendi… what DP doesn’t understand is that all those who oppose progress and civilization know what to do, creating lifestyles, habits and projects within their means as to reject at a maximum what is alien, and for sure, coming into contradiction with some of our positions, but assuming them firmly, these people aren’t waiting for others to tell them how to live their life, unlike some anarchists (not all) used to base themselves on zines, books, and blogs, where they take past and present lifestyles as references to begin creating their own.

It would’ve been better if DP asked us directly about our personal lives, but nonetheless we will rely on a string of their random questions in order to expose some of this. Some questions won’t be answered thoroughly, by mere practical discretion.

For an anticivilizer“. To start off, DP asks questions to the “anticivilizers”. let’s recall that there are varying currents opposed to civilization, from the ecofascists, to the eco-anarchists, primitivists, self-natives, etc. RS is considered by many an “anti-civilization” group, and although we do not like the term, still, we answer the following questions:

To what extent and at what moment is it alright to make use of knowledge and material left by centuries of civilization?

To the extent and at the moment you’ve corroborated and experienced that knowledge in practice. From that moment you can dispense with the material left in books and studies to start auto-instill your own identity as an individual belonging to a certain determined social group. For example, the stories they tell us are often based on exaggerations and false data, but this data can be verified or disproved by natives. During the Chichimeca War back in 1550, on the only road that connected the Zacatecas mines (formerly part of Nueva Galicia) with the Federal District (formerly called Nueva España), the warring aboriginals intercepted wagons guarded by several well armed horsemen. The Chichimecas would ambush and kill all the Spaniards, their slaves, and steal the goods. This historical data had been collected from a book by a member of RS. Later, in a conversation, a resident of the roads to Zacatecas revealed that the great great grandfather of their grandfather talked of naked Indians stealing the goods from the wealthy Spaniards coming through, and burying them in the hills so they could not be found. In this case, the data previously read in a book was corroborated by the illiterate member of a community within the territories of what was known as the Gran Chichimeca. On those roads people keep finding silver, obsidian arrowheads and other objects used in that war, worth remembering and upholding as one of the biggest and most serious wars against Western civilization in these territories.

Will the anticivilizer let themself die from the first disease which their own body cannot overcome? Can they make use of Western medicine’s pharmaceuticals and antibiotics?

Members of RS would not let themselves die from a “disease” that their body cannot resist, and honestly, we believe that nobody in their right mind would. And of course we could do aside with pharmaceutical antibiotics, all members of RS cure themselves with remedies from the land and totally reject allopathic medicine, for those who have adopted the culture of modern and harmful medicine find it impossible to live without aspirin, ranitidinas, paracetamol, etc. but really, antibiotics with chemical additives are not necessary, there are very effective natural antibiotics like propolis. For those who know of medicinal herbs, to alleviate or cure oneself of city diseases with teas, poultices, vaporizing, extracts, etc. is not a problem.

If an anticivilizer takes cinnamon tea to relieve menstrual cramps or to help with a cold, do they contradict themself because it is a plant native to India?

A silly question answered with another silly question: does the anarchist of DP contradict themself by using clothes made by enslaved and exploited children in Taiwan?

RS has no problem in using plants that are not native to these territories. But if we wanted, we could live solely from native plants, since in many natural areas there’s a variety of medicinal plants and native ancestral foods.

Would a Mexican anticivilizer consider it coherent to drink milk or eat beef even if they are originally Eurasian animals?

RS does not see any problem with that, though some of us try to avoid often drinking milk or eating meat, not because we want to be “coherent”, but because of the diseases involved in eating these kinds of industrialized foods from the infect cities.

How compatible is gardening with anticivilizer savagery?

For many of us it is very viable to have an organic vegetable garden from which to take food in times of scarcity or medicine in times of sickness. We do not fall into contradictions, the important thing is to develop lifestyles which distance themselves as much as possible from the system’s artificial dependency.

Although some members of RS are more attracted to the life of hunter-gatherers, they do not reject the option of gardens.

Technology will be attacked, and to what point will technology be used to fight the technological system?

Technology is used only to spread the attack against the system. We know that we are bound to the conditions imposed on us by it and all we can do about this is to confront our contradictions. The unnecessary technology is jettisoned, a minimal use of technology is what is appropriate for members of RS.

How is a child to be educated in the way of the anticivilizer?

There isn’t a model to follow in the education of the children of the “anticivilizer” type, each opponent of the system will find it in themself to create relevant teaching methods as for their offspring to grow up happy and conscious.

As mentioned above, there is no way of life anticipatively imposed, every critic of civilization (whether from RS or not) will know how to put their words into practice in their daily lives, often falling into contradictions, but many times being satisfied by small victories which are given to us by simplicity and nature. This is not to try and maintain “purity” as DP says, but to develop uniqueness.

H. Back to some terms

In the statement entitled “Reacción Salvaje y los anarquistas” [Wild Reaction and the anarchists], in the notes, we added an ITS communique about the differences between us and the anarchists. what follows here answers some criticisms made by DP in their interview, which won’t be treated thoroughly because these topics have previously been exposed and we recommend DP to look them over.

The terms authority and power mean a whole challenge for anarchists, and although these are inherently binded to us as a species, the anarchists always search there for the problem. It is well known that a very recurrent slogan within anarchism, from its beginnings as a position, has been “against all authority“, a sentence leaving much to be desired with respect to its analytical power. From this error of synthesis, the various currents of anarchism have derived many interpretations, from the anarcho-punks to the anarcho-insurrectionists (the second being a bit more analytical than the first), and it’s been a problem, with each going on to explain this at great length, and from A to Z. DP’s explanation about its position on authority and power is a little more detailed and seems interesting, but we have a problem when they write: “(…) the observation of the development of the world and our own history of domination, gives us guidelines to reconsider the ways in which we lead our lives and to choose to deny power relations, those most brutal forms of power generated in the civilized world as much as those generated in a “primitive” way, we say this because RS has expressed themselves in favor when power relations emerge in primitive community.

Before this comment RS answers that if DP take themselves for community connoisseurs, we hope they know that the people of the hills in Mexico, since hundreds of years ago, are used to lifestyles that are frowned upon by the city dwellers sick with Western culture, certain ways of life that are perceived as “brutal”. For example, to exchange a woman for a cow or a swine, is common among natives, it is part of their customs, their way of life, and is something normal, while for Western moralists (including some anarchists) it is something unworthy, they get all worked up and cry to the heavens when they hear about this. Generally anarchists of the feminist type are those who most make a scandal about it. RS doesn’t see it as a bad thing, RS respects the development and customs of the country people, this is why we express ourselves in favor of power relations in such communities because it is not our concern to try and change them. We emphasize, it is not that we are “machistas” but honestly we don’t set ourselves against this kind of native attitudes. This is what we think, even though it will infuriate the anarchists that we talk in this way, oh well.

Upon their arrival in Mesoamerica, the Spaniards were also greatly surprised by the way of life of the civilized Aztecs and were horrified by the sight of the rituals of the savage Chichimecas. They tried to change their ways with punishment and death because, according to them, what they were doing was not “good”. Same as with anarchists of the DP type, wherever they smell power relationships, civilized or primitive, they raise a barrier of denial. As when they’re told they cannot drink alcohol when in a place where it is not allowed, anarchists answer or think (not all): “But we are not in church”, “Don’t you impose anything on us”, “We can decide freely.”

A very rebellious response that certainly creates tension!

We agree with DP that there is no absolute society, every human group on earth has developed modes of living befitting their condition, environment and character. What we refer to is that primitive societies, by the lack of complexity in their social relationships, were much healthier than modern societies. DP was wrong (again), when it said that those part of RS consider primitive society as absolute. DP apparently has a serious issue of conflictuality with the absolute, anyways.

Recently, some factions of RS issued a communique to the nascent groups that endorse the criticism in movement against civilization and modern technology, making it clear that the statement was not accomplishing a task of solidarity but rather complicity, rightly said. RS still considers indiscriminate solidarity to be a serious problem, which, as we have said repeatedly, is the philanthropic support of whichever vulnerable sector of society, spread by mass media, so that inequalities be left behind and civilized coexistence and order can be solidified, serving the self-perpetuation of this system. We prefer solidarity between an immediate social circle, and complicity with the few groups who share positions in regards to this war against the system.

Indiscriminate solidarity also exists in certain sectors of DP type anarchists who want to create conflict upon the binding of different currents for the development of their anarchist tension, but they themselves should be smart and strategic not to bring whoever claims to be a “rebel” into their ranks, otherwise they risk the danger of infiltration and imprisonment of their “compañeros”. Too late! The infiltration work of the Mexico City investigative police, the federal government, and Cisen, being developed in anarchist milieus for several years now is well known by many. A result of poor organization in security culture, which is why we prefer real solidarity and selective complicity to avoid unfortunate drawbacks. And obviously this will not make us more “wild” as DP says, but maybe we’ll remain out of jail for the time being.

This is how we end this text, but we hope that the people part of DP won’t take it badly or personal. We respect their work and their life projects, but since they spoke of us in their interview and that we don’t miss an opportunity for our propaganda, we felt the need to issue our response.

For the armed conflict against civilization and progress.


Reacción Salvaje


Espíritu Uaxixil”

Danza de Guerra”

Matar o Morir”

Cazador Nocturno”

Lluvia de flechas”

Nihilistic Sect Memento Mori claims responsibility for attacks

“I have never understood how one can love one’s neighbor.”

We claim responsibility in an anti-political manner for the explosive attack on the Via Ponzio Cominio at the doorway of a building.

The attack lamentably (for us anyway) produced only property damage.

We also take responsibility for the letter-bomb abandoned inside of a building on the Via Achille Loria.

Both attacks took place in the center of Rome.

These attacks took place some time ago, but now we strategically and amorally take responsibility for them.

The attacks were targeted at this society’s values.

With this, we exclude ourselves from any type of association with idealist, ideological, and/or religious attacks.

Our attacks have been experiments in the decline of ethical and moral values and their annihilation, as well as for the spreading of Terror and Fear toward the Nihilistic Void of the Unknown.

With this we express affinity with the eco-extremist groups that continue on the “indiscriminate path”… affinity with the Indiscriminate Faction, ITS, Ouroboros Nihilista (now Ouroboros Silvestre), the Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage, and the Pagan Sect of the Mountain.
For indiscriminate and selective terrorism!

For the destruction of ethical-mortal values of techno-moral society!

-Nihilistic Sect Memento Mori

Politically Incorrect Savages

Steve Sheldon told me about a woman giving birth alone on a beach. Something went wrong.  A breech birth. The woman was in agony. ‘Help me, please! The baby will not come,” she cried out. The Pirahas sat passively, some looking tense, some talking normally. “I’m dying! This hurts. The baby will not come!” she screamed. No one answered. It was late afternoon. Steve started toward her. “No, she doesn’t want you. She wants her parents,” he was told, the implication clearly being that he was not to go to her. But her parents were not around and no one else was going to her aid. The evening came and her cries came regularly, but even more weakly. Finally, they stopped. In the morning Steve learned that she and the baby had died on the beach, unassisted.

Steve recorded the story about this incident, repeated here. The text… recounts [the] tragic incident that provides insight into Piraha culture. In particular it tells us that the Piraha let a young woman die, alone and without help, because of their belief that people must be strong and get through difficulties on their own.

-Daniel Everett, Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle pg. 90-91

One curious effect was observed which gave rise to much complaint on the part of the native male population. As a result of the wholesale association of the women with white men a spontaneous feminist movement developed. Aboriginally, the woman was not only physically, but economically and spiritually, subservient to the man. The squaw performed most of the hard manual labor associated with village life while her husband and father loafed away their time. She was obliged to obey every command and whim of her lord and master. To do otherwise was to invite stern and inevitable retribution. With the influx of thousands of white men, unmarried and on the hunt for females, the situation altered. She could confront the Indian male with the choice of better treatment or loss of his spouse to some white suitor. Moreover, the Indian woman was undoubtedly influenced profoundly by the enviable position which her sex occupied in the newly established white communities. Although no contemporary sociologist gave the matter attention,  we get inklings of a pretty formidable feminine revolt. The agent at the Fresno Indian Farm reported:

“Though the men are, or once were, absolute masters of the women, many of them at this time… have found shelter among the whites, and are consequently independent of the men.”

A statement also appeared at about the same period to the effect that “white men have taken the Indians’ wives from their lodges and taught them to despise the lazy creatures who used to make them slaves.”  If this state of mind was characteristic of a large body of female opinion, it is easy to see how, although no vast social upheaval was involved, the change could act as an irritant and thereby serve as another factor in the disruption of aboriginal family life.

“The American Invasion, 1848-1870” pgs. 81-82 in Cook, Sherburne F. The Conflict Between the California Indian and White Civilization. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1976.

The Jarawas, who number about 400 and whom one geneticist described as “arguably the most enigmatic people on our planet,” are believed to have migrated from Africa around 50,000 years ago. They are very dark-skinned, small in stature and until 1998 lived in complete cultural isolation, shooting outsiders with steel-tipped arrows if they came too near…

It is no secret that the tribe has, in the past, carried out ritual killings of infants born to widows or — much rarer — fathered by outsiders. Dr. Ratan Chandra Kar, a government physician who wrote a memoir about his work with the Jarawas, described a tradition in which newborn babies were breast-fed by each of the tribe’s lactating women before being strangled by one of the tribal elders, so as to maintain “the so-called purity and sanctity of the society.”

-“Baby’s Killing Tests India’s Protection of an Aboriginal Culture,” New York Times, March 13, 2016

One evening Debe walked right into Gau’s camp and without saying a word shot three arrows into Gau, one in the left shoulder, one in the forehead, and a third one in the chest. Gau’s people made no move to protect him. After three arrows were shot, Gau still sat facing the attacker. The Debe raised his spear as if to stab him. But Gau said, “You have hit me three times. Isn’t it enough to kill me, that you want to stab me too?”

When Gau tried to dodge away from the spear, Gau’s people came forward to disarm Debe of his spear. Having been so badly wounded, Gau died quickly.

-Richard Lee, The Dobe !Kung, cited in Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth, pg. 104

For me, all of these quotes above remind me of a seemingly insignificant quote that appeared toward the end of the polemic, “Ya se habían tardado,” which reads:

Before this commentary, [Reacción Salvaje – RS] states that, if [Destroy the Prisons] considers himself an expert on communities, we would hope that he would be aware that for hundreds of years the mountain peoples of Mexico have been accustomed to forms of life that are frowned upon by citizens who adhere to sick Western culture. Some of their practices are counted as “brutal” such as, for example, trading a woman for a cow or a few pigs. For natives that’s common, it’s their custom, their modus vivendi and thus normal. But for Western moralists (including anarchists) it is something shameful, they get indignant and cry out to heaven when they hear people speak of these things. And of course, self-proclaimed anarchist feminists are the most scandalized by this. RS however doesn’t see any of this in a bad light. RS respects the development and customs of these communities, because it’s not our business to change them. We emphasize that we are not misogynists, but we really don’t oppose these native attitudes. This is how we think in the end even if the anarchists are enraged that we talk like this.

I cannot speak for all of eco-extremism, only myself, and I will accept other viewpoints of the tendency if correction is needed, but from this, I can state that anarchism, primitivism, leftism etc. are wrong-headed and moralistic precisely because they try to organize / judge / improve on society, whereas human animals cannot possibly do this, not with any competence at least. Many of these societies have barbarous, violent, and “unenlightened” practices but have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Why is it that our own life-span in an exceptionally young (if powerful) society gives us the right to determine how human society should be in EVERY circumstance? I would argue that it doesn’t. Societies that evolved within their environments from time immemorial have proven that they can sustain their way of life over millennia. Our own society (that is, the one we are stuck in, though not willingly) cannot make the same claim, quite the contrary.

Personally, this view is why I cannot take anarchism, Marxism, leftism, liberalism, etc. seriously as means by which to interpret reality. These ideologies obsess over accidental things, namely, social organization, equality among individuals, division of labor, etc. In our animal reality, that is like choosing something to eat based solely on its color, rather than on its taste and how nourishing it is. The main relationship is not that of human beings between themselves, but of human beings to nature, or rather, their natural surroundings and the other entities, sentient or not, that they share them with. All of these flawed and civilized ideologies, even self-proclaimed “primitivism”, are humanist and anthropocentric, while we want only a relationship with Wild Nature and the cultures that it has formed over millennia like drops of water can form stone, unconsciously, organically, and unplanned.

Humans no doubt have a role to play in that, and their actions do shape the landscape and themselves, just as the actions of beavers, ants, birds, etc. shape a forest or a river. But that is completely determined by the incarnation of Wild Nature that they encounter, it takes place over centuries, and it is by no means “planned” or “controlled” by a determining human intellect. It merely happens. Present a “savage” with the idea that selective burning of brush or similar activities make him the master of the landscape, he would more than likely be puzzled by such a claim.

Here I would then state that humans in the past always struck a balance between their own power and mind and that of Wild Nature itself. The point is not that some lived in complete harmony with nature, without hierarchy or war or anything that offends Western bourgeois sensibilities. The point is that the balance of power between the human and Wild Nature was maintained. In some cases, that would entail patriarchy, in some places that would not be the case (Were the Selk’nam of Tierra del Fuego “more domesticated” than other hunter-gatherers because they were ruled by a patriarchy? Considering their culture, that would be an absurdity to state.) Were the Choctaw of what is now the southeastern United States as civilized as the Aztecs or Maya simply because they also grew corn? Were the Yuroks of northern California somehow evil because they had a rigid social hierarchy but no agriculture?

“Domestication” and “civilization” then may not be as clear-cut categories as some other anti-civilization ideologies claim that they are. This is because our knowledge is animal and thus flawed. Here we must look at things not in black and white but on a spectrum, and in this spectrum, we are not judging human societies by how “nice” they were and how well they treated women, gays, the disabled, etc. We don’t care about those things, and those who obsess over them are extremely stupid and let their own civilized prejudices get the better of them. We would rather trust societies that lived for thousands of years in their respective environments and their “values” than the values of humanistic Westerners who hide the violence of modern techno-industrial society behind platitudes of morality and decency.

The most important thing about domestication and civilization, then, is that they arise but they have been in most places quite fragile. That is, they have never been able to dominate completely, they have never exalted individual human societies into complete dominance over nature, and when they have, collapse inevitably occurred. What we have now is a complete monstrosity, a Leviathan that cannot collapse without possibly taking most living things with it, something that seeks complete domination. Before this unnatural being, the only attitude we can have is complete and utter hostility.

These may appear to be completely scholastic reflections, and perhaps they are. At the very least, I write and record them to support the eco-extremist claim that liberal Western values absolutely do not matter, and thus when people try to shove them in our face, we should reject them energetically and insult those who still buy into those fairy tales. Also, it is to indicate that eco-extremist pessimism is all the more warranted: if all we have going for us in terms of “hope” are the incomplete observations of anthropologists and our own flawed intellectual powers, it is clear that we are completely screwed.

We cannot make societies from scratch overnight, and nor should we have to. A possum does not ask itself nor is it qualified to determine what it means to be a possum. It merely is a possum. In other words, it doesn’t seek to be a god, and neither should we. In the past, humans lived in societies that existed for thousands of years that also told them what it was like to be human; societies that were small, sustainable, and more often than not, very stable. That we do not have this and instead think that we can play the part of social engineer is the real foundational problem. That we are tempted to think that a !Kung Bushman is more “wild” or “better” than a Selk’nam hunter, or a Choctaw warrior, or a Yurok “noble” is not an indication of knowledge, but of foolishness.

The primary relationship in eco-extremism is between the human animal and Wild Nature as embodied in his immediate environment, and not with some abstraction known as humanity. It is thus an inhumanist and not humanist tendency. Just as all bears do not have solidarity with bear-kind, but rather depend on all of the surrounding plants, animals, waters, and rocks to survive,  thus all humans should not have solidarity with all humankind, but only with those of similar disposition and with the beings who they have come to love in their surroundings. That should go without saying, and many savages have that attitude.

Also, we realize that civilization is a “transient sickness”, one that emerges at times and goes away, sometimes leaving scars, but never terminal, as the Whole can never be destroyed by the Part. That we are deficient in this regard, that we don’t really know our places, or have been robbed of them, indicates the tragedy of our state, and our rage in the indiscriminate war against those who would destroy and enslave Wildness. Even if the only Wild Nature we have left is ourselves, or perhaps only the pain and anger of having been deprived of it, that is enough to carry on this war against domesticated humanity.


Nanih Waiya

Spring 2016

Editorial Text Regresión Magazine N° 5


What is life? It is the flash of the firefly in the night. It is the breath of the buffalo in winter. It is the shadow that runs on the grass and is lost on the last day.

Crowfoot, before dying, April 1890

Wild Nature calls, that special call is heard only by a few. It calls to defend a place, to resist artificiality, modernity, progress, and the anthropocentric. The call is desperate and agonizing. It creaks slowly.

For the hyper-civilized, it is inaudible and insignificant. But for us, the eco-extremists in particular, it is of vital importance that we heed that call.

I am an eco-extremist, and I recognize the value that this has today in this modern era, in this idiotic society drunk on technology. You’re branded a lunatic here when you put the Natural above the artificial, when you choose to start conversations in person rather than send a message on Facebook, when you choose to take natural medicines rather than drug your body with pharmaceuticals, when you praise the life of hunter-gatherer nomads over the detestable practices of transhumanists, etc.

In industrial society, if you oppose humanist and progressivist morals, you are labeled a reactionary or a bigot. The masses point you out with their disgusting fingers shouting in unison: Terrorist!

I am an eco-extremist, and I recognize the value that this has in the here and now. And I am prepared to be pigeonholed in the worst way possible, all to admit that I am an individualist at war with the technological system and its civilization.

I am an eco-extremist and I am at war. I have made shrapnel bombs that I have sent to researchers who work to alter Wild Nature. The positive and negative wires have found each other, the electricity from the battery heated the bulb inside the galvanized nipple filled with dynamite, it made a spark, it exploded, I wounded them, the shrapnel penetrated their bodies, and the smoke from the exploded dynamite reached their lungs, burning them at the same time. Their spilled blood has served to remind them that they are not gods, even though they like to pretend that they are. I don’t regret that I wounded and scared them or any of the consequences. What happened was just one response from Wild Nature speaking through me.

I have been in hiding in various cities preparing attacks, conspiring with accomplices, and broadening my range of experience with criminal endeavors.

I’ve lit cars on fire indiscriminately, luxury and cheap ones, big ones and small ones, since all of those disgusting machines create the layer of smog that forms over my head. I’ve watched them burn in thick forests. I am familiar with the reactions of their owners, but I don’t care. Nature has given me the ability to get away with it.

I’ve fired guns at big infrastructure projects and against those who work there, covered in the darkness of night with my band of fierce warriors. The force of the weapon in my hand resonated like thunder, the casings leaping from me like frogs; my feet firmly planted in the Earth like a tree trunk as I see my enemies cower and hide, as if fire were falling from the sky, as if they were in the eye of a fierce hurricane. We came out victorious again, Nature protected us.

I have bombed government institutions, public and private universities, companies, etc. An activated homemade bomb weighs in my backpack, blasting powder encased in its receptacle and firmly sealed, butane gas to create the blast, gasoline to make sure things catch fire, napalm to make it last longer, etc. Night and day, I stalk my target. With great calm I place it discretely, and I withdraw. I hear my light steps on the disgusting and suffocating concrete, listening to my breath and my heart beating like a drum in a war dance. Minutes afterward, I hear the explosion. It worked, the damage is done. If a passerby was hurt, it doesn’t matter to me. My target was hit. If some curious bystander was taken out as well I don’t care. What’s done is done.

I reject the scholarship imposed by educational institutions that are complicit with the system. I prefer to study things that interest me and not the things they want to teach me. Many of those things that they aim to teach are useless for the life that I am living now anyway. The classroom is just another cage in the Great Cage known as Civilization. And that’s why I am unwilling to enter that jail on my own volition. The learning that I seek isn’t present in universities. It’s found in the mountains, forests, deserts, and jungle, next to the coyote, the deer, under the sun and the moon, with the roots and the rain, on the paths not taken, on the riverbanks and the lakes, with my associates or alone, accompanied by the spirits of my ancestors.

I reject all paid work that reduces you to a modern slave in the cities and the countryside. Even if acquiring money is necessary for life in the cities that smell of trash and perfume, I try to acquire it by other means, though always illegally.

My nine millimeter pistol comes with me when I need to get some money to acquire the means to carry out my projects. I’ve held up businesses, banks, etc. I am not an honest hard-working man, quite the opposite. I am a criminal and a terrorist, a hustler and an opportunist. I am not ashamed to say it because that’s what I am. I am the opposite of what this system is, fully conscious of what I do, aware that what I carry out it “evil” in the eyes of society. When I do it, though, I enjoy it, it give gives me pleasure, and I don’t have any pangs of conscience because I know what I’m doing. I know the consequences and even so I lie waiting in the shadows, without worries or regrets.

I envision myself, I stalk my target very well, I study the layout and escape routes. I prepare for the worst. Before embarking, I offer a serene but nervous prayer to the Ineffable, asking it to keep my steps and, that in spite of all odds, that I come out victorious. I speak to Nature, saying to her that she knows full well why I do what I do, that my intentions are real and sincere, that those who dared to hurt her now must pay. I end with a verse robbed from a fragment of apocalyptic scripture, uttered with pagan intention:

“And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time to destroy them which destroy the earth.”

I take my pistol, I fill it with ammo, I put the safety on, and I leave toward my prey: a small banking establishment that I’ve scoped out. My accomplices know full well that I am ready to shoot any person who gets in the way and tries to thwart the robbery (police, a civilian trying to play the hero, etc.) I am well aware that they would do the same in trying to stop me.

They take up their planned positions. I go towards the bank with my gun in my pocket, my finger on the trigger and my thumb on the safety, ready for anything. I get into line at the bank acting like I am just any other client. My accomplice watches my back from a few yards back.

While the sheep make their ways to the tellers in an orderly fashion, I observe the Most Wanted poster of bank robbers which says, “If you see them, turn them in.” A mocking grin appears on my face. Time passes slowly and anxiety fills my whole body without being evident to anyone else. No one is suspicious. Finally I’m first in line and my turn comes up. The teller says amicably, “Next.” I take some steps and I’m in front of her. I smile at her cynically and I tell her, “I’d like to make a withdrawl.” I put my elbows on the counter, and in one of my hands is my gun pointed at her chest. With the other hand I motion to her to hand the money over. The teller is in shock and I slowly take turn the safety off the gun and without any more drama she hands over some stacks of bills. The operation is quiet and without any mishaps. I firmly look into the eyes of the teller, warning her not to do anything that she will come to regret.

Outside traffic is flowing normally. People walk in front of the bank or are entering or departing. A woman is at a bus stop with her children she just picked up from school. A man on the sidewalk is arguing on his cellphone. An old woman attends her mobile candy stand on the corner. Everything is business as usual. No one knows that a bank robbery is taking place.

My gang fully alert watches, their pistols and machine guns ready for a shoot-out with the police should they arrive. They see me come out of the bank and behind me is my accomplice watching my back discretely. We leave, and while we sneak through one of our escape routes, we see a truck full of police driving full speed toward the bank. They see us as they speed by but they drive on. We escape into the urban landscape.

This time around the robbery went off without a hitch, without casualties or shots fired. But on other occasions the job hasn’t been so clean. One time I was in a situation where the teller was left in a state of shock when I pointed the gun at him, and he refused to give me the money. At that point I fired without hesitation, and then the buzzing in my ears, the casing hitting the floor and bouncing, the plexiglass unable to contain the shot which lodged the bullet into the man’s chest. My thought at that point was, “Fucking teller, if you are prepared to protect the money of those faggot bankers with your life, then you should have no problem dying for them!” I knew at that this attempt was botched, but it could have been worse Quickly I headed toward the exit, but in a look askance I saw that the manager was on the phone trying to call the police, at which point I aimed and fired again, wounding that bastard as well. I fled the bank almost running, without money, having left two severely wounded men in my wake. That day the blood of the hyper-civilized was an offering to Wild Nature. The piercing alarm had sounded after the first shot. I ran to blend into the crowds. In the distance I heard sirens. They were looking for me. My mouth was dry, my arm was hot, my hand smelled like gunpowder. My gait was nervous, but I grinned since I was able to shoot those two idiots who risked their lives to defend their shitty jobs. I claim proudly the role of extremist individualist, without regrets always learning from my mistakes. There will be another chance to commit robbery soon, there’s no hurry.

All of the above isn’t boasting. These things really happened and to tell the truth, they’re only one important aspect of the attitude of an eco-extremist such as myself. You have to have the mentality of a warrior when you make a bomb, select your target, and detonate it; when you wound people, when you rob a place or when you kill someone. The other part of eco-extremism has to do with one’s personal or collective development in Nature, what you learn from her, the knowledge that you gain working in natural settings. All of these special situations nurture one’s paganism and a bond to the Natural and Ineffable.

I am an eco-extremist, and I realize the value that this has in the here and now. I love Wild Nature, I respect and cherish it. From her I have learned many things.

I remember the great hills that I loved to visit when I was a child. There were many types of trees, there were moles, rabbits, many insects, many types of birds, etc. My father took me to play there because it was the only natural place left in the town consumed by urban sprawl. We ran freely to reach the river which we observed for hours. The wind on our face, the smiles, the grass pricking our feet… The calm washed over our being, and we really savored it.

Years pass and the large construction corporations came and paved over that place to make a many-laned highway. Thus they flattened the Earth, they covered over the holes of the moles and rabbits who suffocated to death. Some tried to flee but died in the process. The bird’ nests were knocked down when the trees they were in were pulled out of the Earth by their roots. The beautiful river was turned into a large canal full of sewage in which flowed garbage and toxic waste. They buried the Earth under concrete, they made my beautiful and beloved place into a dump. One more project to protect the interests of accursed civilization, so that we can all be better connected. All for fucking human progress!

Coming to that place which I had loved so much from my youth, seeing it turned into a sad highway, broke my heart, and I wept from the pain of seeing such devastation. My hands trembled, I sweated, but then I got angry and decided to get revenge for what they had destroyed. Over the coming weeks, many of the machines were damaged by the fires that I lit. I tried to get them to stop harming that place, but I couldn’t stop anything. I was young, and I still maintained the hope that one day “the revolution” would triumph against this dirty system. But soon I realized that I was being an idealist. I then renounced the dream of revolution, and I decided to not have any hope, nor keep any faith in a future “collapse”. I would confront the decadent and pessimistic present in which I presently live, accepting that you can’t stop progress, at least not here.

This is one of the many reasons why I hate civilization, its progress and the technological system. It’s the reason why I want to see everything burn. It is one of the reasons why I am on the side of Nature; not simply because civilization does that to the environment but also because it seeks to modify it according to its will; not only because it exterminates species, but also domesticates them; not only because it wants complete control, but also because it wants to bury our instincts like the moles’ burrows. It wants me to forget that I come from Nature. It wants me to be another man drunk on new technological innovations just like everyone else. I will not let that happen.

An eco-extremist needs to maintain the warrior part of himself, but also he needs to keep equally the symbiotic bond with Nature, respecting and venerating it.

I have walked barefoot on unknown roads following the river to the place where it’s born, learning that many times the road is difficult but when you get you get to the end the payoff is enormous. I have heard the howl of coyotes that surrounded me in the mountains at night. At the same time I looked up from next to my fire and saw the starry sky, eagerly seeking this vision from Nature. I have lost myself in the mountains, and through serendipity found great boulders that looked like human faces. I had an intimate spiritual encounter with them. I have slept in caves that seemed like they would come down on me, with a white owl watching over my sleep and the aroma of wild plants bestowing great calm on me. I have eaten salvia and watercress shoots, mesquite and wild tomatoes. I have cured a wound with Sangre de Grado and aloe. I’ve made shelters from palms and pine branches. I have started a friction fire using a base of sotol and a gordolobo drill. I have eaten snake meat and tanned rodent hides. I have felt like I was being watched by something in the forests at night, but I had no fear. I have felt like I was part of something larger. I have tried to enter narrow caves where I could not even see my hand in from of my face. I was startled by the bats who looked like they were flying right at me. At the end of the cave, I found many vulture feathers, which I considered Nature’s gift to me for having dared to enter that cave. I have felt the rain coming down on my back on the hills, I have run and felt like I was flying with the birds. I have dipped my feet in springs, with fish swimming between my feet. I have seen in the distance a deer on a hill looking at me intently, but projecting safety and tranquility. I have looked at civilization from the mountains, preferring to go deeper into them rather than step once again on the concrete. I have felt relief from having finished building a shelter, and resting my tired feet in the evening calm. I have been surrounded by fireflies without doubting for a second that I too am an animal on this Earth. I have walked on the paths where my Teochichimeca ancestors trod. There I have found obsidian arrowheads, one that perhaps entered the body of an invader, wounding or possibly killing him. But without a doubt, it was shot by my ancestors, and by mere coincidence it has come down to me. This made me feel “chosen” to honor their memory and continue that warrior instinct. This is what I have done.

These and more are my personal experiences which have made me an eco-extremist. Every individualist who wants to claim that identity for himself will have his own experiences and reasons, but these are mine.

This editorial is more personal than anything. Intelligent readers will understand it, but those who don’t will not.

If YOU, the reader of Regresión Magazine, feel that call, no matter what you consider yourself, an eco-extremist or something else, follow it…

“The hills are more beautiful than stone buildings. To live in a city is to live an artificial existence. Many peoples don’t feel the Earth under their feet. They only see plants growing in pots, they never got out far enough to see, beyond the city lights, the enchantment of the starry sky. When people live so far from the creations of the Great Spirit, they forget so easily his laws.”

Tatanga Mani

For the affinity to criminal activities that satisfy individualist instincts!

Let us listen to the call of the Wild and remember where we came from!

Fire, bullets, and bombs for the technological system and against civilization!

We too are Wild Nature, each one of us, let us defend ourselves from the Artificial!

¡Axkan kema, tehuatl nehuatl! (Until your death or mine!)


April 2016

Ishi and the War Against Civilization

The emergence of eco-extremism and the tactics that it uses have caused much controversy in radical circles internationally. The criticisms that the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS in Spanish) and other aligned groups have received range from accusations of ultraradicalism to insanity. One major aspect of this polemic centers around the idea of indiscriminate attack. Inflamed rhetoric on the part of eco-extremists may exacerbate hostility towards these tactics among the already skeptical. From how some talk, however, it would seem that ITS or other eco-extremists are engaged in the bombing of pre-schools and nursing homes, that is, random targets, rather than targets of specific importance to the techno-industrial system (laboratories, government ministries, etc.) It must be admitted right off the bat that many who engage in polemics against eco-extremism have an a priori negative bias against any argument no matter how well crafted, as they themselves admit that the maintenance of civilization and domestication is in their own self-interest. There is no point in arguing with them. On the other hand, eco-extremism still has much to say, so those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

The more sympathetic would ask why ITS and its allies feel that they must “double down” on the idea of indiscriminate attack. Why harm the people you are trying to help? In other words, civilization and the destruction that it unleashes upon the world are the fault of a small section of modern society, and we must focus on convincing the vast majority that is not at fault in order to have the balance of forces needed to overcome the evils that presently beset us. Aside from that, it’s just bad form. It’s understandable that “bad things” happen even in well-planned actions. The least that those who carry them out can do is say that they’re sorry. That’s just good manners. It’s better, as some Chilean anarchists did recently, to explode noise bombs at four in the morning when no one is around in order to express “solidarity” with whoever international anarchism has been asked to pray for… I mean, express solidarity with this week. But if you have to do something, the least that you can do is minimize harm and express regret if something goes amiss (but mostly you should do nothing…)

Of course eco-extremism rejects these objections as childish and hypocritical. Are these people expressing their moral superiority while playing with fire crackers in the middle of the night and then dedicating it to someone halfway around the world for no apparent reason? Do they want a cookie or a sticker for being such well-behaved children? Eco-extremism will readily admit that devout anarchism is more pious and holier than it is. It doesn’t want its help anyway. If left-leaning anarchists want to win the popularity contest in the insane asylum of civilization, by all means eco-extremism forfeits. Congratulations in advance.

There have been lectures to eco-extremists that this is not how a war against civilization is waged. Very well, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at an actual war against civilization. The editors of Revista Regresión have already written an extensive series of articles on the Mixton Rebellion and the Chichimeca War that swept much of Mexico in the 16th century, and we heartily recommend their work here. In this essay, we are going to augment their arguments by having recourse to a well-loved example of a “cuddly” and tragic Indian, Ishi, the last of the Yahi tribe in the state of California in the United States. In this exercise, we don’t pretend to know everything about those members of a Stone Age tribe that was hunted to extinction by the whites. Insofar as any historical analogy is flawed ipso facto, here we will at least try to take the lessons from how the Yahi fought, their attitudes toward civilization down to the last man, and how the shape of their culture problematizes anarchist and leftist values held over from the Enlightenment. This essay hopes to show that the Yahi’s war against civilization was also indiscriminate, devoid of Western values of solidarity and humanism, and was a duel to the death with domesticated European life. In other words, it is a model for how many eco-extremists see their own war carried out from their individuality. Ishi, far from being a model “noble savage”, was the last man standing in a war against the whites waged with the utmost amount of brutality and “criminality” that the now extinct Yahi could muster.

The Yahi

On August 29th, 1911, a naked and starving brown man of around fifty years of age was found outside of a slaughterhouse near Oroville, California. The man was soon taken into custody and locked in the town jail. At first, no one could communicate with him in any known language. Soon, anthropologists arrived from San Francisco and found that the man was Yahi, the southernmost band of the Yana tribe, known locally as “Digger Indians” or “Mill Creek / Deer Creek Indians”. It had long been suspected that a small group of “wild Indians” still lived up in the inhospitable hill country of northern California. The anthropologists made arrangements to take the last “wild Indian” with them to San Francisco to live with them in their museum and teach them about his culture. Having found an (imperfect) Yana translator, they could not get a name from the Indian other than “Ishi”, the Yana word for man. And that is the name he was known by from the time of his capture until his death four and a half years later.

The Yahi were the southernmost branch of the larger tribe called the Yana found in northern California north of the town of Chico and the Sacramento River. Before the Europeans came, there were perhaps no more than 3,000 Yana on their traditional lands bordered by the Maidu to the south, the Wintu to the west, and the Shastan tribe to the north. They spoke a Hokan language the roots of which they shared with tribes throughout North America. As a tribe, the Yana in particular were much smaller than their neighbors, but still had a reputation for savagery towards their neighbors. There is also speculation that the Yana may have lived in the more productive lowlands first before being driven into the less hospitable hill country by their much larger and wealthier neighbors to the south in particular. As Theodora Kroeber comments in her book, Ishi in Two Worlds:

“The Yana were fewer in numbers and poorer in material comforts than were their valley neighbors, whom they regarded as soft, lax, and indifferent fighters. Like hill tribes in other parts of the world the Yana, too, were proud, courageous, resourceful, and swift, and were feared by the Maidu and Wintu peoples who lived in the lowlands.” (25)

M. Steven Shackley, in his essay, “The Stone Tool Technology of Ishi and the Yana,” elaborates concerning the Yahi relationship with their immediate neighbors:

“Because of having to live in such a marginal environment, the Yahi were never on good terms with any surrounding groups for any length of time. Regional archeological evidence suggests that speakers of Hokan languages, probably what could be called proto-Yana, lived in a much larger territory that included the upper Sacramento River Valley as well as the southern Cascade foothills until the ‘Penutian intrusion’ at some point 1000 years ago. These groups speaking Penutian languages were the ancestors of the Maidu and Wintu / Nomlaki who lived in the river valley at the time of Spanish and Anglo contact. Considerable violence is suggested at this time in the archeological record and the proto-Yana evidently did not move into a smaller, more marginal habitat willingly. Violence at the hands of outsiders was not new with the coming of the Anglos after 1850; the Yahi had maintained long-term enmity relationships with the groups speaking Penutian languages who had forcibly removed them from bottom land and surrounded them for some time.” (Kroeber and Kroeber, 190)

In general, however, the Yana lived as did most tribes, clinging to the cycle of the seasons and with little societal stratification. The one major difference among the Yana is that they had sex-duality in language, that is, a different form of the Yana language was used by each sex. As Theodora Kroeber explains,

“Infants of both sexes were cared for by the mother with an older sister or grandmother helping. Their first speech was that of the woman’s dialect, always spoken by women, and by men and boys in the presence of girls and women. As a boy grew older and was independent of nursing care, he was taken by his father or older brother or uncle wherever they were going, for longer and longer times each day. By the age of nine or ten, well before puberty, he was spending most of his waking hours in male company and was already sleeping in the men’s house. Thus, he learned his second language, the men’s dialect.” (29-30)

Kroeber explains that female speech was often a “clipped” speech, with male words having more syllables. Though women only used one dialect of the language, they knew the male variant as well. Theodora Kroeber speculates that far from being a linguistic curiosity, the strict division of speech may have made Yana culture far more intransigent to interference from the outside world. She writes, “There remains a psychological aspect of this language peculiarity which is not subject to proof, but which should not be dismissed. The surviving Yahi seem never to have lost their morale in their long and hopeless struggle to survive. Could the language have played a role in this continuing tension of moral strength? It had equipped its speakers with the habit of politeness, formality, and exact usage freighted with strong feeling for the importance of speaking and behaving in such and such a way and no other, a way which did not permit slovenliness either of speech or of behavior.” (ibid, 31)

Theodora Kroeber examines this aspect of Yana life later in her book when describing Ishi’s relationship with his first half-breed Yana interpreter, Sam Batwi:

“Ishi was a conservative whose forebearers had been men and women of rectitude; whose father and grandfather and uncles had carried with dignity and restraint the responsibilities of being principal men of their villages. Ishi’s own manners were good; Batwi’s smacked of the crudity of the frontier town, which was what he knew best and which, by the custom of the time, he knew from its least enlightened citizens… It may well be that upon first meeting, Ishi and Batwi recognized that they were from different strata of Yana society, Batwi’s the less well regarded..:” (153)

Most of Yahi culture was very similar to the indigenous cultures of California in general. The efforts of the men were centered on hunting game and fishing in the streams, particularly for salmon as seasonally available. The efforts of the women focused on gathering, storing, and preparation of acorns and other plants as a part of their staple diet. Anthropologist Orin Starn, in his book, Ishi’s Brain: In Search of America’s Last “Wild” Indian, states the following concerning the Yahi’s conservatism in particular (71):

“Yet the Yahi were also an ingrown community set in their ways. They may have intermarried with neighboring tribes (and sometimes kidnapped women in the mid-nineteenth century), but outsiders were absorbed into the Yahi way. Elsewhere in Native America before Columbus, there was volatility and change – disease, war, migration, cultural invention, and adaptation. In the Southwest, for example, the legendary Anasazi cliff dwellers suddenly vanished in the twelfth century, for reasons still debated. Over time, however, the Yahi showed more continuity and stability than these other groups. Relatively little modification occurred in fashioning spear points, laying out a camp, pounding acorns, or other routines of Yahi existence. By all appearances, Ishi’s ancestors followed more or less the same way of life of many centuries.”

As they were far north, snow and lack of food were often factors in the lean times of winter. Nevertheless, the Yana knew how to thrive on the land which they were given, as Kroeber summarizes in her picture of Yana life and its relationship with the seasons:

“Winter was also the time for retelling the old history of the beginning of the world and how the animals and men were made, the time to hear over again the adventures of Coyote and Fox and Pine Marten, and the tale of Bear and Deer. So, sitting or lying close to the fire in the earth-covered house, and wrapped in warm rabbitskin blankets, with the rain falling outside and the show moon bringing a light fall down Waganupa as far even as Deer Creek, the Yana cycle of changing seasons completed another full turn. As the food baskets emptied, one by one, and game remained hidden and scarce, the Yana dreams turned to a time, not far off, when the earth would be covered with new clover. They felt an urge to be up and about in an awakening world, while far away in the great ocean which they had never seen, the shining salmon were racing toward the mouth of the Sacramento River, their goal the Yana’s own home streams.” (39)

Starn also cites a chant sung by Ishi to the anthropologists summarizing Yahi fatalism. (42):

Rattlesnake will bite.

Grizzly bear will bite

and they will kill people.

Let it be this way.

Man will get hurt falling off rock.

Man will fall down when gathering pine nuts.

He’ll swim in the water, drift away, die.

They’ll fall down a precipice.

They’ll be struck by arrow points.

They’ll be lost.

He’ll have wood splinters get in his eye.

They’ll be poisoned by bad men,

They’ll be blind.

The Yahi at War

As could be expected, the invasion by Europeans could make even once peaceful tribes openly hostile to outright savage. As Sherburne F. Cook stated in his book, The Conflict Between the California Indian and White Civilization:

“The general effect of these events was to bring about a shift in the entire social horizon of the natives, particularly that of the Yokuts, Miwok, and Wappo. The disruptive forces, previously discussed with reference to their influence on population decline, had also the effect of generating an entirely new kind of civilization. To put it in essence: a peaceful, sedentary, highly localized group underwent conversion into a semiwarlike, seminomadic group. Obviously this process was by no means complete by 1848, nor did it affect all component parts of native masses equally. But its beginnings had become very apparent.” (228)

Nevertheless, not all Indians reacted energetically to the white Anglo invasion. The Maidu, the valley neighbors of the Yahi immediately to the south, seemed to have not put up much of a fight to the onslaught of whites coming onto their land, as one Maidu writer, Marie Potts, indicated:

“As more white men came, they drained the land. Ranches developed so fast that we, having had this country of mountains and meadows to ourselves, were left to become either laborers or homeless wanderers. Being peaceable and intelligent people, we adapted the best we could. Sixty years later, when we awoke to our situation and presented our case to the United States Land Commission, our claim was settled for seventy-five cents an acre.

There were no uprisings in Maidu country. The white settlers who came to our area were glad to have Indian labor, and the records show some fair dealing.” (Potts, 10)

As indicated above, the Yahi were hostile even to the Indian tribes around them, and brutally so. As Ms. Potts states concerning the Yahi’s relations with the Maidu:

“The Mill Creeks (Yahi) were what we called ‘mean’ people. They had killed a lot of our people, even little babies. They watched, and when our men were away hunting or working they attacked the helpless women and children and old people. One man returned once from hunting to find his wife dead and their baby lying on the ground, eaten by ants.

After the Mill Creeks had killed a number of whites, they found out that the whites were gathering volunteers for a raid to punish them. Therefore, they set up an alarm system to warn themselves, living as they were in the canyons of their rough, unproductive country.” (ibid, 41)

When the white settlers arrived in connection with the finding of gold in California in the late 1840’s and early 1850’s, they brought with them the modus operandi of “the only good Indian is a dead Indian”. There was no love lost between them and the Yahi, and the Yahi were persuaded to hone their austere and intransigent ways in a guerilla war of terror against the whites. Stephen Powers, writing in 1884, describes the Yahi in the following passage:

“If the Nozi are a peculiar people, these [the Yahi] are extraordinary; if the Nozi appear foreign to California, these are doubly foreign. They seem likely to present a spectacle which is without a parallel in human history – that of a barbaric race resisting civilization with arms in their hands, to the last man, and the last squaw, and the last pappoose… [They] inflicted cruel and awful tortures on their captives, like the Algonkin races. Whatever abominations the indigenous races may have perpetrated on the dead, torture of the living was essentially foreign to California.” (Heizer and Kroeber, 74)

The California anthropologist Alfred Kroeber further speculated concerning the warlike tendencies of the Yahi:

“Their warlike reputation may be due partly to the resistance offered to the whites by one or two of their bands. But whether the cause of this was actually a superior energy and courage or an unusual exasperation aided by a rough, still thinly populated, and easily defensible habitat is more doubtful. That they were feared by their neighbors, such as the Maidu, argues them a hungering body of mountaineers rather than a superior stock. The hill dweller has less to lose by fighting than the wealthy lowlander. He is also less exposed, and in time of need has better and more numerous refuges available. All through California, the plains peoples were the more peaceably inclined, although the stronger in numbers: the difference is one of situation reflected in culture, not in inborn quality.” (ibid, 161)

Jeremiah Curtin, a linguist studying California Indian tribes in the late 19th century, describes the “renegade” nature of Ishi’s tribe:

“Certain Indians lived, or rather lurked, around Mill Creek, in wild places somewhat east of the Tehama and north of Chico. These Mill Creek Indians were fugitives; outlaws from other tribes, among others from the Yanas. To injure the latter, they went to the Yana country about the middle of August, 1864, and killed two white women, Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Jones. Four children were also left for dead by them, but the children recovered. After the murders the Mills Creeks returned home unnoticed, carrying various plundered articles with them.” (ibid, 72)

One chronicler detailed a Yahi atrocity in the following passage:

“The killing of the Hickok children was in June, 1862. The Hickok children, two girls and a boy were gathering blackberries on Rock Creek about three-quarters of a mile from their home when they were surrounded by a number of Indians. They first shot the oldest girl, she was seventeen years old. When found she was entirely nude. They then shot the younger girl, but she ran to Rock Creek and fell with her face in the water. They did not take her clothing as she was in full dress when found. Just then Tom Allen came upon the scene. He was hauling lumber for a man by the name of Keefer. They immediately attacked Allen. He was found scalped with his throat cut. Seventeen arrows had been shot in him and seven had gone partly through so that they had to be pulled out the opposite side.”(ibid, 60)

Mrs. A. Thankful Carson, once a captive of the Mill Creeks or Yahi Indians, also described other instances of Yahi brutality:

“A boy about twelve years old was killed in a most barbarous way: they cut off his fingers, cut out his tongue, and were supposed to have buried him alive, but when he was found he was dead. On another occasion a man by the name of Hayes was out herding sheep. Some time during the day he went to his cabin and found it surrounded by fifteen Indians. They saw him coming: he turned and ran, but the Indians followed shooting arrows at him as he went from tree to tree. Finally they shot him with a gun through the arm. He managed to escape capture by a narrow margin.” (ibid, 26)

Another local chronicler, H.H. Sauber, described  the reasoning behind hunting the Yahi to extermination:

“Once they murdered three school children within ten miles of Oroville, and more than forty miles from Mill creek. Soon after, they killed a teamster and two cowboys in one afternoon, and were clear away and scudding through the hills loaded down with stolen beef, before anyone guessed that they had been out. Other victims, too numerous to mention, had fallen by their ruthless hands. In short they never robbed without murdering, even when the crime could aid them in no earthly way, in fact could only more inflame the whites against them.” (ibid, 20)

Alfred Kroeber echoed this sentiment in a 1911 essay on the Yahi, where he stated,

“The Southern Yana, or Mill Creeks, met with a much more romantic fate than their kinsmen. When the American came on the scene, took up their lands for farming or cattle raising, and at the point of the rifle drove them off if they interfered, as happened before ten years had elapsed after the first gold rush, the Mill Creeks, like so many of their brethren, resisted. They did not, however, after the first disastrous conflict taught them the overwhelming superiority of the white man’s firearms and his organization, tamely desist and accept the inevitable. Instead, they only hardened their undying spirit of tenacity and love of independence and began a series of vigorous reprisals. For nearly ten years they maintained unflagging warfare, destructive mainly to themselves, but nevertheless unparalleled in stubbornness, with the settlers of Tehama and Butte counties. Hardly recovered from one blow, the survivors would raid in another direction, and in such cases they spared neither age nor sex. Atrocities committed on white women and children roused the settlers’ resentment to the highest pitch, and every Indian outrage was more than requited, but still the diminishing band kept up the unequal struggle.” (ibid, 82)

Theodora Kroeber tries to temper these accounts with her own reflections on Yahi brutality and “criminality”:

“The Indians meanwhile took horses, mules, oxen, cows, and sheep when and where they could, wasting no part of these animals which were food and clothing to them. They made blankets and capes of the pelts, tanned the hides, and made ‘charqui’ or ‘jerky’ of such of the meat as was not eaten fresh. In other words, they treated the introduced animals as they did deer, bear, elk, or rabbit. They seem not to have realized that the animals were domesticated, the dog being the only domesticated animal they knew. They stole and killed to live, not to accumulate herds or wealth, nor did the Indians really understand that what they took was the private property of a single person. Many years later when Ishi was past middle age, he blushed in painful embarrassment whenever he recalled that by white standards he and his brother Yahi had been guilty of stealing.” (61)

Theodora Kroeber in her work does not seem to address the Yahi’s brutal style of warfare in depth, emphasizing the exigencies that they confronted during the massive white invasion into their lands.


In spite of having “home field advantage” and an exceptionally energetic approach to attack on their enemies, the Yahi were gradually hunted down and destroyed until there were only a handful left. In 1867 or 1868, a massacre at Kingsley Cave killed 33 Yahi men, women, and children, which was the last major blow by the whites to the last wild Yana. As Theodora Kroeber states,

“Ishi was a little child of three or four years old at the time of the Three Knolls massacre, old enough to remember terror-fraught experiences. He was eight or nine when the Kingsley Cave massacre took place, old enough, possibly, to have taken some part in the cleaning up of the cave and in the ritual disposition of its victims. He entered the concealment in which he would grow up at not more than ten years of age.”  (ibid, 91)

With the open military defeat of the Yahi, the savage began a time of concealment, which A.L. Kroeber would classify as, “the smallest free nation in the world, which by an unexampled fortitude and stubbornness of character succeeded in holding out against the tide of civilization twenty five years longer even than Geronimo’s famous band of Apaches, and for almost thirty five years after the Sioux and their allies defeated Custer.” (Heizer and Kroeber, 87)

The remaining Yahi hid, hunted, gathered, and stole all that they could under their difficult circumstances. They lit their fires in ways that could not be seen from far distances, they had their settlements not distant from where whites would normally travel and frequent. Soon their presence became a rumor and then a mere legend. That is, until a few years before Ishi walked to civilization, their camp was found near Deer Creek in 1908. Ishi and some remaining Indians escaped, but within three years, Ishi was all alone, which made up his mind for him to walk to the enemy where he was sure that he would certainly be killed, as had the rest of his people.

By 1911, however, through the victors’ problematic benevolence, Ishi went from a sworn enemy to a minor celebrity, moving to San Francisco and having a constant stream of visitors coming to the museum where he stayed. People were fascinated by this man who was the last true Stone Age person in North America, someone who could knap and carve his own tools and weapons from stones and sticks. Ishi made “peace” with civilization, and even made friends. He developed his own preferences for foods and other goods, and meticulously kept his property as he had when he lived nearly forty years in hiding. Nevertheless, within less than five years of arriving in civilization, Ishi the last Yahi succumbed to perhaps one of the most civilized diseases of all: tuberculosis.

Nevertheless, there were some rather interesting details that are rather indicative of Ishi’s attitude towards life in civilization. Ishi refused to live on a reservation, and chose to live among the whites, in the city, far from the corrupt Indians who had long ago given into the vices of civilization. As T.T. Waterman stated in one indirect reference to Ishi in a journal article that he wrote,

“It has always been supposed that remnants of several tribes made up these Mill Creek renegades. From what we have recently learned, it seems unlikely that there was more than one tribe involved. In the first place, the only member of this hostile group who has ever been questioned [i.e. Ishi], expresses the liveliest dislike for all other tribes. He seems, and always has seemed, more ready to make friends with the whites themselves, than with the neighboring groups of Indians. In the second place, all the other Indian tribes of the region profess the liveliest horror for the Yahi. This awe extends to even to the country to-day which the Yahi frequented. Even the Yahi and the Nozi, though they spoke dialects of one language (the so-called Yana) express the most unrelenting hostility to each other. In other words, the Indians who lurked about in the Mill Creek hills for several decades after the settlement of the valley, were probably the remnant of a comparatively pure group, since there was little likelihood of intermixture.” (Heizer and Kroeber, 125)

[It should be noted here that Orin Starn rejects the idea of the ethnic purity of the Yahi in the historic period, but gives no real reasoning behind it (106). This theme will be discussed below.]

In his voluntary captivity in civilization, Ishi was noted for his sobriety and equanimity toward those around him, devoted to the duties assigned to him at the museum at which he lived, and also to showing the manufacture of artifacts he used for survival. Theodora Kroeber describes Ishi’s general attitude toward his civilized surroundings,

“Ishi was not given to volunteering criticism of the white man’s ways. But he was observant and analytic, and, when pressed, would pass a judgment somewhat as follows. He approved of the ‘conveniences’ and variety of the white man’s world – neither Ishi nor any people who have lived a life of hardship and deprivation underrate an amelioration of those severities, or scope for some comforts and even some luxuries. He considered the white man to be fortunate, inventive, and very, very clever; but childlike and lacking in a desirable reserve, and in a true understanding of Nature – her mystic face; her terrible and her benign power.

Asked how he would, today, characterize Ishi, [Alfred] Kroeber says, ‘He was the most patient man I ever knew. I mean he has mastered the philosophy of patience, without trace either of self-pity or of bitterness to dull the purity of his cheerful enduringness.’ His friends all testify to cheerfulness as a trait basic to Ishi’s temperament – a cheerfulness which passed, given half a chance, into a gentle hilarity. His was the way of contentment, the Middle Way, to be pursued quietly, working a little, playing a little, and surrounded by friends.” (239)

For the eco-extremist or anti-civilization perspective, Ishi’s latter years appear problematic, even contrary to the desired narrative. Even Theodora Kroeber uses Ishi’s seeming magnanimity as graciously accepting defeat and accepting the ways of the white man to be a supporting of the ideas of humanism and progress (140). However, this is a mere matter of interpretation. One cannot judge a person who lived forty years in hiding, seeing all of his loved ones die either violently, of age, or of illness, and pass judgment especially when he was at the point of starvation and death. Through it all, Ishi clung to the dignity and sobriety that is, ironically enough, the essence of Wildness as Ishi saw it. Most of all, however, Ishi bore witness to that Wildness, he communicated it, and shunned those who had turned their back on it and embraced the worst vices of their conquerors. As the editors of Revista Regresión stated in their own reply concerning the Chichimecas who “surrendered” to the whites in the 16th century in the article, “On Ritual Magazine”, “San Luiz de la Paz in the state of Guanajuato is the last registered Chichimeca settlement, specifically in the Chichimeca Missionary Zone. Here can be found the last Chichimeca descendants, the Chichimeca Jocanes, who preserved from generation to generation the memory of the conflict that threatened the Viceroyalty during those years. A member of RS was able to engage in conversations with some of the people of this town. We will keep these sources anonymous so as not to have them associated with our ecoextremist group. Those involved in these conversations confirm the fierceness of the ChichimecaGuachiles and proudly emphasize their warlike past. They mentioned that, with the defeat of the last hunter-gatherer nomadic savage tribes, the surviving Chichimeca bands decided to concede and show the Spanish that they now followed the foreign religion; that they adhered to the new commandments and would adapt themselves to sedentary life. They only did this in order to preserve their language, their traditions, and beliefs. The elders as well as the shamans (madai coho), who came down from the mountains after many years of war with peaceful intentions, nevertheless decided to live apart so that their stories and customs would not be erased from memory. Thus they would be preserved as a legacy for coming generations.”

If it were not for Ishi’s walking into civilization instead of choosing to die in the wilderness, we would not know his story, or the story of the last free band of wild Indians in North America. Thus, even in defeat, Ishi’s “surrender” is truly a victory for Wild Nature, one that can inspire those who come after him to partake in similar struggles according to our own individuality and abilities.

It should be noted by way of a postscript that many “revisionist” historians see Ishi’s history as much more complicated than the initial story told by the anthropologists who found him. Some scholars think that because of his appearance and how he knapped his stone tools, Ishi may have been racially Maidu or half-blooded Maidu – Yahi. This would not be surprising as the Yahi often raided surrounding tribes for their women (Kroeber and Kroeber, 192). Linguists have found that Yahi had many Spanish loanwords, postulating that some in Ishi’s band had left the hills in the not-too-distant past and worked for Spanish ranchers in the valley, only to return to the hills once the hostile Anglos came. Though self-preening scholars think they are finding nuance in the Yahi story, in reality many of their insights were in the original reports, even if not emphasized.

Further, Starn himself, otherwise quite the revisionist, admits the possibility that Ishi and his band remained hiding in the hills due to a notable conservatism in their way of life and worldview:

“That Ishi was here so detailed and enthusiastic [in re-telling Yana tales], Luthin and Hinton insist, evinced his ‘clear reverence and love’ for traditional Yahi ways, however difficult life was for the last survivors in the confines of the inaccessible parts of the foothills. Besides their fear of being hanged or shot, the decision made by Ishi and his little band not to surrender may also have measured attachment to their own way of life – a steaming bowl of acorn stew on a chilly morning, the gorgeous starry nights, and the reassuring rhythm of the seasons.” (116)

Lessons from the Yahi War

I have meandered from the original point of this essay but I have done so purposefully. The intention has been to let Ishiand the Yahi, the last wild tribe in North America, speak for themselves, instead of engaging in simple polemics where sloppy sloganeering replaces real in-depth attention to a subject. What is clear is that the Yahidid not wage war as Christians or liberal humanists. They slaughtered men, women, and children. They stole, they attacked in secret, and they fled into the shadows after their attacks. They were not well-liked even by their fellow Indians, those who should have been just as hostile to civilization as they were. And the prospect of certain defeat did not stop them from escalating their attacks until there were few of them left. Once that point was reached, they literally held out to the last man. In that, eco-extremism shares or at least aspires to many of these same qualities.

The Yahiwere a perfect example of what the eco-extremist seeks as outlined in the editorial of Regresión4:

“Austerity: This decadent society makes us want stuff that we don’t need, though some refuse to see this and are enslaved by the endless pursuit of more trinkets. The majority of people are trying to keep up with the Joneses, they dream of making it big, of having the latest gadgets and comforts, etc. For us, all of that is an abomination. Simplicity: making do with what you have and rejecting civilized vices regarding coveting unnecessary things. These are well-known traits of the ecoextremist individualist.”

The Yahi, like many of the Chichimeca tribes of what is now Mexico, lived in “inhospitable” hill country at odds with their more affluent and numerous neighbors in the lowlands; this was the case even prior to the arrival of the Europeans. These neighbors, notably the Maidu, did not fight back against civilization because their relatively affluent life made them more conducive to accepting the civilized way of life. Unlike the Mesoamerican kingdoms, the Maidu did not know agriculture, but they were nonetheless already “domesticated” on one level.

It was the harsh and Spartan culture of the Yahithat strengthened their opposition to the Europeans, even when the latter showed superior power, even when it was clear that it was a war of extermination that they would likely lose. They redoubled their efforts and fought their own war of extermination to the best of their ability, sparing neither women nor children. Through cunning, guile, and a superior knowledge of the landscape, they waged a campaign of terror on the whites, a campaign that confounded all who studied the indigenous tribes of the region. Even other Indians feared them (just as other people who say they oppose civilization excommunicate the eco-extremists) as they did not divide the world into neat dichotomies of Indians vs. whites. To them, those who were not with them were their enemies and were treated as such.

The Yahi’swar was thus indiscriminate and “suicidal”, just as the eco-extremist struggle aims to be. “Indiscriminate” in the sense that it is not driven by humanistic or Christian considerations. It didn’t take into consideration who may have been “innocent” or “guilty”: it attacked all non-Yahi, all who had surrendered to the genocidal ways of the white man. The Yahiweren’t aiming to make friends with other tribes: even when Ishienters civilization, he refuses to associate with the Indians of his region who surrendered so easily to white civilization. To preserve his dignity, he preferedto stay with his conqueror rather than with the conquered. The Yahiwar was “suicidal” in that it took no consideration of the future: it aimed to live free in the here and now, and to attack those who were attacking them, without weighing the cost. That is because their way of life was forged on the margins on hostile lands,

and much of their dignity centered on attack on those who they considered soft and inauthentic. There was no future for the Yahiin civilization because there was no room for compromise with civilization.

Here I will speculate (purely based on my own opinion) as to why someone would adopt eco-extremist views in our context. Of course, there is much anger, perhaps even rage, involved. I imagine that there would need to be to carry out these actions. However, what does the eco-extremist love? Modern humans are so alienated from Wild Nature, so callous to a way of life where they don’t depend on civilization for their every need, that they lament someone being wounded by an exploding envelope, yet shrug off, or even endorse, the destruction of a forest or a lake or a river for the benefit of civilized mankind. They’re so numb to their own nature that they think that Nature itself is a product of their own ingenuity, that trees only fall in the forest so that they can hear them, and that the sine qua non of life on Earth is the continued existence of eight billion hungrier and ever greedier people. If anyone is blinded by hate, it is the humanist, the leftist, and the apologist for “law and order” who makes their own existence the non-negotiable condition for the continuity of life on Earth. If given the choice between the destruction of the planet and their own beloved abstraction called, “humanity”, they would rather destroy the world than see humanity fail.

What is even sorrier is that most civilized humans won’t even be thankful for the noble sentiments of the anarchist and the leftist. To them they will just be snot-nosed bomb throwing punks who should chill out, go to the football game, and stop bothering others with their politics or solidarity. The leftist / anarchist has Stockholm syndrome for masses who will never listen to them, let alone allow them to win them over. They want to be seen in a good light by society, even though society will never pay them any heed, let alone like them. They refuse to see society as the enemy, and that’s why they’ll perish along with it, not knowing why the dream of the Enlightenment failed, why all men will never be brothers, why the only thing in which civilized humans are equal is in their complicity in the destruction of Wild Nature. They aim to be the star pupils of civilization but will always remain the miscreants, the outsiders, the dirty anarchists who need to get a job.

Eco-extremism will grow because people know that this is the endgame. Indeed, from Muslims to Christians to all sorts of other ideologies, apocalypse is in the air, and nothing can stop it. That’s because civilization is a death wish, and always has been. It knows that man cannot be dominated, that the only way to make him submissive is to turn him into a machine, to mechanize his wants and needs, and to remove him further and further from the chaos within himself that is Wild Nature. In this sense, the spirit of Ishiand the Yahiremains, it will always resurface when you least expect it, as a tendency and not as a doctrine, as a cry that fights today without fear for tomorrow. Eco-extremism will have no end because it is the savage attack, the “natural disaster”, the desire to let the fire burn and to dance around it. The anarchist recoils and the leftist fears, because they know that they can’t defeat it. It will continue, and consume everything. It will burn up utopias and the dreams of civilized futures and leave only Nature in its place. For the eco-extremist, that is a cause of rejoicing and not of horror.


NanihWaiya, Spring 2016


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Message of ITS-Argentina for the Antisocial (?) Writers of Black Dagger


How do we manifest our hate? One would think that it wouldn’t be through love of the hated thing. But this seems to be the case with some who love that which they claim to hate, for the noteworthy thing here is that hate isn’t Christian, whereas love is. This seems to be how the anarchists of the publication, “Black Dagger,” think, since they claim to be “antisocial” because they hate, “this society and its defenders, no matter what their particular positions are,” but on the other hand believe things like, “the chance or random actions that kill a greater number of bystanders are on par with the actions of the very State itself and of its lackeys.”

Before this statement in the text entitled, “Amoral (?) Attack Objectives,” they indicate that they only agree with the idea of “the more people who are killed the better,” if the casualties are part of the “forces of law and order, WE DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM, it’s all the same to us.” (Our emphasis.) Thus we have to ask them: if you’re so antisocial, do you care about those people who aren’t necessarily police but who still defend them? What relationship should an antisocial person have with a bystander or a worker? NONE!

Since none of this makes sense to us, and we can’t understand how someone can say one thing yet mean another, we think that perhaps the reason behind the text is not to “host a debate on indiscriminate attack,” as the text states. We think, rather, that it is a preemptive measure to cover their ass so that tomorrow they can say something along the lines of, “Don’t look at me! I’m not the one you’re looking for! I’ve always stated that I am opposed to terrorism. Here’s my magazine, officer, the irrefutable proof. I’m antisocial but I abide by the rules of society!”

We have already stated that, “We are against the decency and Christian scruples of some who don’t want any collateral damage. To them we say, ‘before any bystander (ANY), a thousand times us.’ All possible ‘collateral damage’ is not a ‘calculation error’ and it is not ‘the price of the struggle’. It is a choice: a conscious and desired CHOICE.”

To conclude we clarify that we will not respond to the chicanery of “the call of the sacred of the forest” nor to the accusations of being prideful, fascists, or authoritarians. This type of debate bores us. We will let our actions speak for themselves.

ITS: unapologetic terrorists and the true enemies of society!

-ITS – Argentina

Wild Constellations



-Chahta Ima

The Native American Museum of Cassidy Park in Bogalusa, Louisiana was a small museum housed in one large room but with an impressive display of artifacts from various indigenous cultures from around what is the present day United States.  An assortment of baskets, arrowheads, beads, and even a traditional Choctaw dwelling made of palmetto leaves were available to the public to examine and read about. The museum website states the following:

“Presently on exhibit at the Native American Culture Museum is an impressive collection of bannerstones and birdstones dating as far back as 8000 BC. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better display of these amazing artifacts anywhere else in the state! We continue our exhibit of trade beads and peace medals along with a palmetto hut and everyday items used by the Native Americans.”

Driving to the park with my family, I entered an impoverished but still vibrant landscape. Here, the green of trees and bayous struggles with the decay of civilization that grinds the inebriated masses into a stupor. They live on top of the land, they walk through it, yet they destroy it. Right across the street from the museum is a refinery or mill of some sort, billowing plumes of smoke into the air. The people live here and they don’t, they live nowhere, on television, on the Internet, in fantasies of getting rich or getting laid or getting high. Yet they celebrate the cultures that they have succeeded, or better said, that they buried, in that one room museum; displaying trinkets left by ghosts who disappeared long ago.

Or at least they did. “It became a rushing rapid,” read one local headline.

Leaving the museum, I went to examine the Boga Lusa (“Dark Water”) Creek. It was modest by Louisiana standards, though it held ruins of what appeared to be a dam. The water flowed around the remnants of this structure, making a small rapid. It appeared ominous, and it was. For only some weeks later, Nature sent great waters from the north, filling the creek and overflowing its banks, covering the whole park and the surrounding streets in a gushing river.

“When the glass broke out of the windows, the whole exhibit went out the door.” All of the belongings of the dead, that which they used to hunt, to carry food, and to worship, were washed away by the water, down towards the other rivers, the Bogue Chitto (“Wide River”), the “Bogue Falaya” (Long River), and into Okwa’ta (The Great Water). Was that room a tomb or a prison? Was this destruction or liberation? Does it matter?

I have to admit that looking at the footage of the waters sweeping over the park where I and my family once played, a sinking feeling came over me. It was the confrontation between my own individuality and that of my loved ones with the force and power of Nature. Where I grew up, it was fire and earth that were dominant, with the waters of the Pacific Ocean present at some distance. There the Earth shook and fire would take homes and buildings into its destructive embrace. Here, in the Great Circle of the Choctaw, it is water that dominates: it carves out, levels, and gives life. In it dwell snakes and alligators, mosquitoes and diseases that decimated
the whites who first settled here. By it civilized men erect their homes and buildings, they drill for oil and throw in their garbage. But one thing is certain: you can’t stop the water. It will keep coming, it will roll over and reclaim what belongs to it.

It is just a matter of time. The waters will rise and all that civilized people will do here is reach for more money, strike out against their neighbor and drown in the endless pursuit of more. It’s just a matter of time, for water brings all things down low. The water is patient, but the water always wins.


Nanih Waiya
Spring 2016


Indiscriminate attacks? What the fuck’s wrong with you?


“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

For some time now many have been commenting on the eco-extremist position of carrying out indiscriminate attacks. The attacks, which have now extended from North into South America, have caused a great deal of consternation among radical anarchists, not to speak of the modern left.

The unsettled discourse coming from these groups has its origins in the initial ITS communiqués dating from 2011 forward. These openly favored terrorist violence for those who work in favor of techno-industrial progress without regard as to whether innocent bystanders are hurt.

This attitude was plainly evident in the first attack by the group when a UPVM worker did not deliver the mail-bomb left at the campus to the selected target. Instead he decided to open it himself, and his wounds were the first incident in the series of attacks that continues to this day.

Since its beginning, ITS has no doubt been a group without classification that has clashed with various eco-anarchist circles characterized by their civilized and progressivist posturing, as well as their “cult of the victim” and humanism.

Some Background
In Mexico, various collectives, organizations, and individuals that advocate the same old ideologies antagonistic to the state, institutions, political parties, etc. have been scandalized by ITS and its official statements. They never really understood them, and still don’t get them it seems.

What was with all of those communiqués and attacks against scientists in 2011? A few pansies whined to anyone who would hear that ITS was a macabre front to justify repression against the social movements and anarchists active at the time.

From where did such a group emerge that is so problematic in its attacks? What did these claims of responsibility on behalf of Wild Nature mean? Isn’t Mexico the land of Zapatistas, commies, and shitty anarchists who go on and on about autonomist-populist discourses? Is this some sort of split from an armed communist group? Are they really radical ecological militants as they claim to be or are they agent provocateurs to be used to jail the same whiny usual suspects clamoring for justice? Or is this some sort of elaborate troll executed by a bunch of bored punks?

No, ITS is a group of individualists coming out of eco-anarchism who have departed with unrealistic and utopian ideals. They criticized and self-criticized, working in the shadows to carry out attacks in the here and now.
ITS adamantly states that there is NOTHING that can change society for the better. Neither can we rely on a “primitivist paradise” or a revolution to struggle for. We aren’t anarchists, communists, feminists, punks, or any other stereotypical “radical”.  We are at WAR with civilization. We are against the technological system, against science and all that seeks the domestication of Wild Nature and wants to impose an artificial life upon us as humans bound to our most profound roots in the past. We don’t deny our own personal contradictions. Indeed, we don’t really care if we seem “inconsistent” to those who issue dumb arguments like, “If they oppose technology, why do they use the Internet?” We piss on their vague and baseless criticisms.

After the first phase of ITS in 2011, the second began after the publication of the sixth communiqué in January 2012. This document contained a number of self-criticisms which ITS made to rid itself of vestigial anarchism and the influence of Theodore Kaczynski.

The third phase reached in 2014 with the emergence of Reacción Salvaje (Wild Reaction) clarified ideas even more. Here a penchant for indiscriminate attacks was maintained and carried out by different groups: of the 25 communiqués issued that year, 15 were primarily concerned with claiming responsibility for a particular attack.
ITS was not lying when it said in these communiqués that it was not interested in who was wounded in these attacks. It was pretty clear then that they were indiscriminate and this continues to be true.
In April 2011, ITS’s attack left the already-mentioned UPVM worker in the Mexico State gravely injured. In August of that year a package-bomb left two important professors of the Tec University of Monterrey in similar condition. In November they assassinated a recognized biotechnology investigator in Morelos with a gunshot to the head. In December an envelope-bomb wounded another professor at the UPP in Hidalgo. In 2013, a postal worker was wounded after having stolen a package-bomb from a mailbox in Mexico City. That is all to say that, from 2011-2013, ITS’s attacks left 5 injured and one dead: four were serious and two hit unintended targets.

This was the same story with RS: in July 2015 a public official belonging to the Commission of Human Rights suffered burns after opening a package found in the garage of the headquarters of that institution in Mexico State. On August 14th a secretary if the Cuevas Group (engineers linked to the ICA) was hurt in a similar manner after opening a package left at its offices in the same state.

After the death of RS, successor eco-extremist groups have already racked up a casualty list. In October 2015 nine bombs were left in nine separate Mexibus buses in Mexico State. These were detonated using timers and even though this was an attack on public transit, only one person was injured. Nevertheless, the danger of doing major damage to both life and property was quite severe, but the author of the attack, “The Pagan Sect of the Mountain and Allied Groups”, did not care about this.

In November of that year, a package bomb was left inside the National Agriculture Council in Mexico City and wounded the Vice-President of the Pro-GMO Alliance, as well as his secretary and two bystanders who were nearby. The “Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage” took responsibility for the attack.

Two other groups coming out of RS, “The Indiscriminate Faction” and “Ouroboros Nihilista”, have tried to detonate explosives at their targets without concern that they might hurt innocent bystanders. Even though their attacks do not appear successful so far, their intention remains the same.
In January of this year, 2016, ITS then resurfaced with its first communiqué, which opens a new chapter. Even for the usual suspects in this War, this has been a surprise. Fifteen days after the publication of this communiqué, ITS carried out six attacks with explosives in three different states in Mexico. Its ability to carry out these widespread successive attacks has given people much to talk about. A second communiqué claimed responsibility for the January-February attacks. A week after its publication a Transatiago Bus was reduced to a burnt-out hunk of metal in Santiago, Chile in broad daylight. The name of the group that took responsibility for carrying out the attack was “Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile”.

With this third group communiqué, it was evident that indiscrimate eco-extremism was going international. A week after the bus burning, a fourth communiqué signed by “Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina” was issued taking responsibility for an explosive device left at the Nanotechnology Foundation, for various threatening messages sent to scientists and the press, and also for having left a package full of blasting powder with a message at a bus station in Buenos Aires.
Even though ITS in February carried out attacks in three distinct countries under its own direction, in ten separate attacks some of which were carried out in broad daylight, this wave of attacks only left two bystanders wounded.

In March a fifth communiqué of ITS-America (Mexico, Chile, and Argentina) defended and re-emphasized the position that has been advocated since 2011: it doesn’t matters if bystanders get hurt, this is War, the method of attack is indiscriminate. ITS does NOT have any moral qualms in carrying out its attacks.
In the aftermath of these disturbing words, there were reactions…

Debates, notes, and insinuations
Various anarchist “counter-information” blogs reported on these attacks by eco-extremist groups in Mexico with the caveat that they did not approve of these attacks even though they decided to publish the communiqués anyway. Others chose to publish them without comment or editorializing.  Some only mentioned the actions themselves while silencing our positions. This is
understandable, as no blog, magazine, or any other anarchist project has any obligation to publicize what eco-extremist groups do or say. There will always be criticisms between us, some constructive and some not so much. What the Editorial Group of Regresión Magazine would like to clarify is the following:

-We don’t want everyone else to accept our “terms and conditions”, we are not trying to be nice or friendly to strangers. We don’t want others to be more like us. We are not looking to make converts from eco-anarchism to eco-extremism. The few who decide to go down this path are convinced that this project will be defended with tooth and claw; by planning and contemplating how to inflict surer and stronger blows.
Some anarchos call us out as being a “Mafia”. We’ll accept that classification from those critics and big talkers who go about defaming our project in Mexico as well as in other countries where the eco-extremist presence is felt.
We carry out a special type of crime, we are delinquents who have come together to attack different places in Mexico as well as in Chile, Argentina, and other countries. Don’t think twice about accusing us of being terrorists or a new type of mafia, because the shoe fits in this case and you’re not telling us something we don’t already know.

-Everyone is open to express their anger when they read our stuff; many closeted U.S. anarcho-Zerzanians (Anarchist News, to name one example) have done so. This last example in particular censored ITS communiqués since many on the site consider us “reactionaries”. We don’t bring this up because we are bitter and are playing the victim. We’re bringing it up so that these blogs don’t put on airs of being so tolerant of divergent opinions. And if they are indeed so “triggered” by our politically incorrect, terrorist, and Mafioso communiqués, they’d be doing us a favor by not publishing them.

-As we stated above, anyone can disagree with the indiscriminate eco-extremism that we advocate. For example, the so-called “Paulino Scarfó Revolutionary Cell” has done so in February of this year when it indirectly mentioned the ITS attack in Chile. To reiterate, it’s healthy to express criticism and disagreements, but insinuations are a whole other story. That’s not being particularly badass to be honest. Maybe they should have signed their communiqué, “Leo Tolstoy Anarcho-Christian Cell” instead of what they signed. It also seems that memory escapes these supposed anarchos, or they suffer temporary amnesia at the mention of the person who was the comrade of the TERRORIST Severino Di Giovanni, the anarchist who blew up the Italian Consulate in Buenos Aires, killing various fascists but also wounding bystanders, and who also murdered another anarchist who he had branded “a fascist”.

Scarfó accompanied Di Giovanni in the most violent phase of the Individualist War against mobile and symbolic objectives. He was INDISCRIMINATE, in fact he was condemned by the anarchists of his time as his methods were considered “inappropriate”.

It’s true CRPS, the eco-extremist groups, ITS, and we aren’t revolutionaries. We don’t particularly care for repetitive and boring leftist discourse. The difference between you and us is that we don’t beat around the bush about it and we don’t passively-aggressively deal in bitchy innuendo.

Some of our positions in regard to “Nigra Truo” (NT)
Some days ago a member of the blog, “Por la Anarquía” published a post where one can read his position for and against eco-extremism. To date it’s the only criticism that for us approaches being sincere as it doesn’t just focus on criticizing what we defend but also makes criticism of anarchist circles.
Still we’re not letting him get off that easily, so we have to clarify the following:

-It seems that NT has gotten his information about ITS all mixed up, as he has written that it is a contradiction to be pushing The Amoral Debate of the nihilists from the editorial house “Nechayevshchina” but at the same time have a moral rule of “Nature is Good, Civilization is Evil”. NT should be reminded that ITS has went through many phases: if the group defended that Naturien motto in 2011,  it should be clarified that the ITS of today is different. It’s been years since we’ve utilized that phrase, so I hate to break it to you, NT, but your criticism is a day late and a dollar short. ITS no longer utilizes this motto, as Wild Nature works on an extramoral level.

-Reading NT’s criticism it seems like he is confused about what we, the defenders of the eco-extremist tendency, consider to be Indiscriminate Attacks. Putting a bomb in a bum’s cardboard box or lighting a Street vendor’s cart on fire is not what we are talking about when we mention
“indiscriminate attacks”. Indiscriminate attacks are when we place a bomb in a specific place, a factory, a university, a particular house, a car, or institution where our human or inanimate target can be found, without regard as to whether an explosive can harm bystanders. Indiscriminate
Attack is setting fire to a place of symbolic significance without worrying about whether “innocent people” will get hurt, in order to strike out at Human Progress. Indiscriminate Attack is what ITS has been doing since 2011 which was outlined at the beginning of this text: it’s sending package-bombs without regard for “collateral damage”, always having the objective of destabilizing, terrorizing, and spreading chaos in a society that cannot think for itself.

-We continue to celebrate “natural disasters” which can be considered acts of vengeance or violent reactions of Wild Nature (depending on one’s personal individualist worldview that departs from the one which civilized culture defends), derived from the environmental destruction that comes from the hand of man, from the giant multinational corporation to its
peons, the proletariat.


In closing, all that is left to say is that the attacks by eco-extremist groups will continue along with their unsettling discourse. There will be moments where we all agree to disagree, but let it be known that we will respond when appropriate as the politically incorrect terrorists that we
are. We say what is on our minds, and we clarify again that before anything, we are members of the Eco-extremist Mafia!!

With the inscrutable fury of Wild Nature!
With Chahta-Ima, Nechayevshchina, and Maldición Eco-extremista (Eco-extremist Curse)!
With ITS of Mexico, Chile, and Argentina!
Let the War continue!

Xale: Editor-in-Chief of Regresión Magazine
Mexico, Winter 2016


(The Americas) Fifth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – 2016


“Fungi, algae, and ferns produce spores that can travel many miles until they find a viable environment in which to reproduce themselves.

Since 2011, what is now called eco-extremism has passed through various phases. Most of these have been on Mexican soil, and in these phases its followers have confronted many problems, threats, investigations, criticisms, defamations, discussions, disputes, and splits. These have
affected our ideological foundations as well as our initial praxis.
In that year ITS was born. Our first attack was against a nanotechnologist of the Polytechnic University of the Valley of Mexico. At first we thought of spontaneously claiming responsibility for the act in a manner indistinguishable from the rest of the anti-civilization groups in Mexico.
However, we decided to continue to distinguish ourselves.

For three years we branched out with our attacks into seven states in the central and north-central regions of the country. We learned, we consolidated ourselves, we self-criticized, we deepened our understanding, and we prepared. After an extraordinary effort we gave ourselves the task of uniting related groups that had acted with similar principles in years past. In a non-sectarian manner, we brought forth the project known as “Wild Reaction” (Reacción Salvaje – RS). When the right moment came, it was decided to dissolve this project so that individualists who formed part of the factions of RS could continue to wage war on their own. Nevertheless, these groups continued to have the same vision against civilization and the technological system. From the dissolution of RS came the “Pagan Sect of the Mountain,” “the Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage,” “The Indiscriminate Faction,” “Ouroboros Nihilista,” and the other groups that do not claim responsibility for their attacks but remain active. Those groups have been doing their own thing since the dissolution of RS, which fills us with great pride and is evidence that eco-extremism is expanding on Mexican soil.

It seems like these spores have traveled many distant miles, and we have encountered enthusiastic complicity in South America. Having found fertile soil, brave individualities have sprouted forth; with these we share the desire for attack, and fraternally join with them in word and act.
Individualists commit themselves to strike firmly against the technological mega-machine. We will use any means necessary and at hand to attack structures and our human targets. We shall carry out these acts with arson, bombs, threats, and firearms.
We have birthed this international project of attack in the shadows. We are committed to coordinating and perfecting our complicity against the techno-industrial system. With pride we report that fellow individualists in the south have branched out with the terrorist initials of ITS. They have also adopted their own names and initials to identify their attacks, since we are savage individualists.

We have thus declared a new phase of the war against all that represents and sustains the advance of civilization and progress. This war was begun thousands of years ago by our ancestors who savagely defended their austere lives. They pointed their ancient arrows against Christian flesh, opposing civilization and waging war to the death. With pagan pride we recover this
spirit in the present, as well as all of the wisdom, tenacity, and commitment of those primitive and anonymous lives. We revive them in the present attack against civilization.

Our actions are our own. We do not want nor will we permit them to be portrayed as “normal criminal acts”, nor that they be presented as some sort of “conspiracy”. Here is where the importance of claiming responsibility for our acts comes in. It is in this manner that they will
encourage more eco-extremist groups to grow in other parts of the world that will also strike heavy blows against civilization.


“Before self-interested and candid ethics, I prefer sabotage, I prefer terrorism with its clear, nefarious logic. Before sober rhetoric, and the serene obstinacy of sabotage, I prefer the uncalculated and unthinking human violence of one who fires without taking into consideration the legal ramifications.”


We consider as enemies all those who contribute to the systematic process of domestication and alienation: the scientists, the engineers, the investigators, the physicists, the executives, the humanists, and (why not?), affirming the principle of indiscriminate attack, society itself and all that it entails. Why society? Because it tends toward progress, technological and industrial. It contributes to the consolidation and advance of civilization. We can think of all who form part of society as being mere sheep who do what they are told and that’s it, but for us it’s not that simple. People obey because they want to. If they had a choice and, if it were up to them, they would love to live like those accursed millionaires, but they rot in their poverty as the perennially faithful
servants of the system that enslaves us as domestic animals.

“… we invite them to look under their seat to see if there’s anything under it once they sit down in whatever vehicle they are traveling in. Whenever there are wounded or dead civilians in attacks against civilization carried out by radical individuals or groups, or even if this occurs in the context
of a natural disaster, it will be beautiful in our eyes.

For some time now we have refused to be bound by the pedestrian morality of revolutionary action. We will give no quarter to anyone or anything, our acts will not be accompanied by warnings nor do we delegate responsibility. We assume the consequences of our actions, ALL OF THEM.
We are against the decency and Christian scruples of some who don’t want any collateral damage. To them we say, “before any bystander (ANY), a thousand times us.” The masses deserve no consideration. He who insists on looking out for his own well-being should be vigilant of the fact that a bombing could happen at any time.

Nothing, absolutely nothing guarantees that bystanders will not get hurt. In fact, our attacks are designed to cause the greatest amount of harm possible. And if more lives are taken in these attacks than we anticipated beforehand, so much the better. We can say this without hesitation or guilt because we are totally convinced of what we think and the life we have chosen, and we have shown this with concrete actions. Before any obstacle we know how to act. All possible “collateral damage” is not a “calculation error” and it is not “the price of the struggle”. It is a choice: a
conscious and desired CHOICE.

“For the Indiscriminate Terrorist, moral and ethical fault does not exist. All of that is contained in the rational calculation of the act, one which says “no” in threatening a victim or mutilating him, but perhaps without intending to harm the person who suffered the attack with an explosive


We have already said in our first communiqué that we are Wild Nature. We learn from her since her reactions are violent. Nature doesn’t halt before urban or rural buildings. She does not stop for bystanders or scientific specialists. She doesn’t let up, she destroys everything in her path without consideration of Christian morality, rolling over the tantrums and discomfort of the usual suspects…

The discomfort of SOME at the expansión of eco-extremism is tangible, as is the discomfort at the spreading of our words and acts from north to south. Let them talk, come what may, they will get angry first and then they will start praying. We will continue EVER FORWARD!

“You may think these acts are ineffective; you may think them the obsessions of crazy sociopaths, or what have you. We’re not trying to change the world, we would rather see it all go up in flames. And if you don’t see that the destruction of the Earth, of the rivers and mountains, of the forests and oceans, is the real insanity, then we cannot help you, nor would we care to. Just duck when you see us coming.”


With the devastating force of wild nature on our side:
Let the war continue!
Before the silence, our bombs!
Against all that is artificial and for all that we have been losing!
For the increase of politically incorrect terrorist criminality!
Down with revolutionary morality, death to equality, death to humanism!
In extreme defense of wild nature!


Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico
-Ouroboros Silvestre (formerly Ouroboros Nihilista”)  / Mexico State
– Clandestine Group, “The Fury of the Lynx” / Mexico City
-Regresion Editorial Group / Michoacán

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile
-Uncivilized Southerners / Santiago

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

-Wild Constellations – Buenos Aires



“ITS is in Argentina” That was part of the message that we left along with an envelope full of blasting powder in the bus station of Retiro this past Monday, February 22nd. This act was silenced by the press, as has been the case with many others (1). In fact, for some days we have been warning the press as well as scientists of the presence of eco-extremism in this region. We would like to state that the more you silence our actions, the more focused they will become. You know that we have arms and explosives, as well as the addresses, phone numbers, schedules, and places of work, not just of all of you but also your families…

ITS does not yield before the accepted morality, and knows that you are either with Technology, or you are at war against it. The former will die as well as those on the fence.
We are the wild stars that have yet to be discovered, we are:
Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina


Wild Constellations

Forward, uncivilized internationalism!




Collateral damage: An Eco-Extremist Defense of Indiscriminate Violence

:Chahta Ima

Merely being an eco-extremist propagandist, I am forced to pay attention to reactions of anarchist and leftist readers to the actions of ITS and other eco-extremist groups. The first reaction I encounter is usually one of disgust. How can eco-extremists carry out indiscriminate acts against
property and people, such as burning buses and sending mail-bombs, where “innocent bystanders” may also get hurt? What if a child was near a bomb, or what if the secretary to the scientist, a mother and a wife, opens the package and gets killed instead? Why this obsession with nihilistic violence, where innocent people get killed? Isn’t this ineffective for helping to destroy civilization? Doesn’t this just show that the eco-extremists are mentally disturbed, probably angry at their parents, off their medications, outcasts, etc.?

Really, the opposition of leftists, anarchists, anarcho-primitivists, and any number of people who react negatively to eco-extremist violence is one of great hypocrisy: hypocrisy of the level that Nietzsche and any good manipulator of words could easily dissect. For civilization, and any ideology really, is based on indiscriminate violence, on hiding dirty laundry and sweeping dirt under the rhetorical rug so no one can see it.
Let’s start with the numbers game:
Opposition to eco-extremist violence can be approached from the view of the Christian “Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You wouldn’t want to be blown up on a bus. You would not want to have your fingers blown off, or have a bullet put in your head when you are just “doing your job”. Everyone has the right to work and support themselves,
right? But your chances of being on the business end of an eco-extremist blast are minuscule: you probably have a  better chance of winning the lottery. On the other hand, your chances of crashing your car, or being hit by one, are astronomically higher by comparison. Your chances of dying
early of cancer or heart disease due to the consumption of processed foods are even higher. Yet those two last causes of death are “perfectly natural”, while being “collateral damage” in a war to defend nature itself is somehow a tragedy. Cry me a river.

Of course, what such condemnation means is a tacit approval of state or civilized violence. For the bourgeois liberal, “terrorist violence” is horrible because only the State can designate people who need to be killed (if you lived in Afghanistan or Yemen, for example, you would have more to fear than just cars; you would also have drones raining down death on you from the skies. But that’s okay, because U.S. democracy approved this.) The leftist and anarchist can criticize eco-extremist action with more integrity, so the reasoning goes, because they too reject the violence of capitalism and the State. Aside from that, however, they create a fantasy world where “the guilty”, rich parasites who they have tried and sentenced to death in their own minds from the comforts of their talk-shops, are killed indiscriminately and even with cruelty, not taking into account that
the bourgeoisie too are also husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, etc. And of course, they expect that violence to be minimal, as Revolutions have historically been dainty tea parties where the innocent never, ever get hurt…

What we are confronting here is the Great Hologram of Civilization: one that compels us to care about people we never will meet, to have deep empathy for the abstract citizen, comrade, or child of God. We are supposed to get upset at the sight of the burning bus, or the destroyed office, or
the leftovers of an incendiary device left outside of a government building. We are supposed to go over scenarios in our head: “What if my daughter was in front of that building? What if my wife was in that office?
What if I was that scientist lying in a pool of my own blood in a parking lot?” Well, what if you were? And to be honest, you weren’t, so why are you playing that film in your head?

Isn’t that the great narrative of civilization: we are all in this together? That’s a lie, because we aren’t. Your life is merely a cog in a great Machine, and should the Machine decide to spit you out, you will be spit out. You have no agency, your morality is an illusion. It just covers up a lot of violence and death that went into making the clothes on your back and the food you eat. It’s alright for massive numbers of animals to die, to burn down forests and pave over meadows. It’s okay to enslave people in factories, to erect monuments to those who buried the worlds of
wild savages, to sacrifice the dreams and sanity of those alive today for a better tomorrow. But for the love of God, don’t place a pipe bomb in front of a government ministry! That’s going too far.

Here’s the key to your liberation: you owe society nothing, and you don’t have to do what it says. Those people who get killed on the other side of the world don’t care about you, and they never will. You are just one digit too many in their Dunbar’s number: at most you will be a headline and then you will be forgotten. Your identifying with the death of the “citizen” or “child of God” hundreds and thousands of miles away is a way to manipulate you into doing what society wants: it’s a tool of domestication, and that’s it.

The poet Robinson Jeffers once stated that cruelty was the most natural thing, yet civilized man makes it out to be contrary to nature. Some tribes in what is now northern California were observed by the Europeans to be the most peaceful and the most violent at the same time: peaceful in that they had no organized warfare, violent because that’s how they settled
inter-personal disputes. Those who cower in disgust at individualist acts of violence are really defending the right of the State and civilization to have exclusive power of life and death over civilized human animals.

They’re its property, so how dare those eco-terrorists impinge on that right, as well as the right of 10,000 years of civilized law and order to decide who lives or who dies!

I end my rant with two (apocryphal?) quotes from Joseph Stalin. The first is: “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.” Of course, that is what the opponents of eco-extremists will always say: we are sacrificing the lives of innocent people to make our own version of Eden. Anyone with half a brain and a little reading comprehension will know that’s bullshit.
Eco-extremism doesn’t seek to break eggs to make an omelette: it seeks to destroy the whole farm, and if eggs get damaged in the process, that’s just the nature of the beast. How many eggs get broken on a factory farm a day?

The second quote from Stalin is: “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” And is this not the logic of civilization, of the leftist and anarchist? They can shrug off a whole world being butchered by civilization, they can wave off the deaths of savage peoples who did nothing but defend their land, and they can play video games in their heads of strangling capitalists in their beds, but when they see a bus on fire, or a lab blown up, they scream, “Won’t somebody think of the children!?”

You may think these acts are ineffective; you may think them the obsessions of crazy sociopaths, or what have you. We’re not trying to change the world, we would rather see it all go up in flames. And if you don’t see that the destruction of the Earth, of the rivers and mountains,  of the forests and oceans, is the real insanity, then we cannot help you, nor would we care to. Just duck when you see us coming.




Incendiary attack on a bus by ITS – Chile

We are the poisonous arrows that the ancients used against their prey and their enemies. We are the flame of the bonfire that warms in the cold. We are the pagan dances and cries in the name of the Unknown. We are the snow on the mountain tops. We are the virgin soil, free of civilization. We are the lava flowing from the volcano. We are the warning calls of the birds.
We are the quiet of the wolf stalking its prey. We are the strength of the ants. We are the wave that wipes cities from face of the Earth. We are the killer earthquake that brings down buildings. We are the wind become hurricane. WE ARE UNKNOWN WILD NATURE!

We came out of our hiding place, like the rabbit comes out of its hole in the darkness and silence of night. This time we came out in plain daylight.
We frolic in the mountains, rivers, and meadows. But we wander in the city in search of its defects and imperfections, seeking all that is of civilization and human progress. We know its times, its hours and moments, the daily grind of civilization hides us.

This is a Declaration of War.
War against the Technological system, science, and the modern hyper-civilized man. We detest and spit on all of that. We cling to our most primitive and wild instincts; instincts which all the civilization and technology in the world could never erase from our being.

Guile, patience, determination, and daring are the ingredients of this war. It was in this manner that on Tuesday, February 16th, we abandoned a homemade explosive charge on the 210 Bus of the Trans-Santiago Route. We achieved the successful result of completely burning that machine of civilization.  And it would not have mattered to us in the least if some bystander was hurt in the process. Our acts are beyond that foolish classism. We look down on masses, the people, or whatever you want to call them. We only care about ourselves, our people, and wild nature.

Our fire / attack was in the name of all that is wild and natural. We contaminate their cities with smoke and disturb the civilized air. We do this in the name of all of the rivers, oceans, the poles, the fields, and forests poisoned by human progress. In the name of every animal species made extinct by techno-civilized progress. The moonlight of the night before filled us with the wild force of the universe. In its name, the name of the stars, planets, and galaxies, IT WAS AS WELL.

We are a sect of pagans, southerners and uncivilized. With our fire we will seek to attack the infrastructure of civilization, accepting the final consequences of our actions. With every attack we defend our instincts since we refuse to form part of the robotic mass that only cares about money or sex.

The Eco-Extremist tendency spreads from north to south, from east to west. We are accomplices to its ideas and acts, forming part of it. We are giving life to an international project against civilization.

Because we are the bullets to the head, the mail-bombs, the  indiscriminate bombings and the incinerating fire, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

With this we publicly declare that a campaign of attack is underway, with the complicity and coordination of ITS in Mexico and Chile, and other countries…

A conspiratorial greeting from the eco-extremists and each group of ITS of Mexico. Let it be known that there is also war in the south. To the “Terrorist-Savage Behaviors” and “Uncivilized Conducts”.

To the eco-anarchists of the “Karr-kai Cell” and “Kapibara Group.”

If technology and progress are international, why not the acts of resistance against them as well?


Individualist Tending Toward the Wild:
– Uncivilized Southerners.



Crescent Moon of February

“Individualists Tending Toward the Wild” (ITS) claims responsibility forthe following:

January 28th, 2016
-A timer-activated explosive device against the “National Water Commission” (Conagua) located on Avenida Insurgentes Sur, Delegación Tlalpan, Mexico City.
This device led to police mobilization.

-Homemade explosive detonated at the “Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing, and Nutrition” (Sagarpa) on Avenida Presidente Juárez de Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico State.
The explosive was left in front of the Secretariat in the city center of Tlalnepantla, around 9 o’clock in the evening. The device exploded successfully leaving two people wounded. The blast and shrapnel damaged several nearby cars and generated substantial police and military

 February 3rd, 2016
-We detonated an explosive package in front of the conglomerate of the apartments known as “Tec Siuts” where students of the Tec of Monterrey inhabit, located on the highway Lago de Guadalupe in Atizapán, Mexico State.
– A homemade explosive device was detonated at one of the entrances of the Tec of Monterrey in similar manner on the Lago de Guadalupe highway in the same municipality.
With these two acts we remind those associated with that academic institution that we continue the War against all who promote and develop Scientific and Technological Progress, and who hide behind the walls of that abhorrent university (as well as others).

February 8th, 2016
 -A fuze-activated package-bomb composed of dynamite was abandoned at the central offices of the Sagarpa in the Tabachines neighborhood in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. The package was destined for the head of that federal institution.

-Another fuze-activated package bomb composed this time of a hard cardboard tube filled with gunpowder was abandoned at the “National Science and Technology Council” (Conacyt), destined for the head of that institution, in the Vallarta San Jorge neighborhood in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Even though both explosives did not reach their respective targets (according to the press), and failed to wound or kill them, they caused great police and military mobilization in both municipalities. The press stated the following concerning this matter: “a police explosives
specialist commented that even if the devices did not contain a large amount of explosives, they could have caused fatal harm to those who were within a close radius of their explosion.”

Let it be known that ITS is also in Jalisco. This was only a test, and we continue to be committed to terrorizing, wounding, mutilating, and even killing those cynical people who, while hiding behind an institution that claims to be “concerned” about nature, are nevertheless directly responsible
for its devastation and domestication.
This isn’t over. The War continues!
Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!!


Individualists Tending Toward the Wild:
-Feral-Criminal Band (Jalisco)
-Clandestine Group “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)
-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)

Postscript for federal security forces:
Are you nervous because the groups that attack and commit terrorism against civilization are multiplying?
Are you nervous that the abhorrent and sickening visit of the Pope is just around the corner, because we are still out on the street, and you haven’t caught us yet?
You have lots of reasons to be nervous.


First Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – 2016



Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS, before “Individualities”), is the continuation of the eco-terrorist Project begun in the year 2011. After the death of “Wild Reaction” in 2015, we have decided to continue this project…


To refresh the memories of those who may have forgotten:

We continue this declared war against the Technological System, and against those who aim to improve and sustain it. We attack those who physically and emotionally insist on destroying and altering the wild and untamed places that are left.

Our acts aim to terrorize, wound, mutilate, and kill these intended targets. We use threats, explosives, and firearms to accomplish our immediate objectives.

Those who work toward the destruction of Wild Nature deserve punishment, so that their acts will not continue with impunity. ITS is not a peaceful organization that petitions governments to “punish those responsible”, collecting signatures, and playing the absurd legal-juridical game. We aren’t an NGO. We don’t need intermediaries to clarify things. For those who threaten Nature there are no courts; and even if there were, we will still take the law into our own hands as our fierce ancestors did. As we are not interested in being a “vanguard” or being in the front lines of this war, we attack accepting the final consequences.

Those who have opposed us and our defense of Wild Nature have given us many names in the past:

– The civilized Aztecs before the arrival of the Spanish in Mesoamerica disdainfully called us “Chichimecas”.
– The Spanish after their invasion, more out of fear than condemnation, called us, “savage pagans”.
-The English whites after their arrival classified us as “hostile peoples”.
-Today, the hyper-civilized call us “terrorists”.

Even though we prefer to classify ourselves as an Eco-Extremist group, let there be no doubt that ITS is and continues to be a terrorist group. We identify with the Chichimeca Wars because we find valuable lessons in those bloody battles that our ancestors waged until their final deadly consequences.


We have tossed in the waste bin the rationalism and scientism of our first communiques. Now we rejoice in our pagan roots and we create gods from our personal dwellings in nature and from its cyclical processes.

Though we are not a tribe, we are individuals who have turned against modern progress, artificiality, and everything that attempts to mechanize and automate us.

To summarize, ITS is an eco-extremist group, formed by individualists opposed to modern values such as equality, humanism, and progresivism., as well as the moral foundations of the Techno-industrial system and its constant Progress.

ITS is the violent active response against those who aggressively cause imbalance in the Wild and Unknown, and look to domesticate them one way or the other.

ITS is a reaction, it is the logical consequence, a group of modern humans possessed by the primitive warriors of the past. We have decided to kill and meet out punishment to those who are directly responsible for the offenses against the Earth and those who dwell on it.


We are the same people who are responsible for leaving a UPVM worker maimed in Tiltitlan in our first attack. The same who left two techno-nerds gravely wounded at the Tec of Monterrey in Atizapán. The same who broke into the Cinvestav of Irapuato, the same who put a bullet in the head of a biotechnologist in Cuernavaca. The same who sent explosives to those hypocrites at Greenpeace, the same who wounded a professor of the UPP of Hidalgo with a car bomb. All that and more in 2011 alone.

We are the same people who sent a mail-bomb to the neurologists of the ITAM in Mexico City, which the authorities tried to keep quiet (among other acts) in 2012. We’re the people who terrorized the researchers of the IBT in Cuernavaca with a bomb destined to arrive at an institute belonging to the UNAM. We are responsible for the worker who was wounded stealing our package bomb from a mail box in Tlalpan in 2013.

Those who joined together from among a dozen groups to give life to “Wild Reaction” in 2014 are the same who decided to kill the project in 2015.

And we are the same people who now, in this year of 2016 according to the Gregorian calendar, continue the Extremist War dedicated to returning the blows that have landed on our wild places, and their flora and fauna.


We do not wish, nor do we seek, nor do we find it necessary, nor does it interest us to work for a “revolution”. We despise that term and deem it a non-existent goal. We attack in the present because that is all that there is. The attack in the here and now is what terrifies our selected targets.

We are not “revolutionaries”, nor anarchists, nor do we represent the radical left.

We are not primitivists; that deluded romanticist Zerzan does not represent us, nor does that deluded radical Kaczynski, nor does any gringo, Spanish, or Italian theorist. No one.

ITS represents only itself. We have created our own discourse-tendency. We have created our own concrete objectives and have formulated plans of attack in accordance with our positions.


We don’t distinguish between “good” or “bad” attacks in this war. We salute acts by groups who burn cars, those who detonate bombs in institutions that assist in destroying the Earth, as well as those who send mail bombs to blow up important people in populist and humanist organizations. We salute those who attack indiscriminately this compromised society, just as we rejoice in the arrows that pierce the bodies of loggers in the Amazon and
surrounding places. It fills us with joy when tornadoes destroy urban areas, as well as when storms flood and endanger defenseless citizens. The same is the case when we see those who freeze to death in the cold winter, or when we see people wounded in earthquakes, for these are responses and reactions as well to the Technological System and civilization. We learn from nature and its violent reactions. Nature doesn’t stop when faced with subways, or rural or urban buildings. It doesn’t respect the common citizen or the scientific specialist. It is relentless, it destroys everything in its path without consideration for morality. With this, we are personifying in animist style Wild Nature, because in our pagan belief, nature is the Unknown Force of the first hunter with the same color skin as the earth, who with the first gatherer woman with braids of feathers, dances over the corpse of modernity and shakes the minds of those who feel in their gut the moribund beating of the Earth. They are dark beings with the characteristics of the Coyote and the Deer, with the scent of Moss and
Mesquite, with eyes of Flame and Voice of Thunder; those that begot free man and woman, both wild, the same who have possessed our minds to continue on the war of our ancestors.

Our war is extremist and violent, in connection with the natural and joined to the spirits of the exterminated native tribes.

Those who we wound and kill are a blood offering to Wild Nature.

ITS has this warrior inheritance and we know others have it, so that:


Forward with the War against the Technological System and Civilization!

If they don’t respect the Earth, we won’t respect their lives either!

Death to Progress, Scientific Advances, and Modernity, the cancer that threatens our lives and wild surroundings!

Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!
[Until your death or mine!]



First Full Moon of January

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild / ITS

Attack against the Alliance for Transgenics by Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism & Sabotage


Biotechnology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, economic botany, agronomy, among other sciences, develop improvements in the research, production and implementation of technological innovations, supposedly friendly for the environment; “minimizing the damage” caused to nature, “reducing pollution” and proposing processes with “less environmental impact.” The final purpose of these sciences, using all methods and
techniques at their disposal, is to artificialize natural biological processes.

Genetically modifying organisms to improve crop quality, in terms of the land, agriculture being an important part of soil devastation, destroying wilderness for macro level cultivation, preventing the slightest sign of regeneration of the natural environment, ensuring good harvests for at least as long as the lands health lasts.

In line is the restoration of ecosystems, through biotechnology, apparently out of ecological concerns, creating new options which are the least harmful and contribute to reducing pollution; securing, this way, time and resources for the inexorable advance of scientific and technological progress.

An example of this is the biofuel made from seaweed, this innovation was faced with a shocking problem. Since the algae developed in freshwater, its production did not have the necessary sustainability, because of the water needed. For which genetic engineering had the solution: the genetic modification of these algae, resulting in the development and
growth of marine algae in salt water and even sewage.

[…] The ocean water is simply a non-limited resource on this planet […] assured Stephen Mayfield, director of the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology, of UC San Diego; who also told Scientific American: “Nothing is going to stop this.” [1]

With biotechnology’s proposal, the problems that afflict humanity are to be resolved, citing innovative examples are: The golden rice, genetically modified to increase its nutritional value. The genetically modified gluten free wheat, suitable for coeliacs. Genetically modified purple tomatoes, claiming to prevent cancers. Genetically modified corn,
which will be used as a vaccine against Hepatitis B. [2]

The alleged resolution to current problems (poverty, hunger, disease, etc…), with scientific and technological improvements, ensure the subjection of a society blindly hopeful of a future better life; whose consequences are not clear even to the scientific elite.

Pitching – poorly – persuasion campaigns such as:

“Nature says yes to GMO’s: The butterfly that wanted to be a wasp; wrote (ridiculously) por la Neta de tu Planeta [for the truth about your planet].” [3]

“Reasons to consume GM food and feel proud of it (10 Reasons to eat GMOs and feel grateful for it).” [4]

“What most people don’t know but they should is that practically every food they buy in the store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food. There are no wild seedless watermelons. There’s no wild cows, there’s no long stem roses growing in the wild – even though we don’t eat roses. You list all the fruit and all the vegetables and ask yourself is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is it’s not as large it’s not as sweet it’s not as juicy and it has way more seeds in it.
We have systemically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables, and animals that we have eaten ever since we cultivated. It’s called artificial selection. That’s how we genetically modify. Now we can do it in a lab and all of a sudden you’re gonna complain? If you’re the complainer type go back and eat the apples that grow in the wild.”

Nail deGrasse Tyson [5]

Taking advantage of the minimal opposition and indifference of the blind masses, they’re taking over not only the future of the food they will ingest, but the course of natural environments.

For our part, all that is left to say is that not only nature will suffer the attacks against it, but, harm and damage will extend to those directly responsible, whether they are organizations, businesses, institutions or individuals in particular.

In this case, associations seeking to enshroud and protect themselves, concealing – with a friendly and pathetic disguise – nefarious interests, as do La Alianza Pro Transgénicos, presided by Rubén Chávez Villagrán, composed of 31 members, being led by Monsanto,
Syngenta, Agrobio Mexico, among others.

Thus said, we claim the attacks (during the third week of November) through parcel bombs and incendiary devices directed to the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario, in the colonia Navarte, and the Protección de Cultivo, Ciencia y Tecnología company, in colonia
Nonoalco Mixcoac, both in the Delegación Benito Juárez of México City.
Both those companies are active members of La Alianza Pro Transgénicos. With this attack we are fully aware that we wont stop their campaign and efforts to artificialize wild nature, but as we’ve commented already above, not only nature will suffer the harm and
damage, these will extend to those directly responsible.

Círculo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje.


sarcastic-clarification note.

We live in caves, no electricity, no phones, no INTERNET; with no communication beyond smoke signals. Passively witnessing how artificiality eats away any trace of wild nature, manipulates it, modifies it, and in a colorful and bright tone, presents it to total
disposition, quietly awaiting the acceptance of the human population, with no fuss nor setback any. Placid before any spurious biological change, entrusting the course of our lives to strangers.

This would be a minor inconsistency, right?

Less than posting claims, attacks and threats through internet, which worry and are criticized the viewer community, netizens, readers, etc… Because of course, the critique of modern scientific and technological progress prevents the use of these against them, that
would be cheating, scallywags!

We couldn’t care less about criticisms of our alleged “inconsistency” not only are we not bothered, but they have us mock the mediocre obedience and complicity, in defending and protecting the scientific and technological boom, dispensing more than just their lives… leaving only a trail of what was once wild nature.


Pagan Sect of the Mountain claimed responsibility for attack on several buses outside of Mexico

: Earth First! Newswire

A Mexican group called the Pagan Sect of the Mountain claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on several buses outside of Mexico City that caused damage to four vehicles, but left no victims. They promised to continue bombing targets if nature continued to be destroyed by mankind and declared “fire and explosives against civilization.”

This is the first attack with explosives in Mexico City in more than 20 years, when a bank and the exit to a subway station were bombed by groups claiming to be supporters of the Zapatista movement. Organized crime has been accused of carrying out many explosive attacks in provincial areas.

In 2010, Reuters reported that an organized crime group had attacked the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, in the northern state of Tamaulipas, prompting the U.S. government to close down the office for good. In 2011, according to CNN, more attacks with explosives were reported in a six-month period in Mexico than in any other country in the world.

“Cities grow exponentially devouring mountains and wild habitat, taking over territories where coyotes, deer, hawks and natural reserves, forcing extinction of wildlife and natural reserves,” the Pagan Sect of the Mountain said in statement, accepting responsibility for the attacks.

“If civilization continues to destroy nature, we will respond in the same way,” by attacking targets in the metropolitan area.

see also: “Statement from groups involved in Mexibus bombings” from contra info or English translation below

The group – which claimed responsibility for the attack, together with several other unidentified groups – explained they inherited the “fiercest” struggles of their predecessors against progress when it comes to the destruction of natural habitats.

The bombs went off on Saturday, on the state-run Mexibus bus line, causing damage to four buses.

Four or five homemade bombs, which had been placed on different buses, did not go off.

The bombs were placed in the buses in the Mexibus depot in the Mexico state municipality of Ecatepec, north of Mexico City, which is part of the metropolitan area.

The group, which proclaims to be anarchist, explained their attacks have nothing to do with the plights of bus drivers, nor did they claim to be in opposition to the bus line.

“We are not interested in the cancellation of bus routes, nor do we advocate in favor of bus drivers who have been fired, nor do we demand more security for the bus stops, as the press has been saying,” they said.

The group’s statement was sent to a website called Contra Info along with photos of a bomb and the buses. Contra Info was founded in Athens, Greece, in 2010 and claims to be run by anarchists and activists.

The Attorney General’s office said investigations have been initiated, but no other statement has been released by the local or federal government regarding the attack.

see also: “Statement from groups involved in Mexibus bombings” from contra info
or English translation below:

Statement from groups involved in Mexibus bombings

We have some points to clarify:
1. The groups participating in the coordinated explosive and incendiary attacks against Line 2 of Mexibus a few days ago are at war against civilization and modern development. We attack in a violent manner at various levels the structures while refusing the moral bases–we are not “urban guerrillas” as the mainstream media has portrayed us.
2. It has been said that PGR and CISEN began investigating what occurred, and to that we respond that we are not going to be intimidated. Let it be known that we are not going to stop our attacks. We are determined in what we have done and what will be done. We understand the consequences of our actions and will face them as they arise.
3. It is common, not strange, that the authorities within the Mexican state are hesitant to give information about the attack while hiding certain details. Previously they had hidden information about our attack against OHL on September 24th which was not mentioned in the (Novemeber 2nd) interview with  Mr.  Gómez. It would be of no surprise to us that more explosives were detonated and damages caused than what the official reports stated.

Fire and Explosives to Civilization!
Conspiracy Group “Breeding Crows”
Stampede Group
Affinity Groups
Pagan Sect of the Mountain


Nuclear Sciences Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Computational Research Centre of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) attacked

Two targets were attacked in Mexico City before the dark moon:

– Monday, October 5th: During the night, we placed a handmade explosive device at the entrance of the Nuclear Sciences Institute (ICN) of the UNAM, right in the middle of the University City. While the guards were listening to cumbia music, we sneaked in the shadows and managed to leave the device without problem.

The ICN is the cradle of the most prominent physicists of the UNAM and other universities, who persist in developing and perpetuating the Technological Death better called ‘Nuclear Science’.

– Wednesday, October 7th: In the morning, we left a book-bomb at the entrance of the Computational Research Centre (CIC), directed to the IPN’s community (in Gustavo A. Madero borough). While the cops of the Bank and Industrial Police were guarding the institute, we calmly left the explosive without haste.

The CIC is one of the country’s most important centres specialising in informatics, engineering, artificial intelligence and everything that has to do with artificiality, sworn enemy of wild nature. A considerable number of aberrant techno-nerds from the National System of Researchers (SNI) also hide within its facilities.

Warring on the side of All the Wild.
Against the Technological System.

Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage.

Politically Incorrect: An Interview with Wild Reaction


Michoacán, Mexico

Autumn 2015

Note from Revista Regresión (Regression Magazine): This interview with Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje: RS) ended right after its last communiqué (August 14, 2015) and we waited until now (October 2015) to publish it in the fourth issue of the magazine, Regresión. We would like to thank everyone who made this collaboration possible. The editors of this magazine have great respect for the opinions of all of the interlocutors in this interview.

Even so, we must mention that we here at Regresión have great affinity to the practices and actions of what had at one time been RS, and to the groups that have derived from it. R.

A clarification by Xapiri Thepe (XT): This interview was done via the Internet, without contact with any of the members of the now defunct group Reacción Salvaje, with Revista Regresión acting as a go-between. Contact was made via the no longer updated website El Tlatol, which relayed our questions to the members of RS. Thus, the portal Xaipiri Thepe does not necessarily condone any of the positions exposited by the now defunct group. This interview is only meant to document what had been their positions, so it is not our intention to advocate or write apologetics for violence, nor for the actions that we disagree with. This is to say that there is absolutely no group affiliation, sympathy or affinity between Xaipiri Thepe and RS.

Xaipiri Thepe (XT): This conversation took place electronically through the magazine Regresión and the website El Tlatol. Through these sources we asked for the opportunity to have this conversation via email, and this should not be interpreted as assent to or sympathy with the positions of RS. That out of the way, we would like to ask: In February the magazine, “Destroy the Prisons”, strongly critiqued your radical ecological positions. What do you have to say regarding the criticism of this anti-prison magazine? What criticism do you have of prison abolitionism? What is your position regarding this sort of abolitionism as an alternative to depriving people of liberty?

RS: First of all, we would like to thank Revista Regresión and the folks at El Tlatol for organizing this conversation, as well as for providing a forum in which we can give a response to those who desire to converse with us. Many of these ideas have already been expressed in a previous communiqué, “They Took Long Enough: Reacción Salvaje responds to Destroy the Prisons”, concerning the criticisms that these people expressed. We think that’s our final word, and we don’t want to dwell much more on the same points addressed elsewhere, so we will focus on the last questions. And that would be the abolition of prisons, correct?

XT: Yes, prison abolitionism.

RS: Well, to begin replying to that point, we would have to ask a series of other questions first, such as: How would this abolition be carried out? Would it be regional, international, universal, or other? Perhaps in that last question we are being facetious, as any person who is serious and realistic on this subject will realize beforehand that this is merely a childish fantasy and idealized utopianism. The jails will not be abolished if civilization continues, that’s obvious. But just to be clear, we are not saying by this that these people should struggle for the destruction of civilization instead. That would be falling into the same unrealistic trap.

Human jails were made to contain those whose impulses, reactions, and instincts made them incapable of living in society in a peaceful way. The technological system has an essential role to play in the penitentiary structure. There would be many more prison breaks if not for the security cameras, motion detectors, drones, electric fences, etc. One could thus quickly conclude that the object of one’s critique should not be prisons per se, but the giant technological corporations that ensure that prison really is a detention facility for those who are dangerous to the system.

Civilized life, sedentarism, to live with an abnormally large number of unknown people cooped up in the city, the frustrations, the artificial needs, the seeking of upward mobility, “stress”, junk food that poisons the blood, and many other things are actions that merit a reaction. Some people manifest this reaction by disregarding the legal structures and seeking out illegal activities. But this all comes back to the principle of causality, to action / reaction. If you live in civilization, no doubt that you will be affected by this way of life. Although we have to say that we too detest human prisons, the physical place as well as the domineering people who work there and the quarrelsome prisoners. They’re awful places. But when we talk about prisons we just don’t mean human prisoners and jails, but also all other types of prisons and cages. Another question that we can bring up here: What prisons are we talking about abolishing? Many times those who call themselves “anti-prison anarchists” are only committed, in some cases, to rejecting and attacking the prisons that hold their comrades. But they feel animosity for rehabilitation centers because these go against their principles since they limit the “freedom” for which they fight so adamantly. Many vegans, freegans, animal liberationists, ecologists and others would agree that prisons are not just these places, but also cages where they keep animals captive, be it in circuses, laboratories, universities, and nurseries.

Those who oppose formal education would agree with us that you can’t just talk about prison, we shouldn’t just mention jail cells, but also classrooms.

Those who oppose salaried labor would be in agreement that not only should the jails, the prison cells, the cages, and the schools be condemned, but also factories. And we can also point out here those who oppose psychiatrists, asylums, vices, and maybe even our own minds. But also the totality of these things, the Great Cage itself: civilization.

I once saw a cartoon of a famous cartoonist very well known in Mexico about a man who came and went to work every day and somehow tolerated his asphyxiating daily routine. But suddenly he realized that he had wings, so he spread them and began to fly. He flew over the cars stuck in traffic, and over the crowds of people, showing them that he could go wherever he liked with his wings. Smiling he flew higher and higher, feeling truly free, shedding his suitcase and his clothes. But then suddenly he hit a fence and fell. He wanted to fly higher than the rest, thinking that there were no more fences that could hold him down but he found out the hard way that there were. That’s the Great Cage we know as civilization. So the lesson is: anyone who thinks that they are totally free only does so because they haven’t yet flown high enough to hit the bars of the Great Cage. Many anti-prison anarchists, but not all, suppose that, like the man in the cartoon, getting their buddies out of jail will make them free, and that’s where the struggle ends. Many perhaps think that the prisons are the main objective, but hopefully one day they will also notice the Great Cage itself.

XT: In some of your writings you critique the positions of Kaczynski. You deny his importance yet you acknowledge him as a predecessor to your own work. Do you think that you are being unfair in not granting him a prominent place in the anti-technology movement? Aside from the contexts being obviously different, what would you say is the main difference between your position and that of the imprisoned mathematician?

RS: We gave credit where credit was due when it was appropriate. Many groups that joined RS took much from Dr. Kaczynski and they stated so publicly. This was no big deal until 2012 when the editorial group, Último Reducto, began to criticize us, and so we started to realize that we didn’t really agree with the idea of a revolution against the techno-industrial system and other things. Thus, we devised our own ideas in this regard. As we said, we always acknowledge Freedom Club’s work and the analysis of Uncle Ted, but later we had to reject them, and that’s when we stopped talking about them. But if you ask us now if he had an influence on us, of course we’d admit it. The main difference between what Kaczynski and his acolytes propose and our own position is rather simple: we don’t wait for a “Great World Crisis” to start attacking the physical and moral structures of the techno-industrial system. We attack now because the future is uncertain. You can’t create a strategy based on assumptions, thinking that all will go according to plan and with assured victory. We stopped believing in that once we grasped the enormity of the system itself, its components and its vast reach on this planet and even outside of it. If civilization collapses tomorrow, or within 30 to 50 years, we’ll know that we waged a necessary war against it from our own individuality. It’s funny, but they call us “anarchists” within the “anti-civ” movement of the early 21st century, just as they called the first people who didn’t wait for the “right” conditions to plant bombs and assassinate people “anarchists” in the 19th century. These people had serious difficulties with“legal” anarchists who wanted to wait for “revolution”, as they were often rejected by the latter as apolitical criminals. In making a comparison between us and theorists who wait for an “anti-tech” revolution, the analogy seems to stick. This is what our published words and deeds seem to be indicating.

The second difference is that we have modeled ourselves and are inspired by the resistance of primitive nomadic hunter-gatherers. Those who currently constitute RS still have in our blood the warrior spirit of our ancestors. Of course, it’s obvious to us that we are civilized individuals, but we still heed the call of the wild, and we give ourselves over to the attack on all that is unnatural. This compared to the theories of Uncle Ted which failed to go farther than a comparison between techno-industrial and previous ancient societies. Basically it’s something very similar, but we have focused on what we have in our own context here, in ancient Mesoamerica.

XT: In the United States there are radical ecologists who support a “post-apocalyptic” hypothesis. Their analysis is based on the idea that techno-industrial society has reached its peak, and its fall is inevitable. Richard Duncan has spoken of “Olduvai theory” which posits that our current industrial civilization can only have a maximum life of one hundred years starting from 1930, placing its end around 2030. The transition seems to have started in 2007 when world per capita energy production began to shrink due to falling rates of fossil fuel energy extraction, while at the same time demand increases due to the increase in population. This will cause a catastrophic economic and social collapse in the coming years, and little by little the human population will be reduced back to numbers seen in previous times. If Duncan’s hypothesis is correct, why act now instead of just waiting? And at the moment of acting, aren’t you just presenting yourselves as some sort of vanguard?

RS: Personally we don’t know how long the structures that support civilization on its decadent path will last. We can read much concerning various existing theories but still we’ll be left waiting for the appointed prophetic year in which maybe it’ll all end. But either way, all that the learned can propose are theories.

The here and now denotes all that is evil. People rot because they are content with conformism, a herd mentality, and technological “advances”. There are the technological advances invading our lives more and more and the ever-worsening economy. There are social explosions taking place everywhere you turn. Artificial reality consumes us, and it looks like things will explode sooner or later. As individualists we have decided to take the rest of our lives into our own hands and not wait for the crisis to happen. Why? Because we are already living it. We don’t want to wait because Nature encourages us to return the blows that it has received right now.

We’ll share a story with you. One night in August 2011, a section of the group Its broke into the Cinvestav of Irapuato, Guanajuato. We jumped the fence and we scaled the roof of the National Genome and Biotechnology Laboratory. From above we could see the guard at his post, speaking on the phone while we watched him hooded from the darkness. We walked to the place where they did tests. I was surprised to find in one of the rooms a large plant that was hooked up to cables so that various computers could monitor it. The only thing that I felt at that moment was disgust and the immense desire to destroy everything in that place. I saw the real manner in which technology tries to subjugate wild nature. Technology tries to obtain more information from nature under the scientific yoke, subjugating it and making it artificial. Do you think we can just sit back and wait until everything is in place for the system to fall, even when we see these horrid indicators among us even now? NO. And what if that supposed collapse doesn’t happen in 2030? We’ll put our faith in some other convincing theorist who asks that we wait until 2100? NOT THIS EITHER.

As for what you say concerning a vanguard, we don’t think we are or ever will be one. We have been a realist alternative to those who look to us, but our intention is not to guide on the straight and narrow those who consider themselves critical of the technological system. We have explained our motives from the beginning only because it seemed appropriate for us to do so, and that’s it. We don’t want to create a movement or anything like that. The only vanguard that exists here are the sincere acts of people who value nature and who have decided to take the extremist defense of wild nature to its logical conclusion. That’s all. There is no group behind any of this, or leading it.

XT: There are groups in the Southern Cone that seem to be echoing many of the same positions. Don’t you think they are franchising your ideas down there?

RS: Not at all. If those people are publishing our ideas, they have reasons that only they know. And as you say, what we are defending here is an open PROPOSITION for those who would like to take it up. Intelligent people who would like to take up some of our ideas and methods, if they are sincere, will always be looked upon in a good light by the various factions of RS.

XT: The historian Eric Hobsbawn considered the Luddite Movement as a form of “collective negotiation by uprising”, a tactic that had been used since the Restoration in Great Britain. This was the case since mass demonstrations were impractical due to the layout of factories throughout the country. Don’t you think that this anti-technological militancy serves as an overture to enact reforms favoring economic deceleration that the State must enact if it wants to continue to govern? Aren’t you doing the work of the State for it even if unwillingly?

RS: We can see today that there are growing criticisms of technology coming from many sources. There are many people who are starting to realize that the current system is rotten. So the inevitable question arises: Is this a beneficial development for the war against the technological system? If the criticisms entail refusing to negotiate with the system, this would be positive indeed. But looking at the situation we realize that the majority of criticisms of technology have a reformist slant to them. For example, they’ll say things like, “technology is making us less social and limiting interpersonal contact, it’s good if we limit its use,” “sedentary life in civilization causes a lot of health problems, we should work out more,” “we’re surrounded by artificiality and I can’t stand life in the city, let’s go live in the country,” “garbage is polluting the oceans, we should buy more environmentally-friendly products,” “technology isn’t the problem, it’s how you use it, etc,” These supposed criticisms are over negotiable things, and one could even consider them proposed measures that allow the reform of the system, as well as its strengthening and growth. But what if instead we said things like, “technology is the problem, let’s light some tech company on fire with everyone inside,” “civilization is dangerously expanding and destroying what’s left of nature in its path in the process, let’s assassinate the chief engineer of a major project,” “this idiotic society has laws that allow the machine to keep running, these are part of the problem, let’s go ahead and detonate an explosive in a public place of symbolic importance,” etc. These kinds of extremist criticisms are non-negotiable, and these are the ones we adhere to. Thus, in responding to your question, we find it difficult to believe that the system can use these ideas and praxis for reformist ends, or that these result in a means by which the system can propagate itself.

XT: To go up against the massive plot that is contemporary society is a titanic task. There are elevated chances that you could lose your life or end up in a jail cell for the rest of your lives. Why then assume defeatism as the final course of action? Don’t you see that this is akin to martyrdom?

RS: Pessimism seized us when the scales dropped from our eyes and we realized that it would be impossible to destroy the entire technological system from our individualist perspective. We do not aspire to its total destruction. This would entail convincing and leading the stupid masses at some point. We would rather work for destabilization. We would like it if the entire technological system would fall, but that’s something that we are not capable of carrying out. Último Reducto has painted us as defeatists, but we would say that this is in the eye of the beholder. We are pessimistic toward the point of view that a select group of persons can help to destroy the system through their actions, which is Último Reducto’s position. But we are not pessimists because we have surrendered. We will keep doing what we do as long as our strength and circumstances permit us to do so.

And that’s because there’s no other real thing to aspire to. We’d be fooling ourselves if we said that we are going to bring the whole megamachine down. That’s not what we want to do. We aren’t martyrs either. We’re only embarked on a mission of self-defense, to defend nature from that which opposes it, without concerning ourselves with what is to be won in the future. Nothing that could potentially happen interests us. The extremist war against the technological system should be disinterested, without expecting a positive outcome, nourished by sincere acts of reverence for and in defense of wild nature. That’s what guides us. Responding to threats is a biological need of warriors, and we behave accordingly.

XT: Wouldn’t it be better to publicly debate this position with different societal actors and let the people decide what will be their fate?

RS: The people would take the path that most suits them, namely the path of least resistance, while positions that criticize civilization are on the table so that they can decide whether to adhere to them or not. Our position is like a coin tossed in the air over this table. Whoever considers himself capable and with the right amount of guile to take it up will do so. We don’t want our tendency to be the “most coherent” among others. It’s the position we defend and that’s it.

XT: There is an issue of the U.S. magazine Green Anarchy that does a comparative study between primitivists in a group in Oregon and the agrarian communist experiment of Pol Pot in Cambodia which is entitled, “Did the Khmer Rouge practice primitivism?” Don’t you think that there is a certain continuity between your positions and those of the Khmer Rouge, with the obvious exception of the latter trying to construct a State? What would be the difference between your positions and the forced agrarian policies and primitivism that drove the Communist Party of Kampuchea at that time?

RS: What the leader of the Khmer Rouge led in Cambodia in those years was a Maoist dictatorship. It was communalism inspired by the ancient agrarian modes of life of the Khmers, the original people of that country. What most calls our attention in that period was the collapse of the infrastructure of civilization. Money ceased to exist, the schools and the markets closed, and thus they sought to transform the country into a self-sufficient extreme agrarian state. But in order for all of the country to cooperate in this endeavor and impose this way of life, large sectors of the population had to be forced to do so.

We don’t know how anyone can see continuity between our position and theirs. It wasn’t even primitivism, to tell the truth, if by “primitivism” we mean to take up again a form of life close to that of our hunter-gatherer nomadic ancestors, and not the way of life of the peasantry before the Industrial Revolution. A major difference between RS and Pol Pot is that we don’t want to force anyone to return to ancient lifeways. The people are stupid and they love to live in their modern shit. Only those few who reject civilization and go to live isolated on the mountain should be respected. We do NOT advocate communal life either before or after the collapse of the system.

XT: Kevin Tucker is another member of the inner circle of the English-speaking primitivists. He advocates a position called, “primal war”. This is a carbon copy of “social war”, posited by Johann Most and has spread among informal groups. Does your positing the warlike character of the Teochichimecas and Chichimecas, as well as your descriptions of the Mixton War, seek historical precedent for your acts? Is there any connection between Tucker’s positions and your own?

RS: To be honest we haven’t read much on Tucker’s positions, we only know that he is one of Zerzan’s colleagues, and that he was harassed by the FBI on the suspicion that he knew something about the actions of ALF/ELF. Either way, considering this question we would like to take the opportunity to clarify something that hasn’t been properly understood or something that perhaps we haven’t communicated clearly enough.

We in RS recognize and remember the Mixton and Chichimeca Wars as historical references SOLELY for the purpose of showing examples of group defense of ancient lifeways, beliefs, and places on the part of savage warriors. And some may think that, in mentioning these wars, we want to repeat these historical events in the 21st century. Maybe some thought erroneously that we really do advocate ethnic indigenous people rising up as one, or rather that they rebel and reenact what had previously been done, but that’s not the case either.

In studying these savage uprisings specifically, we felt that we had a historical foundation that linked us to the genuine extremist defense of wild nature in these areas. You could see that the indigenous Teochichimecas here did not surrender either to indigenous Mesoamerican civilization or the European one. They kept their fighting spirit, they defended their primitive origins and by extension their beliefs tied deeply to nature, which were considered pagan and thus punished by the Catholic Church. They were known for their “cruelty”, their indiscriminate attacks against soldiers, allied Indians, blacks, mulattoes, women, children, etc. Their nomadic or semi-nomadic life made them difficult to pin down, and the craggy mountains were their best hiding places. Nature hid them before and after the battle, their relationship with nature was totally developed in places like deserts, forests, or semi-deserts which the Spanish said no one could possibly survive in. We have learned about these things both from archeological and anthropological research, as well as from the elders of certain ethnic groups that still live up in the highlands, and these things fill us with pride, and we claim them as our inspiration. The souls of our worthy ancestors have seized our minds and bodies, and it is now time, today, to continue the conflict against civilization and all that would subjugate us.

XT: So social war is the same as primal war?

RS: Social war is a term embedded in and taken up by many insurrectionary anarchists, which is very much in fashion now. We in RS are in an individualist war, planned, unbound, and executed by us against a variety of targets that are at the same time real and/or represent modernity, technology, civilization, artificiality, progressivism, and humanism. The terms seem the same, you have read about the call to primal war and posit that there is a similarity between this and social war, and I guess in that you may be right. I can’t give a concrete response regarding something that we have not proposed and wouldn’t even know the details of.

XT: In a similar vein, in some of your writings we have read you criticizing anarchists for their hope for a future free society, but you give a millenarist character to wild nature. You demonstrate this in such archeological studies as “The Place of the Seven Caves” (Chicomoztok): aren’t you falling into the exact same error that you criticize? What’s the difference? Aren’t both sides pursuing an idyllic world which neither has experienced? Isn’t it a remnant of Christianity to seek redemption in an ideal world?

RS: We don’t believe in or have faith in a future society. We don’t hope to see that “Armageddon” where nature will destroy the evil of civilization. We don’t believe in any of this. If this were not the case, we would be in no position to criticize the anarchists who believe in a “better” future, since we would be advocating the same thing with some noticeable differences.

We don’t know if there will be a global collapse of the system one day. The experts say that there will be, but we cannot know for certain. It could be the case and nature will rise from the ruins. But it could be that the system is always one step ahead of things, and could become self-sufficient and repair itself with ease. As we said, we don’t know the future. We would like to, but the reality is otherwise. Chicomoztok is only a look to the past, in the codex in which we can see and interpret graphically the life that our ancestors led. We see how they used friction to create fire. We see how various tribes gathered in their respective caves. We see the fruits that they gathered, the fauna that lived around them, the hunt, their clothing, skins, jewelry, feathers, etc. There are even symbols of war. There are many symbols in that codex that seemed important and thus we adopted them, for it is a sort of window into the life of our ancestors when communing with nature.

It’s a mythical and unknowable place, so why do many of our factions sign that they are supposedly writing from Chicomoztok? When they sign their communiqués that way, it’s to mock the authorities since they can’t find us and we are in a place that doesn’t have an exact location, you see?

To clarify things, we cite here the opening of the introduction to our work, “The Place of the Seven Caves”, which we recommend be read in its entirety:

“In Wild Reaction, we understand Chicomoztok as that place isolated from civilization, the destination of many diverse savage nomad tribes, which represent the wild and full life that our ancestors enjoyed before they were convinced to adopt sedentary life.:

It is a look to the past which tends toward regression, and to that which we have been losing little by little.

It symbolizes our adherence to our primitive past and by extension to the extreme defense of wild nature, the first fire that initiates individual and group conflict against that which represents artificiality and progress.”

Many investigators have attempted to find that place called “the Seven Caves,” but until now it has been lost in a region that centuries ago constituted what is now known as the “Gran Chichimeca.” That’s a dark and shadowy place in which hides a savage essence, in which dwells a story never told before, the memory of innumerable lives, adventures and conflicts which the winter took away along with the ashes of the indigenous Teochichimecas. This is the place that the factions of RS remember in a pagan manner while we hide in plain sight, or in secrecy and terrorist anonymity.

XT: On this and returning to the publication Green Anarchy, historian John Zerzan is one of the important figures in primitivism. His positions on the negative dialectic though daring don’t lose any impeccability in their construction. What is your opinion of this historian, focusing on his positions and not on his life? What is your opinion concerning the use of language and arithmetic as tools for inter-species domination? Do you consider any of these arguments viable?

RS: In the past years, Zerzan has become one of the most “radical” theorists in U.S. primitivist circles. For us, however, he is a romantic, an optimist, and politically correct in the worst sense of the term. His positions have caused quite a stir and resulted in outright condemnation from some, especially those touching upon the theme of language. Just recently in an interview with the magazine, Vice, he said the following to a question concerning language and domination:

“I have to say this is the most speculative thing that I’ve written about. I’m not abandoning the argument, and I try to make a case for questioning symbolic activity, even including language, but it’s much more clear in terms of time, and numbers, and art. What makes it so speculative is that no one knows when speech started. There’s no way to prove it.”

As you can see, Zerzan isn’t really even sure of what he had posited many years ago.

We aren’t anthropologists who specialize in the theme of linguistics, and to tell the truth we aren’t familiar with that debate. It seems to us to be a bit petty, to be honest. Even so, we recently wrote something on this topic in an essay entitled, “Nietzsche and the actuality of his criticism of scientism”:

“The modern human is obligated to live in society, having to contend closely with his fellow man. From this through language comes law that upholds the social order, so that man may live in peace within society without entering into conflict with others. This arrangement necessitates such concepts as ‘truth’ and the ‘lie’. These designations concerning truth and falsehood are invented by rational man and are ascribed with certain validity, though they are merely anthropomorphic fantasies.”

Language in this (post)modern age has brought forth in anthropomorphic reason a scientism that tends towards artificial human progress, and for sure this attacks wild nature. The other variants of this postmodernism such as those found in art, language, arithmetic, etc. are the result of the complexity of civilization. They are tools which the system uses to make sense of all those things for which it does not have an exact or reasonable answer. These tools are only phantoms since in real life, or rather in the realm of nature, they don’t exist. Anthropomorphic thinking is nothing to the universe, but even so humans seek to falsely place themselves at the center of all things.

XT: In Mexico, do groups exists that choose voluntary isolation as happens in Amazonas and whose existence are on the margins of Western society, which is awfully close to some of the propositions of anarchism?

RS: The only groups that we are aware of that live in isolation are the Raramuris and the Wixarika, even if these are few. They inhabit the deserts and semi-deserts of northwest Mexico, even though we don’t doubt that there are others. These groups live a very simple life, they are semi-nomadic and they gather their food in the arid northern lands of ancient Mesoamerica as their Teochichimeca ancestors did. They hunt some animals and even have very unique beliefs, though it bears mentioning that these are often mixed with Catholicism. Nevertheless, it is inspiring to know that they have maintained the same perception of things that their remote and primitive ancestors had.

And quickly comparing their lives with the anarchism you are asking about, I see few similarities. First of all, there is in these ethnic groups an authority figure that the rest of the people follow, though not merely as an unjust authority. It could be the strongest or bravest man or the shaman. But it’s not up for dispute that there is an authority figure. That’s one thing that many anarchists don’t approve of: those who refuse any authority that seeks to govern since in their mind it might try to “impose” something on them.

Secondly, the people in these groups have a specific role to carry out, they have hierarchy. It may be that men have to work more in the hunting season, or it could be that women work more in the times of nomadic gathering. Or it could be that both work equally in the time of harvest if as semi-nomads they have planted something. This is all to say that there is no equality. The division of labor is considered acceptable and the role that each individual carries out is what makes the group stable and without major conflicts. These are their customs, this is how they have survived from time immemorial, Thus, one cannot say that their life is similar to anarchism since one of the qualities of the latter is equality, and this is not compatible with the lives of these indigenous groups.

Thirdly, anarchism pushes atheism, that is, not positing gods or divinities that exist above an individual. In contrast, these groups of semi-nomads (as we indicated) have a firm belief in natural divinities and spirits that are much more powerful than they are. Making gods or believing in a spiritual authority from which all emanates is something totally contrary to anarchism, or am I wrong?

Fourthly, it is the case that these societies do not have a state or police force. They are too small for someone to control them like that or for someone to assume that sort of responsibility. There are no judges either, but if the occasion arises that someone must be punished, the elders are the ones who carry it out or who indicate what would be the suitable punishment for the evil doer according to their traditions and customs. And while no one gets imprisoned, there are punishments.

Fifthly, one of the premises of anarchism is that we are all equal, that we should all have the same opportunities, and free association is one of the pillars of the construction of a “new tomorrow”. From our ecoextremist point of view, all of this is absurd. Equality does not exist, we are all different and we don’t all have the same opportunities. We accept free association not to build a new and better world, but in order to develop ourselves individually within our circle of allies and not with strange or unknown people. Anarchism’s position is very humanist and falls within the suffocating parameters of being Western. These values indicate a tendency toward progress within the human being, and thus toward the progress of civilization, even if it is one that is “freer,” “more just,” “more compassionate,” etc. All of this is still garbage. We should point out that this is our opinion concerning anarchism; anarchy, well, that’s a different story. This is how it was described by one of the most representative theorists of this anarchic tendency, Gustavo Rodriguez, when he stated the following in an interview:

“We don’t believe in miracles, even less in ‘utopian societies’. Thus, we don’t busy ourselves in trying to ‘improve’ the image of that intangible product known as ‘Utopia’. We are convinced that ‘anarchist society’ won’t suddenly materialize first thing tomorrow. To be honest, we are pretty sure that it will never materialize. But this doesn’t bother us in the least.”
“For us Anarchy is not only possible but it materializes in an ephemeral manner every time there is a successful expropriation. It is constituted in those little moments in which the night is illuminated by refractory flames. It is confirmed in every jail break, it is verified by every instance of physical elimination of our enemies.”

Although we digress a bit from the main subject at hand, I will continue. The main point is that these isolated societies do not have a moral code similar to that of anarchism. So as stated in the second point they do not have equal opportunity, and that is something that is incompatible with what anarchism proposes. I think that if you wanted to find a good comparison with another system that aligns better with the positions, values, and practice of anarchism, you would need to have recourse to the communities of free spirits, hippies, peasants, and others who have went off by themselves to live a more autonomous or sustainable life. But with the small societies in voluntary isolation there’s really no comparison there. Though, after discussing all of that, my own question would be: what does anarchism refer to then? For there seem to be infinite meanings and interpretations over which even the anarchists themselves have little control.

XT: It’s interesting that you bring up concerning the groups of voluntary isolation in Mexico, but what do you think of the anti-development theories of Miguel Amorós?

RS: Amorós’s anti-development propositions are interesting in terms of the megamachine, not only describing its economic aspects but also its civilizing elements. They describe quite well what modern progress has ended in, perverting ecosystems and how it is that population growth has invaded our natural surroundings.

However, we must state that there are things that didn’t really convince us in Amorós’s book, “Anti-development perspectives” in which he stated: “the salvation of our age depends upon the generalization of [anti-developmentalism] as a determined form of consciousness.”

“Salvation of our age?” Maybe the above-mentioned theorist believes that one day in the distant future, when his ideas are “generalized”, the survivors will somehow “save” the age from harmful development, which seems to fall again into the vague category of “revolution”. And we’re not just speaking off the cuff here. The “friend” of the Friends of Ludd proposes a “new type of revolution”.

It should be repeated that his critique is good and in that regard it draws attention to the idea that he hints at when writing against work and consumption, a necessary negation considering his anti-development ideas. What we are not in agreement with is when he proposes a perennial imaginary scenario about a possible “revolution”.

Is it possible for the critique to remain in motion, the negation of all that exists, and the drive that incites the individualist to take the reins of his own life, stealing it and appropriating it, without wanting something more transcendent, like a “revolution”?

XT: Almorós’s position for you is useful but you disagree adamantly concerning the positing of a future that undoubtedly implies a “revolution” of a new type. One thing we’ve never read about is your opinion on how other sectors of society are affected. You have no opinion on sexual preference, disabled people, indigenous people in struggle, political prisoners, etc. Don’t you think tha,t in focusing your criticisms on technological development, you are leaving behind a myriad of conflicts and submitting to the technological mindset at the same time in that you are becoming “specialists” in a manner of speaking which is of value to contemporary society?

RS: That’s a good question. Hold on to your hat because you are definitely not going to like our answer.

On “indigenous people in struggle,” as you have written, we have addressed this to the “Destroy the Prisons” group: We recognize the resistance of the Purepechas in defending and dying for the forests of Michoacán. We admire the rebellious Huichols who oppose with all of their might the development of mines in San Luis Potosí. We support the Chichimecas who resist the Christianizing of their native beliefs in Guanajuato. We back up the Mixtecos who reject at all costs the medicine of the city and prefer to continue to keep healing themselves with plants that they gather in the mountains of Oaxaca at the risk of being regarded as witches. We support the decision of the Kilwa who prefer extinction to being absorbed by Western life. We exalt the resistance that distinguishes some Raramuris as semi-nomads detached from civilization in the deserts of Chihuahua. The struggle against progress and in defense of the Earth encompasses indigenous people who resist in their homelands, as well as civilized people in the cities committing acts of sabotage and terrorism against that same progress. For the struggle in defense of Nature is not one alone. The strategy, contexts, situations, and risks all vary.

As for “political prisoners”, there’s not much to say. If we don’t share their political positions and activism, we find no reason to defend them. Those who are in the can for those activities have their own circle of supporters, those people can take care of them while in prison. It should be pointed out that RS does not have anyone imprisoned for anything related directly to our activities, and truth be told we’re proud to be able to say that. For those jealous anarchists who we know full well criticize us, we ask: how many people in prison does RS have? None. How many imprisoned anarchists are there? A lot. That speaks much to how careful we are in terms of security, and that in the face of a recent series of actions and robberies that we carried out (Note: this refers to the counteroffensive of April 2015). We’ve always come out unscathed from these due to our boldness and discretion. This isn’t arrogance, it’s the reality. People who can accept that, great, but those who can’t can continue with their sniveling and sterile criticism.

Some time ago, the Nocturnal Hunter Faction of RS detonated an explosive at the Mexican Telethon Foundation, over there in the municipality of Tlalnepantla in the State of Mexico. The butane pipe explosive exploded in the entrance of that place destroying the glass that protected a bunch of wheelchairs for kids, leaving them all burned. In its communiqué, the faction stated the following:

“The ‘Teletón Foundation’, is also an agency along with the two most prestigious universities in Mexico (UNAM and ITESM), in charge of the development of technological and scientific innovation with therapeutic purposes, to say, together they completely adhere to the idea of civilized progress, to make sure this system follows its course. Surely many will ask: And what harm is caused by the existence of these types of charities for disabled people? Perhaps the questioners have not taken into account that the system always dresses as a “well intentioned nun” to continue perpetuating itself. Complete technology will always have the same purpose in whichever of its forms, whether therapeutic or weaponizing, educational or of massive destruction, medicinal or poisonous. And that purpose is to continue existing over wild nature, because of this our attack.

Without more explanations: We are not Christians, nor do we characterize nobility, we do not seek nor defend charity from anyone or with anyone!”

Based on this attack many “Zerzanians” branded us as cruel, inhuman, even to the point of comparing us to ISIS, something that instead of bothering us, made us laugh out loud. And that’s because many “gringo primitivists” over there are so politically correct, so romanticist when it comes to their embedded image of the “noble savage”, that they are deeply scandalized when “Mexican” critics of the technological system do these sorts of things. We couldn’t care less about disabled people. Like persons without disabilities, they form part of the same complex system, and we attack their institutions regardless of if they are missing limbs or if they are sick or not. Yeah we did it, and we’ll keep doing it, regardless of what people think. Sexual orientation is a big thing now, the defenders of the rights of homosexuals and the rest of those people. They’ve won their struggle that they’ve been waging for years now and they can marry legally like everyone else. They can have jobs and even top level jobs, they can get medical attention if they are infected after some wild party, they can adopt kids, etc. Their struggle has meant that they can now integrate into society (with all of its prejudice) and be another cog in the machine. The same is the case for other previously vulnerable groups: feminists wanted gender equality, now they can be exploited by employers just like their husbands, fathers, and sons. Blacks can now hold important positions even in government (just like that bloodthirsty Obama!) which they were excluded from just 50 years ago; now they form part of the dirty system. It’s the same thing that happens with these disabled people. If we put in the same room an average man, a black man, a woman, a disabled person, a gay man, and an animal rights activist, you will see that they all have distinct personalities, thoughts, morals, abilities, etc. but one thing unites them. Every one of them has a role to play in society, and that’s to uphold the integrity of the system and make sure that it keeps on going. For us they are perhaps different but perhaps not, for we see one general rule followed here, and that is the HUMAN (such as it is) expressly contributes to the destruction of wild nature. His civilization is destroying all in its path, his technology is turning everything more and more mechanical and his science subjugates that which is natural and turns it artificial. We don’t focus on the problems of people, or on the problems of one sector in particular. I think that there are people who see, worry about, and fight on behalf of lesser causes, such as obtaining “rights”, new laws, reforms, support for oppressed groups, etc. That’s their specialty, not ours. We focus on the technological system, on civilization, for this is the root of all evils that besiege us as a species, the rest are symptoms of the real problem.

XT: In truth we have to agree to disagree (strongly) on these last points, from the way you tackle them to your opinion about oppressed groups. But let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the current low intensity war in Mexico centered around narcotrafficking. The escape of Chapo Guzman is clearly indicative of the complicity of some authorities with those elements. What’s your opinion on narcotrafficking?

RS: You know, Mexico is a steaming pile of shit. It’s conflicted, corrupt, and prostituted to the highest bidder, treacherous, run down, and even though there are people who say that there are “good things” about it, we see more bad things than good to be honest. Really we can’t even know if there person who was imprisoned in that maximum security prison and who escaped was actually Chapo Guzman, or an impostor. That’s for starters. Lies piled upon lies are daily fare here. Personally, I don’t trust anything that the media blabbers about, every one of them is blowing shit out of their ass. That there is a low intensity war going on, that’s for sure. But you can speak of this just not in terms of narcotrafficking, there are also groups, politicians, private interests, etc.

Drug trafficking continues because people consume a great quantity of narcotics, since city life has totally corrupted our species. They seek happiness in certain substances that only cause health problems. It’s a profitable business: as long as there are addicts, business is booming. But you know what? You’re going to say that I sound like a broken record, but the problem isn’t the addicts or the dealers, not the hired guns who kill defending their turf, nor the chemists who make the product, nor the politicians who permit the whole business, nor the drug lords who get rich off it all. The problem is civilization itself. And as long as the Great Cage exists, all of these problems, from narcotrafficking to corruption to prostitution to human and organ trafficking to pediophilia to rape and all of the other horrible things that we all know as those immersed in artificial reality will continue to exist as well.

Yes, it’s sad that entire families have to abandon their homes because of violence. It’s outrageous that one of your family members ends up being killed in the crossfire between drug cartel assassins and the Marines. It’s disturbing that the situation that we are living in Mexico is getting worse and more and more cynical by the day. But narcotrafficking and all of the things that go with it have only one cause, and that is civilization.

XT: That is an interesting point. To close, Mexico is living through a turbulent period, with an important social mobilization taking place. How do you see the future of this place? Are we getting close to a popular uprising?

RS: For a while we’ve been hearing about there being a popular uprising. There was one supposedly in Oaxaca in 2006, or a couple of years ago there was talk among experts of the right conditions for one in Michoacán. Even though this latter one was a bit different from what happened in Oaxaca, confrontation there died down gradually as the defense units started working with the government, whatever. They said 2010 would be the year, then 2012. After the disappearance of the students of Ayotzinapa there was a tense atmosphere in Guerrero as well as in the center and southern regions of the country. But what has happened up until now? Business as usual, injustices and massacres as in the past forty years. Repression of protesters and the indignant response to this repression… like a vicious circle, a circle in which the State comes out the winner. A large scale popular uprising? Yeah, whatever.

More to the point, two RS factions saw an opportunity to unleash a wave of violence and to inflict direct damage at the heart of Mexico City. On November 20th of last year, on the anniversary of the Mexican “Revolution”, there was a demonstration demanding justice for the 43 students who disappeared in Guerrero. Tensions were high and confrontation was a given. The “Blood and Flame” and “War Dance” Factions of RS were in attendance, with every intention of instigating a confrontation between police and protesters. Members of these factions stated that they saw plain clothes police agent provocateurs infiltrating the anarchist Black Bloc. RS infiltrated their ranks and began the provocation. There was a moment where, if the momentum had continued, the people would have taken the National Palace, at which point the military police would have opened fire on those folks. That would have been the precise moment to return fire and escalate the conflict, deepening the war against civilization. We should clarify that, as always, RS doesn’t take all of the credit, there were many hooded folks and common people in various groups who were in the thick of it, that’s true. Even though what the factions wanted at that moment didn’t come to pass, the disturbance worried the government greatly.

In their communiqué, the factions stated:

“One of our objectives on the path to destabilization is to provoke violent confrontations so that guards open fire against the citizenry and the latter decide to defend themselves, thus escalating the conflict. ‘For when the crisis becomes more acute, it’s better to push it along and make it worse…’

As we have written previously, RS is not a group that either ‘understands’ or ‘respects’ the masses. We don’t participate in demonstrations to express “solidarity”, not to ask for ‘peace’ and ‘justice’. The RS factions want to escalate them and see this system and this civilization burn and fall due to the problems of those who constitute it.”

XT: This seems like it will be the last RS communiqué after its self-dissolution, as was proclaimed in its August communiqué. This then is the swan song and the last words of the unburied corpse. Though we disagree with their tactics and we distance ourselves from their actions, we appreciate the efforts of the people at Revista Regresión as well as those of the now defunct blog Tlatol for making this electronic conversation possible.


Wild Reaction MORTE

Wild Reaction MORTE

August 14 2015

This past Full Moon, somewhere in the Old Northern Mesoamerica, was held the general meeting of Wild Reaction [RS] and it’s affinity groups, in which the following points were concluded:

1.- It is necessary to continue separately with the individual and group initiatives of those who came together in RS a Gregorian year ago (1). Wild Reaction more than a formal group was a meeting of thoughts and practices relating to the extreme defense of wild nature and against the artificiality imposed by the modern technological system, which selectively reunited valuable individualists breaking off from groups and cells active in sabotage and terrorism since 2007. Those who got involved in it take with them learnings and wisdom, strategies, operativity, and some other things.

2.- It could be said that some individuals within RS, did not entirely agree with what was stated by the communiques or with what was being done from the beginning. Points of view were always respected, of course, provided when criticism had a valid basis. This is another reason why RS ceases to exist to begin a NEW phase of struggle and extremist resistance against the scientific and technological system, against the artificiality of human progress and against civilization. After fruitful internal discussions, the cycle ends for Wild Reaction, and another begins.

3.- RS was nourished by the propaganda work of its direct dissemination bodies such as “Ediciones Aborigen” from Hidalgo in charge of the “Carbon Ink Groupuscule”, the “Regresión” publication of Michoacan in charge of the “Coyote-skin Cloak Groupuscule”, and the website “El Tlatol” from Guanajuato by the “Council of Uehuetlatolli Groupuscule”. Each of these bodies served at the time with a work of analysis, study, statement, and the spreading of eco-extremism both in the territory called Mexico and outside of it. After separation of RS, “Ediciones Aborigen” and “El Tlatol” have dissolved to start other projects of dissemination or not.
The only project of its kind that remains is the “Regresión” publication, the editors will continue to be on the lookout for what happens during the “Post Mortem” of RS.

4.- Wild Reaction has divided into four groups:

  1. A) Anonymous groups or individuals unwilling to claim their acts of terrorism or sabotage, with no interest in a fixed name or standing by initials.
  2. B) Groups or individuals with no direct claim by Internet of the attacks carried out, but they WILL be leaving small claims of action with the detonating explosives, and graffiti in places where they act, etc.
  3. C) Groups with distinctive names and claims on the internet and/or at the location of the attacks, these may be terrorist or sabotage. We wont mention names now, these groups will be revealed in their own time and guidelines.
  4. D) Individualists Tending to the Wild will continue executing acts of terrorism, as it did before RS.

The cycle ends but the war is ongoing, remaining in the history of RS are the propaganda strategies, the detonation of explosive devices, the rhetoric put into action, the activation of incendiary devices, the mockery of the authorities, the sending of parcel bombs, the damage, the injuries, the psychosis, the bomb threats, the exaltation of paganism, the use of firearms, the participation in riots to create tension and provoke the idiotic masses, the sadistic romanticism, the answered criticism by joint communiques, the propaganda of terror, the armed robberies at convenience stores and banks which were never claimed, the symbolism in images and pictures, the construction of eco-extremist discourse based on the resistance of the native hunter-gatherer and nomadic warriors, the international conspiracies, etc. Although it is certain that all this will continue with the groups that have broken off from RS, each will create their own history.
Without further explanation, long speeches or unnecessary analysis:

Wild Reaction
Kill or Die
Night Hunter
Coyote-skin Cloak
Carbon Ink
Rain of Arrows
Until your death or mine!
Uaxixil Spirit
Mixtón Thunder
Lord of the Green Fire
Of the Occult
Council of Uehuetlatolli
Lurking Wildcats

Death to Wild Reaction!
Life to the new eco-extremist Groups!
In extreme defense of wild nature!
Against the technological system EVERYTHING goes!

1) About the “anniversary” of RS, an American site dedicated to the fight against terrorism published on its Twitter account, the 12th of this month, “Anti-Technology Group Claims Attempts to Fire-Bomb Three Locations in Mexico” the text is the communique of the RS Groupuscules “Mixtón Thunder” and “Lord of the Green Fire”, on the packages with incendiary devices left at the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Electricity Commission and the Lucerna University on July 2 of this year.
On the 13th the Mexican media made a whole fuss about this information, one of these tabloid articles by the Milenio Diario where it was declared “Terrorism site alert of possible attacks in Mexico.” Its lines full of paranoid lies and bad handling of the English language reveal all the media who followed suit as ignorant, what they come to do to sell. ALL our deepest scorn to them.…


Package bomb for ICA engineers

Chikomoztok, July 8, 2015

The company ICA (Civil and Associated Engineers) is the giant of infrastructure in Mexico. The construction of freeways, urban complexes, hydroelectric plants, airports, refineries, metro stations and more, are the areas that this company manages. Consequently, ICA is one of the targets to attack, since we consider their mere presence in whatever place they are building to be involved in the perpetuation of the system, which develops itself through the destruction of nature, contamination of ecosystems, disturbance of the natural order, etc. This company, property of the abhorrent magnate Carlos Slim, is one of the main responsible entities that make civilization’s stain grow exponentially, converting this artificial reality into something completely alien, mediated and limiting.

The persons responsible for part of this sort of business continuing are various, from the workers to the engineers, administrators and investors, each and every one of these people are undeserving of the slightest consideration, all are enrolled within the industry of infrastructure, which is a latent threat that drives the disappearance and subjugation of wild nature.

In the early hours of July 5, we headed for the offices of the Grupo Cuevas (located in the Tepetlacalco neighborhood in Tlalnepantla, Mexico State), a consortium closely tied to the ICA company, and left a package bomb inside their parking lot, addressed to this conglomerate of engineers which, even though they are the ones charged with designing and maintaining the constructions of a civilization always in areas of expansion, is decadent.

According to the news from the press (1), on July 6th the letter was brought inside the building and opened by one of the secretaries who works in those offices, which caused the package bomb to explode, creating a nervous breakdown, police mobilization, and alarm among the engineers complicit in civilization’s devastation. Even though, according to the press, due to a failure in the activation mechanism the device didn’t achieve full detonation, don’t worry, we’re already working on making the next one more forceful…

With this act we want to say to the engineers (tied to the ICA or not): You are in our sights, we will not stop until we return the attack that you have carried out against wild nature. Today it was a package bomb, maybe tomorrow it will be something more…

Enough contemplation, no negotiations or limitations!
All against the technological system!

Wild Reaction
“Nocturnal Hunter”
“Thunder of the Mixtón”

1) “Sobre provoca explosión de baja magnitud en Tlalnepantla” [“Letter sets off low-intensity explosion in Tlalnepantla”]. El Universal, July 7, 2015.


Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership

n the early hours of July 5th we left an explosive device underneath a luxury car of the ‘Autosat Satélite’ Mercedes-Benz dealership which is located at México-Querétaro Avenue in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

We do not underestimate any attack against the technological system; the members of Savage Reaction have made use of various modes of operation to continue ambushing and striking those directly responsible for the destruction and artificialisation of wild nature, and we will keep on doing so.

The rainfall continues, so do the attacks!

The thunders feed the instinct of attack so as to fall upon the infected heads of the enemies of the Indomitable…

Savage Reaction
‘Until Your Death or Mine!’ Groupuscule


Envelopes with incendiary devices against institutions of the technological system

Chikomoztoc, July 3, 2015.

“But how can we pretend that one dies in time who has never lived in time? It would be better if they had not been born. This is what Nature desires for the people who are extraneous in the world.” – F.

Envelopes with electromechanical activation and incendiary charge have been left in various targets in Mexico State, yesterday, July 2 of this year:

– The Commission of Human Rights of Mexico State (Ecatepec General Office of Investigations): located on Avenida Morelos a few blocks from downtown San Cristóbal, the envelope was addressed to the head of investigations.

We decided to attack this institution since it symbolizes humanism and progressivism, we repudiate all those who go screeching to these kinds of committees to demand guarantees of their human “rights,” “respect” for their group decisions and an “end” to repression; it is absurd that these low-lives expect these kinds of meager organizations to resolve their problems, to protect, and defend them. A clear example of how is that the modern human has put his own security in the hands of strangers, instead of taking justice into his own hands and defending himself as he did before. These kinds of institutions are a banality, the “pus,” only a simple facade for dissimulating the system’s incapacity to manage internal problems in a decadent society, and this is why we attacked it. (1)

– The Valley Division of North Mexico (Federal Electricity Commission), Ecatepec Zone: located between Avenia Revolución and the México-Texcoco Highway, the envelope was addressed to the head of this division.

For us, attacks directed against the heads of the electrical substations are just as valid as attacks against their facilites. Any attack against this kind of industry is justified, whether the target opens the package and is wounded, or anyone who works in this institution, at the end of the day it’s the same, everyone working for the progress of the technological system and the devastation of the nature that remains–some out of “necessity” and others to maintain their defined economic status, so they deserve what happens to them. The associated people are not absolved of causing the action. (2)

– Lucerna University (Coacalco Campus): located on Avenida López Portillo, the envelope was addressed to the professor in charge of the Department of Information Technology.

In the present era, full of digital data, technological innovations, and artificial aberrations, it is vitally important to continue the project of attacking these kinds of sciences, which, day by day, stupefy the dependent minds of the enslaved modern human, making a total absurdity of the imposed reality. Sciences like these, which tend toward alienation and have declared war on the Wild, need to be an objective and fixed target of those who, like ourselves, cling to their most primal and wild past. (3)

Today, like yesterday, we shout to the four winds:
Nature is good, Civilization is bad!

Wounds and sabotages against those in charge of maintaining the electrical industry!
Shrapnel in the bodies of the leaders of humanist institutions!
Death for those who prepare the way toward a super-artificial and hyper-civilized present!

Wild Reaction
“Thunder of the Mixtón”
“Master of the Green Fire”


  1. This attack caught the attention of the communication media; that same day the periodical Milenio published “Package with explosive bursts in Edomex DH investigations.” In the journalist news it is disclosed that a public official of that institution had opened the package and was wounded by the explosion. We do not regret their wounds or their terror, we have availed ourselves of surprise and deception to continue with this war against civilization and human progress, and so we will continue to do.
  2. About this action El Universal published that same day “Envelope with explosive device left in CFE-Ecatepec,” the news confirmed that the package was found, but was encapsulated and set off by the police bomb squad without any injuries.
  3. There was no public reference about this last action.



Attack on the WEST PLAZA PARK industrial project in Zapopan

Bit by bit we have started to drown in this concrete jungle, provoked by the progress of a decadent system that is driven on by a few individuals who think they own the world. They have been laying waste to it bit by bit, and even now they continue to pillage wild nature in an attempt at domination. Against them, we appeal to direct action to put the brakes on the machinery that devours these spaces, such as Primavera Forest [lit. Spring Forest, a so-called “protected natural area” outside of Zapopan].

To all those who threaten wild nature and our lives, we say that we will not stop until we see you destroyed. This is the beginning, and we are ready for more. Today it was just the machinery that we burned – tomorrow it could be the lives of those who demand the destruction and looting of nature. We are not interested in dialogues or pacts with your authorities, we don’t want the donation of small spaces that you call nature preserves or protected areas – we don’t want your scraps of forests, and we will not engage in dialogue for the liberty that was stolen from us. We are tired of resisting as we have for more than 500 years now – this is our moment and we are taking the offensive. We will not cross our arms and watch how you destroy the earth, taking flora and fauna with it.


In the early morning of Monday, July 15, we attacked the construction site of WEST PLAZA PARK, a future warehouse and industrial ship company. This project was being built in the vicinity of the Primavera Forest, an ecosystem that is in grave danger due to the construction of subdivisions and infrastructure projects. The need to defend this territory has become evident when what little defense is shown takes place through ambiguous and insipid campaigns.

Thus, we lay claim to the burning of construction equipment, excavators, transport vehicles, and industrial tubing on your property.

We waited in the forest before coming out to attack. The moon and the fireflies lit up the night, before melting together with the fires of the savages.

In defense of all that is savage.


original in Spanish | in Greek


Statement from Wild Reaction about attacks in Puebla and elsewhere

Several months ago, the communication media falsely attributed to us a series of attacks on various targets in different parts of the Mexican republic, for which reason we want to present the following:

  1. The groupuscules of Wild Reaction (RS) do not have contact or overlap, direct or indirect, with anarchist groups of an insurrectional, anti-prison, or liberationist stripe, nor any of their variants.

Although it is worth mentioning with all sincerity that some of their actions have been applauded by some of RS’ members (although NOT all) at some time, actions in Mexico like the burning of the metrobus, for example.

  1. On the 30th of September of last year, a group of encapuchados attacked a property of UNAM with molotov cocktails; in the skirmish, firearms were detonated against the campus security, and even though we did not make any statement (since the means as much as the claim of the deed made it obvious that it was not us) at the time, the communication media FALSELY placed responsibility for the action on us.
  2. During the month of April and May of this year, 2015, some groupuscules of RS carried out various attacks and attempts in the town of the State of Mexico, the offensive, which was framed as a group “sub-phase” around the reutilization of old means (b), combined with the undeniable evidence of our operational level, called the attention of the media, which distorted the information from our communiques. On April 27-28, they published notes that (again) falsely put responsibility on us for the explosive in the INE in Puebla on March 27 (c), an act that was carried out by an anarchist group, but who in their text (according to what we read) did not answer to any psuedonym, signature or initials. As always, the press wants to put a name on everything to occupy their spaces of rotten fallacies.
  3. During the early hours of June 1st, persons unknown carried out coordinated attacks in the capital of Puebla, the communcation media again wanted to involve us (d). Through this small text we say that none of the groupuscules of Wild Reaction are involved in these attacks, nor in the political demands of those responsible. It was NOT RS that proposed the “Black June” campaign, RS does NOT consider itself a political group that intends to boycott the elections; RS has always distanced itself from political-popular demands due to considering them outside of our individualist tendency and unconnected to our practical interests.

RS is a group of politically-incorrect individualists who violently attack the material bases of the scientific-technological system, civilization and human progress, nothing more, nothing less!

We know who the ones trying to involve us are, we know the state-press game, the federal government has been trying to deal with us for some time, but in their desperate attempt to get some evidence they are smearing some people who have nothing to do with RS. We know that this is not the last time that they will try to involve us with them, but there will always be a response from us…

In extreme defense of and for wild nature.
Against the technological system, civilization and progress.

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)

Kill or Die (Matar o Morir)
Nocturnal Hunter (Cazador Nocturno)
Coyote-Skin Cloak (Manto de Piel-coyote)
Rain of Arrows (Lluvia de flechas)
Until Your Death or Mine! (Hasta tu muerte o la mía!)
Uaxixil Spirit (Espíritu Uaxixil)
Thunder of the Mixtón (Trueno del Mixtón)
Master of the Green Fire (Señor del Fuego Verde)
Of the Occult (De lo Oculto)
Council of the Uehuetlatolli (Concejo del Uehuetlatolli)
Wild Cat Lurker (Acecho de Gato Montes)


  1. a) “PGR investigating Wild Reaction Group.” Azteca Noticias, October 3, 2014.
  2. b) These old methods refer to the explosive devices detonated in a Ford dealership in Tlalnepantla (April 9th), in the Palace of Justice in Atizapán (April 25th) and in the Cuautitlan Department of Higher Studies (May 14), as well as the placement of a book-bomb in the Coalcalco UVM campus (April 15), the arson that severely damaged a Telmex telephone tower in Atizapán (April 17), the belated claim of incendiary attacks carried out in Xalapa (Veracruz 2011), Saltillo (Coahuila 2011), and the explosives detonated in the State of Mexico, Irapuato and León (Guanajuanto 2010-2011). It is worth mentioning that a new method was also put into practice: the armed attack against a Lumbrera of the Tunel Emisor Oriente (April 22) in Nextlalpan.
  3. c) “Wild Reaction claims the attack on Puebla INE.” E-consulta, April 27, 2015.
  4. d) “Explosive attacks on the Pubela INE, SE and metrobus.” La Jornada, June 1, 2015.

Explosive on the outskirts of FES-Cuautitlán campus

The morning of May 14 of this year, we prepared a fire extinguisher full of dynamite, black powder and phosphorous powder with a homemade slow-fuse detonator. We abandonded it on the outskirts of the Cuautitlán campus of the Higher Studies School (FES-C), a school belonging to UNAM, near one of its entries.

We left the device along with a false one, which was intended to create more tension after the fire extinguisher detonated.

The FES-C, home to several of the scientists who work in various sciences cruel to Nature, two examples being Armando Shimada and Adriana Galem Rondero, who attack the natural in their areas of investigation and use their knowledge to impose, in one way or another, the artificiality of this technological system. The detonation was for them and for their progressive students whose sights are set on expanding, with their academic studies, the anthropocentric modernity which is carrying us to destruction as a species. The modern human is the one who thinks that they have all the answers, meddling in natural cycles and perverting them with their evidence and their complex tests between four walls, in order to thus fabricate “answers” and supposed “truths” which the resultant society swallows whole. “Answers” or “truths” that are discharged from their closed scientific points of view, which in the final count are NOTHING in the face of the force of the Unknown in Nature. UNAM has been the nest of many recognized scientists such as the mathematician José Antonio de la Peña, the physicists Adolfo Sánchez Valenzuela and Jorge Flores Valdés, and the biologist Valeria Souza, the time is coming when there is security neither inside nor outside the school. If they remain determined to attack Nature, we will return the blow.

Since “Individualists tending toward the wild” abandoned an explosive package inside this same institution in September 2011, let them know it again, they continue to be OUR target, there is no doubt of that. UNAM and all its offices and departments continue to be the target, as well as private universities.

As usual, the state authorities hid the event; we did it without a care, we left the explosive right under their noses, in broad daylight. Do they believe that trying to block the sound with their fingers will stop us?

Let fear and terror return to the research centers!
Until we demolish the foundations of the Tower of Science!
For the extreme defense of Wild Nature!

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
Groupuscule Thunder of the Mixtón (Grupúsculo Trueno del Mixtón)
Groupuscule of the Unknown (Grupúsculo de Lo Desconocido)


Explosive set off in the Atizapán Palace of Justice

We do not respect or serve any laws other than the natural laws, we despise the whole cumulous of words compiled in thick books, which under punishment dictate the behavior of individuals. We reject and deny the laws of the governments, the moral laws imposed by the society, the western cultural laws, the technological laws of innovation, the laws of the injurious religions’ creeds, all those artificial and ephemeral mandates collapse under their own weight, we challenge them and mock them, attacking head-on.

This is why, in the night of April 25, we set off toward the Palace of Justice in Atizapán, Zaragoza, on the Lago de Guadalupe highway, and abandoned one of our explosives right in front of the aforementioned edifice.

At a distance of a few blocks, the device activated and the streets were invaded by the explosion’s sound wave; the nighttime street vendors and the cars that passed by the place were witness to this act of negation.

Know this well: the groupuscules of Wild Reaction also have governmental institutions in their sights, since these are the faithful reflection of the rotting of this civilization, and of the absurd dynamics of the industrial society, at which we scoff with this sort of action.

The bombs will keep exploding and their boom is but the light breeze of wild nature over us; it is only a matter of time until Wild Reaction’s hunt bears fruit…

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
Groupuscule “until your death or mine!” (Grupúsculo ¡Hasta tu muerte o la mía!)


Wild Reaction attack on TEO tunnel

The Tunel Emisor Oriente (TEO) is one of the largest registered engineering projects having to do with deep drainage systems. Built to avoid flooding in the cities, it begins in the state of Hidalgo and passes through towns in Mexico State. The TEO is composed of 24 Lumbreras which are able to take in up to 150 cubic meters of waste water per second. The Lumbreras (which are large holes in the earth), act as vents for entry into the tunnel and for doing maintenance on it with heavy machinery.

Involved in this effort are various institutions of the federal government (1) and various private businesses (2). One of their goals (aside from “saving” the rotten cities from the floods that wild nature sends as a response to the devastating industrial progress) is the hypocritical function of environmental improvement. What environmental improvement are they talking about? The “improvement” that consists of destroying a vast zone of grasslands and forests for their convertible tunnel that safeguards the integrity of civilization? Because that is what they have done with their construction: trees were uprooted, green zones left buried by the concrete of their “Mexican exterior circuit” highway that runs along these Lumbreras, native animals were also affected, the river that runs through this area was turned into a canal of black water and disgusting trash, the ecological balance was violated again by human progress: if this is what “improvement” means to the architects and defenders of this “magnum opus,” then they are doing very well.

This is why the “Groupuscule of The Occult” of Wild Reaction made for one of the TEO Lumbreras on the night of April 22nd, between the towns of Nextlalpan and Tonanitla in Mexico State, we leapt over the barbed wire fence that protects the canal of black water and behind a large pepper tree that remained standing, we performed several firearm detonations against the machines, structures and walls of the construction. The shots damaged and terrorized those who were in the site, and with the thunder of the detonating bullets were the sounds of the animals killed for the construction, the violent rush of the wind that moved the leaves of the trees now fallen, and the imperceptible song of the water of the river turned black by the artificial, and were also the war cries of our ancestors: Axcan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!*

Of no use were the scandalous illumination, the surveillance of the place and the nighttime patrols of state and federal police, The Occult covered ourselves in our cloak and took off without a problem.

With this armed action we declare:

Death and blood to those who destroy the Earth!

There will be more bullets to their structures and to their heads!

For the extremist defense of wild nature!

At war against the technological system!

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
“Groupuscule of The Occult” (Grupúsculo de Lo Oculto)


(Chile) Claim for the burning of a transantiago bus, in the early hours of April 7th

Because we act in consequence with the contempt we feel towards civilization and all of its machinery. In the early hours of April 7, we activated an incendiary device which resulted in the complete torching of a bus located at 210 Ecuador St, at the corner of Concon in the Estacion Central neighborhood.

This action is a gesture of combative solidarity for the Anti-prison days of April 10-20.

Especially, we send lots of strength to Javier Pino and Natalia Collado.

Also to Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores, Guillermo Durán, and Enrique Guzmán, on hunger strike since April 14th.

In remembrance of the thousands of animals killed under the disgusting wheels of the motorized vehicles of civilization.

Stampede Action Group


Incendiary attack against Telmex cell phone tower

April 17, 2015

The  group “Until your death or mine” burned a cellphone tower on the México-Toluca highway at the height of the Atizapán municipality, México State. We broke the fence and barbed wire which “protected” the antenna and placed an incendiary device with homemade retarder on the power supply cables. Later we watched the device light and illuminate the night, the fire expanding from the burned antennae and damaging some property of that damn Telemex company.

The antenna was left useless, in this way we continue the string of actions in which as we have already reiterated in advance, everything which makes up and symbolizes civilization, progress, technology, artificiality, and science will be attacked in any form.

Wild nature reclaims what belongs to it, the hills separated by the aforementioned highway, the trees chopped down for the construction of the high tension power and communication cables, animals (human and not) forced to abandon their habitat by the pestilent expansion of civilization, everything which progress has not respected and does not respect screams vengeance, our ancestors possessed our minds, now the fire of war is ours.

Resistance to everything else!

Wild Reaction
Group “Until your death or mine”


Book bomb to communication sciences department at UVM Coacalco

In the morning of April 14 of this year, we left a book-bomb in the facilities of the University of Mexico Valley (UVM), on its Coacalco campus in Mexico State.

The explosive was addressed to the Department of Communication Sciences. This is by far one of the most demanded academic degrees for the workforce, spanning journalists to filmmakers, and although it encompasses various branches, most are focused on feeding the diffusion aparatus of progress and technology.

The system needs propaganda, needs people who are responsible for manipulation and alienation in mass (and non-mass) media, it needs to make the passive and dissident masses see a half “truth”, which goes for virtual media as much as for persons dedicated to covering up its greatest lies. Or was it not the communications experts who were in charge of trying to hide Grupo México’s attack on nature with its spilling of toxic waste in Sonora last year (to mention an example)? It was them, the ones who insist on accomodating progress in this decadent society, who sell their “labor” to make the system continue to extend, propagating attitudes that the recipients unconsciously transform into values, which tend to be inoffensive for the convenience of the same technological system.

As is customary, the act was silenced, maybe by the political crisis threatening the country, maybe by anarchists’ call to boycott the upcoming elections, maybe because the commotion wouldn’t be in the private university’s interest, whatever it was, what we are sure of is that if they keep hiding our deeds we will see the need to generalize the extremist attack against civilization and technological progress, with explosives, arsons and well-aimed bullets.

Let it be known again…

For the defense of wild nature and against the technological system!

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
“Thunder of the Mixtón” (“Trueno del Mixtón”)
“Master of the Green Fire” (“Señor del Fuego Verde”)


Wild Reaction detonate explosive at Ford dealership

“Have you felt the light rain falling on you, which in a moment is transformed into a torrential storm that leaves you completely soaked?”

That’s how we came down, like a torrential storm after the light drizzle.

On the night of April 9, we left an explosive device in a Ford car dealership located at the corner of Sor Juana Avenue and Riva Palacio Street, a few blocks from Tlalnepantla City Hall, State of Mexico. As usual the authorities hid the fact.

In the distance the device detonated, violating the peaceful civilized night and transgressing the monotonous silence of the city. It was then again that we reclaimed ourselves as nocturnal hunters, as individualists who do not accept the life and the conditions imposed on us by the technological system, and act on our own terms and conditions, without mediation, without limitation, without regard to others.

We detonated the explosive at a dealership because we repudiate such harmful, contaminating, and invasive means of transportation as automobiles. Those roaming pieces of metal and plastic deserve to burn or be destroyed like this civilization and system.

Undoubtedly, cars, cell phones, electrical appliances, communication lines, etc., are an inseparable part of techno-industrial progress, progress which reduces and pushes wild nature to artificial extinction, thus our attack.

Explosives will continue detonating…

Regardless of damage or injuries…

Wild Reaction
Night Hunter Group


A short message to the distant tribes

February 25, 2015
Guanajuato, Mexico

To the group “Uncivilized Conduct”.
To the group “Wild/Terrorist Behaviors”.
To all the “Savage Reaction” groups of action, written dissemination and study.
To all those who feel identified with the tendency opposed to the techno-industrial system and in favor of wild nature.

Artificiality and its yoke upon nature grow broader by the day; the plague of progress has managed to sicken what flies in the air, what lives on the earth, and what swarms in the ocean depths.

Modern civilization is out of its own control; to the point where the technicians who sustain the system create desperate alternatives that make it perpetuate itself with more strength and devastation.

In the face of this summarized situation, a question arises: If technology is growing, why doesn’t resistance to its harmfulness?

Reading the recent communiques transmitted from Argentina and Chile (1) in recent months, we have noticed a surprising affinity bound to these tribes of distant warriors, which greatly encourage us to have greater resolve in terrorist and sabotage action as well as in the development of an anti-technology critique, all toward the important growth of the eco-extremist tendency, which stakes itself on the destabilization of the system and positions itself in favor of the wild.

We know well that in other countries in America, Europe and Asia, there are individualists who feel identified with this tendency, whether anarchists or not, and so we invite them to form part of this whole, with the formation of a group of critique that gives an important contribution to the strengthening of positions, or carefully spreading printed material, or opening blogs, or editing books, or putting out music, or acting anonymously, or living a life free from civilized comfort, or claiming sabotages and terrorist attacks, etc., everyone will know how to do it in their own way and under their own circumstances and responsibilities.

Do not be confused, this is not “solidarity,” it is complicity.

Do not be confused, this is not for the creation of a movement, it is for the constant desire to destabilize this system.

This is only a small message for all those who perceive these words and take them as their own, we do not want nor are interested in “placing” bases or “regulations” within this tendency, because eco-extremism is made of each individual who has the need to strike back at what is extraneous and has come to invade our lives and environments.

Reacción Salvaje (Savage Reaction)
“Manto de Piel-Coyote” (Coyote-skin Cloak)
“Matar o Morir” (Kill or Die)
“Aborígenes Infames” (Infamous Aboriginals)

1) “First communique from Uncivilized Conduct,” published November 1st, 2014. The text is available [in Spanish] on the blog “El Tlatol”. “First words from Wild/Terrorist Behaviors,” published December 24, 2014. Text available on the same blog and on “Contra Info”.

PS: We give our appreciation to the effort of the translators (of our communiques and claims), through whose effort of diffusion our words have reached countries that we never thought they would reach.

retrieved (and slightly edited) from War On Society
Spanish original


(Chile) First words from wild/terrorist behaviors

“Flux is constant, encouraging wild behaviors.”

Even though we didn’t know exactly if we would come to write these words, and even more, to risk ourselves in spreading them through the Internet so they could reach the eyes of those who visit these spaces, we decided that it was necessary to explain our existence, and not so much our actions, with the appropriate aim of being able to expound ourselves as we want. But we know that they will know to criticize us and this is the point: critique should exist, in order to advance, in order to transcend.

Although we do not intend to put out a “communique” for each action that we might someday do, because we believe in this as a method of strategy, that is, to not “report” each blow we make, leaving SOME actions in anonymity, with the aim of not providing SO much for the intelligence aparatus. But if we would like in the future to publish some reflections we’d like them to find their place within the passing of time, also there are many topics that we do not cover which if we consider it important we will mention later on.

For us, spreading this though the internet is a contradiction, but we understand that it is the only means at our dispoal to be able to spread it in a generalized way, even so, it is a contradiction that we assume, given the circumstances. But we will use this “tool” when we believe it opportune and according to our perceptions and ideas.

And here we go…

  1. A) Our position is clear: we are against the techno-industrial system, its civilized life and its values, features and concepts. We believe in a wild live, in which nature in its most primitive state can come first, without the destructive intervention that humanity has thanks to the tools of the techno-industrial system (yes, we believe that primitive humanity caused damage to nature, but not on the scale that humanity does today.) But we believe that this will not happen in the space of a year, generations may have to pass, and some of them die, before humanity and nature in general can arrive at a primitive state, but we aren’t here to speak about the future, but rather about today, about now.
  2. B) And even though we want the destruction of the system, we know that we will not achieve it, but we will contribute in its collapse, this is why we believe in constant and daily attack against the system.
  3. C) As we said, we do not claim to predict the future, much less to control it, instead we prefer to focus on the present perspective and here it is: to attack everything and everyone who represent the techno-industrial system. But in order to attack the system, it is first necessary to study it, understand it, and for effectiveness in its collapse, it is necessary to attack them at their weak points. Kaczynski already said this in the majority of his writings, some of which we agree with. That said, we emphasize that we are not followers of anything or anyone, we exalt our individual position, we deny any concept which we could adhere to.
  4. D) And why technology? Well, we know that times have changed and the system has been becoming more complex over the centuries. At one time it was possible to destabilize society and the system by driving forward causes which, although trivial, were the fervor of the era (mostly movements related to waged work and “rights” for the poor). Although it is only a crude example, the population at certain times has felt identified with causes of “labor” and groups existed that drive such causes forward, achieving effective propaganda and provoking a tension in society and the system itself. Today the system is different, it has complexified toward its own ends. At some time, it was necessary to politically attack the system, since it was not so connected and some parts didn’t dependent so much on others. Today is different, if we have a need, if our objective is to destroy the system, that is, to collapse it, our direct target must be technology, in any of its reprentations.
  5. E) But even though we do not want to fall into the typical communique already read so many times, we want to be clear, the system, the prototypical pro-technology ideologue must be destroyed in theory and in practice, nullifying their structured values, their stereotypical form of life, attacking it daily, annihilating it in every aspect of our lives. With this, we conclude; technology is the basis, the root of this system, therefore, it must be attacked, stabbing it constantly at every one of its weak points where it cannot react and here we are certain, we immerse ourselves in a battle to the death.

“We therefore suggest, in Italy and beyond, to everyone who wants to upset the enemy–to the point of destroying them–[…] small formations which are more difficult to locate and identify […]. We are not saying that everyone must fulfill violent actions; rather, every one should carry out those attacks on the enemy that are possible, given the attitudes, capacity and the means of the members of a particular group composed through affinity and through reciprocal trust. That each group carry out and fulfull its part of action without demanding information about what the other groups do. All directed to the single end. And since the enemy watches, attentive and insidious, that every […] action group knows and controls its own members.”
– Severino di Giovanni

We agree with this, beyond the individual. A paragraph extracted from one of di Giovanni’s writings.

  1. F) We are not for a counter-technological “movement,” but rather for actions that directly attack the techno-industrial system, violent or not, but actions carried out by committed individuals, who are able to reach the final consequences.

We do not believe in, we do not aim for a structured movement, or a unified one, instead we go for actions; any measure that concretely contributes to this war is an accumulated force for an accurate strike at the system. Frontal attack on the system without truce. We critique, but we do not judge. Meanwhile, we focus ourselves on criminal conduct.

“Every generation of rebels [revolutionaries] imitates the one that precedes it”

  1. E) We want to be precise on this point, but in any case we know we will not say anything that has not been said before. Even so, as we said, we omitted several themes of great relevance which we’d like to explain more later. Even though we do not believe in the “specialization” of struggle, with a bit of luck, there will be those who take care of the “peaceful” actions and others who sabotage, what we believe–and emphasize–is that those who decide to carry out actions that are (if we may define them thus) “criminal” or “terrorist,” and employ the fabrication of explosives as a method, it is necessary to dedicate an important time to the study of chemistry, and this is an open call, we believe that the study of this material with the aim of perfecting with every blow is largely a very effective utility.

And here we are, we exist, and we are ready for everything. From Arica to Punta Arenas [two cities in Chile – translator]. We will attack everything that represents the techno-industrial system, from institutions to those who decide to perpetuate and collaborate with the system. We are uncivilized criminals, we are here and we are sufficiently radicalized to not give a step back. We are against the techno-industrial system, not the state, not capitalism, not the “bourgeoisie.” We will consciously attack everything and everyone who seems to us to support the system, without pity. We are not anarchists, or ecologists, we will not sign off with any name, we leave behind all that useless belief of identifying ourselves with some concept, will let our actions speak.

And although we would like to claim some actions, we believe that they haven’t had enough repercussion or damage to bring them to the surface, even so, we have learned from every one that our hands have taken, perfecting every future blow of a different form. And as we said, for strategic reasons we will not report all our actions but we will report some, when we believe it pertitent. That is all for the moment, we return to our caves.

“Blessed you who never know or await anything. Do you find the author now? Never. Though you imprison all the [“]anarchists[“] in the world, he who did it, who is doing it, who will do it, he will be the only ‘hear it well!’, the only one who will not fall into your nets. He will pass among you, with his bomb invisible in his hand, like a dead man with his tongue mute in his mouth. But the dead speak!”


Detonation of explosive charge at the Mexico Teletón Foundation

It is true, we are not at all altruistic nor charitable, that became clear on November 14 when we detonated an explosive charge at the “Mexico Teletón Foundation” in Tlalnepantla,  México.

Approaching the day when the submissive and numb Mexican society unites in front of the television to sympathize with disabled children used to accumulate large sums of money is close and the “benevolent” industries don’t pay taxes, we detonated our explosive, which that while the mere act had nothing to do with “demands for social justice”, nor political colors, nor anything of the sort. In case anyone will think that.

Our trade is something else, some know it very well. We attacked this Foundation because it is one of the institutions along with the private initiatives and mass media, that implement alienation through the technoindustiral system’s values such as “promiscuous solidarity”, “peace”, “progress”, “humanism”, etc. Because they spread at great length the moral that society should continue to “calm its temper”, now in a country which lives in political, economic, and social crisis.

The “Teletón Foundation”, is also an agency along with the two most prestigious universities in Mexico (UNAM and ITESM), in charge of the development of technological and scientific innovation with therapeutic purposes, to say, together they completely adhere to the idea of civilized progress, to make sure this system follows its course. Surely many will ask: And what harm is caused by the existence of these types of charities for disabled people? Perhaps the questioners have not taken into account that the system always dresses as a “well intentioned nun” to continue perpetuating itself. Complete technology will always have the same purpose in whichever of its forms, whether therapeutic or weaponizing, educational or of massive destruction, medicinal or poisonous. And that purpose is to continue existing over wild nature, because of this our attack.

Without more explanations: We are not Christians, nor do we characterize nobility, we do not seek nor defend charity from anyone or with anyone!

Wild Reaction
“Nocturnal Hunter Faction”


Some answers about the present and NOT about the future

Pachuca, Hidalgo, November 13 2014.

With this statement, some groupuscules of “Savage Reaction” (RS), will respond to the text “Some ideas about the present and the future” from “Ediciones Isumatag” (EI), published on their blog on October 6 of this year [2014].

At the same time, with this writing we demonstrate the existing distinction among critics of the industrial-technological system, specifically among those who are bent on and advocate the creation of an “organized movement capable of contributing to the overthrow of such a system”, and those like we who do not seek that, but rather, to attack the development of the systems progress from the present, tending to destabilize it.

With this text, we do not intend at all to open the sterile and impractical debate on future or present strategies which “have to” be taken while facing the industrial-technological system. Everyone decides their own path. What follows is just a quick exposure of our tendency regarding this topic. The intelligent ones who tend towards the wild will know very well how to analyze and criticize this communique.

Clearing doubts:

In January 2012 Individualities tending towards the wild (ITS) published its sixth communique, which from the start announced itself as a self-critique, in addition to publicly accepting mistakes from past communiques, but more than that, this sixth communique was an indirect response (as some have rightly mentioned before) (1) to criticisms published that same month by Último Reducto (UR) and Anónimos con Cautela (AC) editorial groups.

At the time, ITS welcomed most of URs critique, it helped very much for solidifying positions and to push us to let go of some leftist, relativist thematics alien to what we wanted to form.

In fact, all those who have ever read the works of UR, might have noticed that they had a strong influence on the primary formation of our ideas.

UR themselves have written:

“Much of the discourse and terminology used in their communiques is taken from the writings of Kaczynski and UR (although in cases where their taking UR as reference, they do not explicitly say so)” (2)

At the time, by strategy and prudence, we never made direct mention of the influence of UR, as not to jeopardize their editorial work, being that we are an underground group with terrorist history, but since we are clearing doubts, and a few years have past since these events, we make it public.

Beyond the term “Revolution”

Ever since signing as ITS, we’ve rejected the term “revolution”. We’ve always criticized and cast aside the term that has been used to name the hypothetical process by which the destruction of the techno-industrial system would “have to” go through to be attained, as some like EI say.

But for now let’s put aside the “revolution” as a term (3), and focus on the problem as a strategy.

Freedom Club (FC) proposed in 1995, a “revolution” to end the techno-industrial system in it’s essay “Industrial Society and Its Future”. From then on, some people have taken this proposal as the only valid one for this hypothetical triumph in this hypothetical future.

But let’s take it one peice at a time. One of the cornerstones of the “antitechno-industrial revolution” is the analogy between the French and Russian revolutions with the overthrow of this system. According to this, what preceded the collapse of the above regimes was a web of social, military, political, economic and environmental problems. At the same time, in these societies, values contrary to the traditional ones began to sprout from the common rationalists (in the case of France) and the soviets (for Russia). This is explained in the above mentioned essay by FC:

“French society and Russian society, for several decades prior to their respective revolutions, showed increasing signs of stress and weakness. Meanwhile, ideologies were being developed that offered a new world-view that was quite different from the old one.” (4)

FC, also writes about the model this “revolution” would have to go by:

“It will be objected that the French and Russian Revolutions were failures. But most revolutions have two goals. One is to destroy an old form of society and the other is to set up the new form of society envisioned by the revolutionaries. The French and Russian revolutionaries failed (fortunately!) to create the new kind of society of which they dreamed, but they were quite successful in destroying the old society (…) Our goal is only to destroy the existing form of society.” (5)

In light of these specific annotations RS refutes and believes that:

The preceding conditions to a “revolution” are always crises in the various factors that make up a system. In history there are many examples (not just that pair) of how a small group of intellectuals, philosophers and thinkers, can have a huge influence when the destruction (with or without violence) of existing societies is proposed, as well as in it’s success (based on the first objective written by FC, with respect to “revolutions”). These examples are, the Cuban, Sandinista, Chinese, Iraqi, Vietnamese, Portuguese “revolutions”, the neo-Nazi “revolution” in Germany, and the Fascist one in Italy, etc…

What characterizes each of these “revolutions” and their victory in destroying (through whatever means) imposed social models in their moment of history, is that they were focused only within their respective territorial limits, and although some conflicts infected other countries (like after the Cuban revolution with the various armed uprisings in Latin America that finally ended in dictatorships and massacres), the overthrow of these regimes always occurred in a specific area and not worldwide, like the global revolution proposed by FC (6).

The internationalist proposal by Ted Kaczynski (formerly FC) and his followers, errs in utopia and fantasy. In a quick but thorough overview of history, never before a “revolution” has had global success, with the exception of the industrial revolution.

Many may find it uncomfortable to accept that the only revolution that has triumphed globally (and beyond, with the first man on the Moon, and on Mars soon) in achieving its task of destroying the values and instincts of wild human nature, and perpetuate a new society based on artificiality, industrialization and advanced technique, has been the industrial one.

Even though, before the industrial revolution, human beings were already somewhat removed from the optimal locations, biologically programmed for living in freedom and autonomy, the present indicates that the progress of this revolution and the complexity of its systems of self-perpetuation have caused a significant turning point towards artificiality and forgetting the natural and the wild.

Neither the most resistant internationalist communist, nor the most totalitarian dictator, were able to expand their “revolutions” internationally, could the “antitech revolutionaries” do otherwise? Could they overthrow the techno-industrial system worldwide, taking advantage of a global crisis?

RS responds: Unlikely, and so far, impossible.

Today, crises come and go, and although in some countries the crisis has persisted for decades, civilization and the system have run their course, so far.

Presently we live in a severe global financial crisis that has been worsening since 2008 (7), unemployment in first world countries like Greece, Spain, France and Australia is serious (8), not to mention in developing countries. Many companies are going bankrupt or have disappeared (9). Countries like Turkey, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Japan, Mexico, among others, are immersed in political-economic problems and social unrest (10). The stock markets of China, India, Thailand, etc., have fallen and their central banks have experienced alarming reductions in their financial reserves (11). Economies like Brazil, Argentina, United States, and even the vast majority of the nations of the European Union are in recession or at risk of it (12).

On the environmental side, the levels of carbon dioxide are increasing, and affecting greatly across the globe. The changes in temperature are abrupt, droughts have lengthened (13), population growth has reached the point of horribly affecting semi-wild, wild and even “protected” (14) natural environments, species of wild flora and fauna are threatened every day, over-exploitation of wood is deforesting ever growing areas, the leviathan of Civilization, together with the system, reduce everything natural to mere urbanized waste.

The health crisis is also alarming. Cancer has positioned itself as the disease of the 21st century, along with it, the pharmaceutical industry clog infect bodies with harmful drugs who, instead of healing, kill patients in an extremely painful and humiliating way. (15)

Not to mention Ebola, which has killed hundreds and infected thousands in Africa. The virus threatens to spread through the world if nations do not implement stringent health and safety measures to prevent it. (16)

What is being favored by the growth of the global crisis, is that sooner or later a world war breaks out in which the strongest powers, strategically and militarily speaking, achieve taking the “whole pie” as an exit to the crisis. That, or the same system will be able to repair all its failings and move on to a new financial system where economic differences between the elites and the masses are “leveled” and technological innovations make “natural resources” close to exhaustion, expendable.

In another vein of ideas, FC also writes:

“(…) propaganda of the rabble-rousing type may be necessary when the system is nearing the point of collapse and there is a final struggle between rival ideologies to determine which will become dominant when the old world-view goes under.” (17)

An extreme naivety and a misinterpretation of reality is what is reflected in this paragraph. Perhaps these “revolutionaries” think they’re the only ones who are waiting for the collapse in order to achieve their goals, nothing is further from reality. Nowadays, several groups are waiting for that opportunity, such powerful political and economic groups to which these “revolutionary” cannot compare at all. So the strategy of waiting for “the neighbor (the system) to be sick to kill him”, brings an important problem, because there are many other “neighbors” even other “neighborhoods” waiting for the system to get weak so they can strike it down and put themselves in its place.

As is said in the fourth principle proposed by FC (18), it can not be trusted that the destruction of the system would be as thought by the theorists and critics of it, maybe even those that improve and develop the techno-industrial system, when the time comes, would realize that a movement is dedicated to destroy it, (if it ever exists, persists and actually becomes a global threat), and decide to dismantle that movement through the thousand and one ways that their secret security apparatus know how to do (infiltration, internal problems, low intensity war, state terrorism, espionage, disruption by controlled divisions, intimidation, etc.), and maybe that revolution which was thought distanced from leftism, gets converted by the system into another of its many mechanisms of self-perpetuation, as to become stronger and continue to exist. Of course, this is only an assumption, but in short we could clarify that it is in that, in assumption, which is based the “anti-techno-industrial revolution” strategy, this we can ensure by reading the following lines from their representatives and most known thinkers:

“Of course, all this is a possibility, a serious crisis may never occur, and if it does occur, may not lead to collapse of the techno-industrial society, and is overcome. Maybe a movement organized and strong enough to wipe out the techno-industrial system when the opportunity comes, is never created. But there is also the possibility that all these things do occur and the techno-industrial system is destroyed on time.” (19)

“The key question here is whether it is possible. And the answer is neither ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but ‘it depends’. It depends on the circumstances. A great many future and present circumstances.” “Is it sure that this happens? No. Is it sure it will not happen? Neither. Like many queations of the future, there are great uncertainties.” (20)

FC also points out, this can be read, in uppercases by RS, in footnote 6 of the present communique, and in this paragraph:

“(…) If experience indicates that some of the recommendations made in the foregoing paragraphs are not going to give good results, then those recommendations should be discarded.” (21)

Although in truth, this method cannot be ruled out yet, because those who work in favor of this “revolution” have not tested it, since for now there is no “strong and organized” movement dedicated to that, or even an attempt of it to give these “revolutionaries” experiences. The question is, will they discard it one day? Not even they know.

Maybe in a decade or more, the global crisis deepens and brings the system to the brink of collapse, but will time suffice for the “revolutionaries” to foster the collapse of the system? Surely they do not know either…

Some of these “revolutionaries” have said that the formation of this movement can last for years or even decades, giving themselves the luxury of waiting for something concrete, as if wild nature will also be waiting for the “intelligent anti-tecs” to be prepared and the conditions to be right.

It would be wiser and more attractive that the “revolutionaries” give their intelligent readers, the certainties that they can do what they propose, that they are sure that what they do will give solid results, instead of pure speculation on the formation of a movement and the broadening of it for the subsequent overthrow of the techno-industrial system. But hey, they’ve laid their strategy…

So, in conclusion to this point, the strategic basis for the “great revolution” is suposition, “perhaps”, “hopefully”, “it may be”, “in best of cases”, “it depends”, in other words, nothing concrete, all in the wind. This reminds us of what a popular Mexican comedian said in his shows: “Maybe yes, maybe no, but most likely is that who knows.”

The “revolutionaries” can WAIT while they PREPARE themselves for the huge global crisis! Us, we do not trust futuristic idealizations, we rely on the present, the present which indicates that both our natural human essence, and that of wild nature in general, is being reduced to domestication, obedience and subjugation to the techno-industrial system and the values of its society, in reaction to that, attack and armed resistance is fundamental.

Relative defeatism

We do not want to remain inert to the great loss of the wild, we have not decided to sit back, some as “Isumatag” have labeled us with the hackneyed and relativistic term “defeatist”, even UR have illustrated this by the following:

“If by ‘defeatist’ we mean the attitude that means abandoning the fight for considering it lost beforehand, ITS is not defeatist, it has not abandoned its struggle. But if by ‘defeatist’ we mean  the attitude that denies in advance any possibility of vanquishing when in fact it is not clear that there is any possibility, ITS is defeatist, as indicated by its way of understanding the concept of anti-technological revolution” (19)

It would be pointless and exhausting to think this issue over and over while trying to make the “revolutionaries” see that we are not “defeatists” so we leave this topic as is, since this judgment depends on individual perspectives.

When ITS (at the time), or groupuscules of RS, have stated that they expect nothing of the executed attacks, we are referring to what is strictly attached to the “revolutionary” or “transcendental of the struggle”. We do not expect the “revolution” or the “global crisis” nor “the proper conditions”, all we hope is that after an attack, we leave intact with our individualistic victory, with our hands full of life experiences for the next even more destructive, constant and menacing steps.

Earlier we stated that we did not expect anything positive from our actions, but actions have reactions and these have spread to others creating something positive for the limitless advancement of attack against the techno-industrial system. Thus, we see that on various websites and publications, news and reproductions of our communiques and actions can be read, along with several analyzes of these, this does not happen only with anarchist websites and publications but also with those of scientific, philosophical, academic and other interests (22). We can count translations of our terrorists communiques to about ten different languages (23). There have been several books published containing our words, the most recent entitled “La Naturaleza es el bien, la Civilización es el mal…” [Nature is good, Civilization is evil…] (24) (25). Similarly, a few weeks ago a new group positioning itself against the techno-industrial system with actions has emerged in Argentina, and promises more. (26)

Inherited insurrectionalism?

“Ediciones Isumatag” write in their text that direct confrontation is eventually suicide, and they’re right, except we’ve decided this ourselves, we know that we may have the same future of prison or death as the wild Chichimeca warriors, Tenamaztli and Maxorro, the same that happened to the indomitable Chiricahua, Mangas Coloradas and Cosiche, we know this very well. We have preferred to fight till death with the system, rather than conform and accept the status of hyper-domesticated humans that they want to impose on us, we remember that each individual is different, for some it is quite comfortable to deceive themselves in thinking that someday the great crisis will come and that until then they will act towards this hypothetical collapse of the system, but NOT for us, we are NOT idealists anymore, we see the present as it is, and it pushes us to direct confrontation, assuming its ultimate consequences.

We wrote it in the first RS communique:

“Day after day, we’re headed towards extinction, we’re on the edge of the abyss, we dont have in mind adapting ourselves to the system, nor to its submissive society, nor to its moral values” (27)

It is clear “the shoe fit” when EI read the editorial text of the Regresión publication, (the publishing group has also joined RS with the name of “Grupúsculo Manto de Piel–Coyote” [Coyote-skin Coat Groupuscule] these last weeks), and this is why they’re taking “private conversations” out of their old drawers and attack us with all their “resources”, even as these “resources” are disguised of alleged “serious analysis”. All because we do not share the strategy proposed by FC several years ago.

In a desperate ploy to label us as something we are not, EI asserts that within our tendency there are ideological matters inherited from insurrectionalism. They also write that by “adopting” these ideologies we are leftists, actually they think that of all groups acting and criticizing the techno-industrial system. Strange, because in fact, before “Conductas Incivilisadas” [Uncivilized Behaviors] we were the only extremist group within that category, anyway. RS will not extended more focus on the tedious and impractical debate about whether or not we are leftists, because we are not, many have made this obvious, we aren’t trying to convince anyone of anything.

What is important to underline in the text by EI is the pathological type paranoia of leftism by which they’re overcome, saying they see leftism anywhere and categorizing almost everything of leftist except their circle of affinities, of course!

Regarding the critique they make of insurrectionalism, we’ll leave it to those of that ideology to respond, if they see fit, to what is said by “Isumatag”.

What RS indeed recognizes is our eco-anarchist past, (this we do not deny), which is very different from insurrectionary anarchism, you can not expect anything good from a person that cant differentiate these two currents.

RS has completely ruled out the idea of an “anti-technology movement”, not because we base ourselves in insurrectionalist ideas, but for all that we have said before in section I of this written work .

“Ediciones Isumatag” speaks of “serious and honest” analysis, we would like to see how they’ll “agitate” the masses when “it’s time”, will they do it honestly? NO, they’ll perhaps use deceptions and manipulations for the masses to kill each other to, according to this, destroy the system. Of course, with this comment we don’t position ourselves on the side of the masses, for us, societies might as well kill each other, what we are highlighting is the false modesty and misleading discourse writen by EI.

Like FC has said before:

“As for the negative consequences of eliminating industrial society — well, you can’t eat your cake and have it too. To gain one thing you have to sacrifice another.” (28)

EI apparently feels inferior when identified with labels of “café revolutionaries”, “armchair intellectuals”, etc., given that, the only thing left to say is: You feel as you wish! If EI feels put down by these labels employed by the practicals (ie, us) within critiques of the techno-industrial system, that’s not our problem.

In conclusion, we reproduce what we wrote in the sixth ITS communique:

“The struggle against the Techno-industrial System is not a game that we should win or lose, vanquish or be defeated; this is what many have still not understood and it seems that many are still expecting to be ‘rewarded’ in the future for their current actions as ‘revolutionaries’. One must accept that many things in life are not rewarded, that many tasks and/or ends are never achieved (including Autonomy) and the destruction of the techno-system by the work of the ‘revolutionaries’ is one of them. Now is not the time to wait for the imminent collapse, for those who want to take their time as if technological progress wouldn’t be growing by leaps and bounds and gradually devouring our sphere of individual Freedom.”

“For now there is no movement that positions itself radically against Technology, neither organized nor solid, if some day there is (if it triumphs and we are alive) then we will accept our mistake, in the meantime we will not accept futurist speculations wagering on a movement that helps to destabilize the system in its totality.” (29)

For the extreme defense of all that we have been losing:

Savage Reaction
“Matar o Morir” [Kill or Die]
“Tinta de carbón” [Carbon ink]
“Manto de piel-Coyote” [Coyote-skin Cloak]


1) This past summer, on a blog called “El Tlatol“, the details of which we are writing were publicly exposed. Later, the “Carbon Ink Groupuscule” of “Ediciones Aborigen” (which in turn has joined RS in recent months), published a printed work emphasizing this, entitled “Respuesta Indirecta” [Indirect Response], which we recommend reading.

2) Point 4 of the text “Algunos comentarios en referencia a los comunicados de Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje” [Some comments in reference to the communiques from Individualities Tending toward the Wild] by Último Reducto, January 8, 2012.

3) In ITS’ sixth communique point II, we make it clear by the following:

“Obviously, we continue to defend the criticism of the term ‘revolution-revolutionary’, without a doubt.
-The so called ‘revolution’ which many are waging on, perverts human nature because it always tends to reform the system.
-The ‘revolution’, is a blind faith that many want to see achieved, if they do not succeed in their goals (which they have never reached) their efforts will be in vain, and everything, absolutely everything for which they fought will collapse, such efforts resulting as futile.
-The ‘revolution’ is a leftist concept.
-Many leftists want to make their aims and/or approaches something so profound that they exaggerate, wander and come to limits outside of reality. There are many examples: ‘the destruction of capitalism’, ‘a world without states or borders’, ‘a planet without animal exploitation’, ‘world peace’ and among these, the so called ‘anti-technological revolution’.”

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24) The book was edited by “Matar o Morir ediciones” and is a compilation of all the communiques of ITS and RS. It was published this year on November 7, and is available on the anarchist blog “Contrainfo”.

25) Other books that have been released that we are aware: “Comunicati Atenttativi” published by “Verein von Egoisten Ed” is a compilation of Italian translations of the communiques of ITS. “The Collected Communiqués of Individualities Tending Toward the Wild” edited by “War on Society”, is a compilation of English translations of the communiques of ITS. “¡Que se ilumine la noche! Génesis, desarrollo y auge de la Tendencia Informal Anarquista” published by “Ediciones Internacional Negra” includes an ITS interview.

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Argentina: First communique of uncivilized conduct

First communique
Primitive instinct: the silence and the scream

November 1, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Everything has its moment. There are moments to talk and moments to be silent. Moments of calm and moments of action. Patience was and will be the best attribute of the wild ones. Now is the time to talk and that is why we have something to say.


Technology is death. This is how day by day, for thousands of years, technological advances continue mutating, exterminating, transforming Wild Nature, making of this world a place each time less inhabitable, artificializing every space of our lives.

It is clear that technology is not a mystic entity that comes down from the sky and devours everything in its path, it is men and women who make this decision. Specific institutions exist in which they are taught, and hence they learn, how to destroy the Wild, always artificializing it more. Of course these men and women present their magnificent work with other words, and pretend to be the saviors of the earth and humanity.


If at some time, technological and scientific knowledge were in reach of only a privileged few, today anyone can access scientific/technological knowledge, by enrolling in a university, be it public or private, and can rest assured that they are the road of Civilization.

There are ever more countries, with their Universities, who join in the research of technology on the nano-scale, for example, by incorporating degrees in Biotechnology, Robotic Engineering, creating specific institutions for Nanotechnology.

Nano-scale technology also melds with degrees such as Industrial Engineering, Urbanism, Biology, and other such shit.


To end, we take responsibility for a few actions against Civilization carried out in 2013-2014, which we have kept quiet about until now. The bomb threat to the LAN offices, bomb threat to the Engineering Faculty, threat to Aníbal Cofone, secretary of Science and Technology at the University of Buenos Aires, bomb threat at the National University of Technology (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), bomb threat to the Ezeiza airport, specifically to one LAN flight to Santiago, Chile (1). Also, on this occasion, we claim the attempted attack with an incendiary device against an electric Substation on May 22, 2013 (2).

Some of the aforementioned actions had a certain notoriety in the media and others did not. Within these last few, without a doubt, are some that we know reached their objective (3). But the notable part of this is that in many cases even while knowing of the possibility of an explosive device, the authorities at the threatened institutions ignored it, showing how little human lives mean to them (4).


We are a group that has had different individual processes. Some of us have acted under other names and acronyms made claims for dead and imprisoned anarchists and those of similar tendencies, but this has changed.

We are an anti-technology group that proposes to destabilize, through diverse methods, the normal functioning of the Technoindustrial System.

In our communiques there will not be author’s citations, what we have to say will be said in our own words (5).

We will not claim communiques for prisoners or the dead.

We are not anarchists, nor primitivists, nor unabomberists.

We will not join in supposedly important campaigns and dates (6).

That is all for the moment, we return to silence.

Uncivilized conduct


  1. To be clear the fact that the flight destination was Santiago, Chile was only a question of strategy, it had nothing to do with an act of solidarity with groups of action or prisoners of that region.
  2. At the time, this action was not claimed due to the simple fact that it did not reach its objective. Today we think differently: every action will be claimed, whether or not they reached their aim, as we are responsible for our acts without regard to the consequences.
  3. An example of this is the bomb threat to the LAN flight, which although not covered publicly, we know that the flight was delayed by over three hours.
  4. The “Rain of Arrows Faction” arrived at a similar conclusion after the bomb threat to the ninth National Nanotechnology Conference.
  5. We do not deny the influence of people in our thought but we do not want our words said by others who do not represent us, we alone represent ourselves. We can have a certain closeness with their words and actions but this alone, nothing more.
  6. We should recognize that the attempted action against the Electric Substation was, at the time, to remember the anarchist Mauricio Morales. While we are in accordance with some of Morales’ words, they are not enough to act in solidarity with someone, even if this person is dead. We know that some shifting leftists will become indignant with our words. The reality is that we do not want to fall into the miserableness reflected by many who use the name someone dead to feed their own acts and obtain prestige or a certain position in the “social war”.


First communique of Wild Reaction (RS)

First communique.
Cuernavaca, Morelos
August 14, 2014

“The people who are pushing all this garbage of development and technological progress should be severely punished.”
– F. [a]

After a little more than three years of criminal-terrorist activity, the group “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS), begins a new phase in this open war against the Technoindustrial System, which we explain below:


First of all, we want to explain that during all of 2012 and 2013, various groups of a terrorist and sabotage stripe were uniting themselves with the group ITS, so that now, after a long silence and for purely strategic reasons, we publicly claim:

1) The “Informal Anti-civilization Group,” which on June 29, 2011, took responsibility for the explosion that severely damaged a Santander bank in the city of Tultitlan, Mexico.

2) “Uncivilized Autonomous,” who on October 16, 2011 set off a bomb inside the ATMs of a Banamex, located between the cities of Tultitlan and Coacalco in Mexico State.

3) “Informal Circle of Antagonistic Individualists,” who in September 2009 set several wild horses free from a farm in Aguascalientes.

4) “Wild Indomitables,” who on October 16, 2011 left a butane gas bomb that did not detonate in a Santander bank in the Álvaro Obregón district of Mexico City. The act was never claimed until now.

5) “Terrorist Cells for the Direct Attack – Anti-civilization Fraction,” which in 2010 and 2011 left a fake bomb in front of the IFaB (Pharmacological and Biopharmeceutical Research), and detonated an explosive outside the building of the National Ecology Institute (INE), both in the Tlalpan district of Mexico City.

6) “Luddites against the Domestication of Wild Nature,” who during 2009 to 2011 had taken part in various incendiary attacks in some cities in Mexico State and various districts of Mexico City, claimed or unclaimed.

7) “NS – Fera – Kamala y Amala” which on December 9, 2011, left an explosive package addressed to the director of the National Institute of Psychiatry “Ramón de la Fuente” in the Tlalpan district, Mexico City. It was deactivated by the police bomb squad. On the 15th of this month, the same group warned through email of the presence of a car bomb in the institution’s parking lot, which, although it was a false warning, created terror among the officials of that center of mental alienation.

8) “Earth Liberation Front – Bajío”, which on November 16, 2011 set off an explosive charge creating damages within the ATM area of a branch of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the city of Irapuato in Guanajuato.

Likewise, during this year, 2014, two more terroristic groups have united with us who have put the development of the Technoindustrial System in their sights, we refer to:

9) The “Obsidian Point Circle of Attack,” which at the end of March of this year sent a letter-bomb via express mail to the Rector of UNAM in Mexico City.

10) The “Atlatl Group,” which in April of this year claimed responsibility for bomb threats and intimidating messages to academic institutions in Michoacán, Mexico State, Mexico City, Puebla and Zacatecas.

All of these have now fused with the ITS groups in Morelos, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Coahuila and Veracruz.

Due to this union, the extravagant and little-practical pseudonym of “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS) ceases to exist, and from now on the attacks against technology and civilization will be signed with the new name of “Wild Reaction” (RS).


RS will take the initiative of attacking human targets as it was with ITS, but we will also charge against public and private property. The research centers will be burned along with their scientists, the businesses that promote artificiality along with their employees and executives will suffer attacks; in sum, everything that involves civilization, technology and progress will be fiercely attacked.

And if for that reason, during an attack, some citizen is wounded or killed, we won’t care, we will be indifferent and indiscriminating. The population, the mass, the people, the community, the sheep, the society does not merit our consideration, neither warnings, nor calls to attention, nor anything at all, because they are all part of the system; let it be clear, if they cross our path they are going to regret it… and we already showed this in the past with ITS [b].

“Anything based on the masses, the herd, carries in itself the seeds of slavery. This crowd, which does not self-determine its values, is incapable of defining its own life.”


The groups that form RS will have their own names, this is just for inter-group decision.

These groups will enjoy autonomy, will be able to carry out acts of sabotage as well as terrorist ones, (if they want to), when they want, breaking with the “formalities of attack” and predestined group dates. That is, in any moment and any place, the latent threat of aggression will be present.


We deny being followers of Ted Kaczynski [c]; we have indeed learned many things from reading Industrial Society and Its Future, the texts after this and the letters before this text signed by “Freedom Club” (FC), but that does not mean that we are his followers. In fact our position clashes with Kaczynski’s, FC’s, his disciple Último Reducto and others, since we do not consider ourselves revolutionaries, we do not want to form an “anti-technological movement” that encourages the “total overthrow of the system,” we do not see it as viable, we do no want victory, we do not pretend to win or lose, this is an individual fight against the mega-machine; we don’t care about getting something positive from this, since we are simply guided by our instincts of defense and survival.

We are for the rejection of artificiality and of modern reality. We deny the values of the system such as “equality,” “promiscuous solidarity,” “peace,” “progress,” “plurality,” “humanism,” etc.

We defend our identity as “modern” humans clinging to our primitive past.

We cast our labels like “anti-civilization,” “primitivist,” “anarchist,” “anti-technology,” “luddite,” because RS is a unique tendency that does not need these tired and twisted labels for defining ourselves.

Thus neither Kaczynski, Último Reducto, Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, or any other with the (supposed) “primitivist” stamp represents RS.

Nor do the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF), Feral Faun, or any other with the “eco-anarchist” or “anti-civilization cell of…” stamp.

RS and its groups only represent themselves.

“[This] is a way of expressing our ‘ego.’ An ‘ego’ that wants to differentiate itself from the herd of slaves, an ‘ego’ that does not bow its head, an ‘ego’ that does not wait for the masses to rebel, an ‘ego’ that vindicates its own name, its own ‘acronym’ and does not hide behind anonymity.”


Previously some (but not all) of the groups that have united as RS were exclusively formed by “eco-anarchists” and “radical ecologists,” now RS is formed by nihilist saboteurs, incendiary nomads, individualist delinquents, terrorist anarchists, politically and morally incorrect critics, that is, RS is a group of affinities who are ready for everything that is necessary, for achieving what we want… and what we want is the destabilization of the system, the direct punishment of those immediately responsible for the subjugation of wild nature (including human nature).

We are a considerable group of wild ones who are conscious that our ancestors were warriors and we vindicate ourselves in the same way. We are the minority of the minority, we have decided to undertake a war against everything that is taking away our essence as natural humans, and is fixing us to turn us into humiliated humanoids.

This essence that we cling to has been transmitted to us by our wild ancestors, it pushes us to follow the path of confrontation and resistance, against alienation, against what wants to domesticate us and keep us alienated from our true home: the forests, the deserts, the hills, the mountains, the jungles, the coasts.

The Technoindustrial System and its unimpeded advance snatched from us the way of living free that our great-great-grandfathers enjoyed; civilization with its agriculture and its sedentarism covered the environment in gray and deprived us of memory; modernity stunned our primitive instincts and senses; the animals we hunted died from the plague of technology; the places where wandered and rested were devastated by infrastructure and overpopulation; progress sunk us in ignorance; natural wisdom was lost in the passing of generations.

Day by day we drive ourselves to extinction, we are at the edge of the abyss, since we do not intend to adapt ourselves to the system nor to its submissive society, nor to its moral values.

But we have awoken! That primitive essence continues with us, it is not domesticated, it feels uncomfortable in the cities and it whispers constantly to us: “You do not belong here, destroy your cage.”

This is why during these years we have intensified the conflict against artificiality, this is why we have burned machines, set off explosives, created terror, torn living flesh, punctured heads, just as the ancients did in the wars against civilization, in defense of their way of life; that way of life still exists though it may be very minimal, and we will defend it to the end.

For those who think that the war against civilized ended with the extermination of the ethnic groups, hunter-gatherer nomads, original people of these lands in the war of the wild ones (chichimeca), after more than 400 years, allow us to tell you that you thought wrong.

We are the warrior legacy!

Those who sustain this dirty system will not live peacefully…

Wild Reaction / Reacción Salvaje (RS)
“Kill or Die” Group / Grupúsculo “Matar o Morir”


[a] To avoid our tendency falling into confusion or mutation, falsification or alteration, for the phrases published in our communiques we have decided to put at the end of each one only the first letter of the author’s name. With these, if you recognize their works, know that we include them because we agree only with this phrase, but not with all of their thought or opinion.

[b] On April 19, 2011, the maintenance worker of the Polytechnic University of Mexico Valley (UPVM), Alberto Álvarez, opened a package-bomb that was addressed to the head of the Nanotechnology degree, Camacho Olguín; for his carelessness he ended up with hearing trauma, burns on his hands, and an amputated eye.

Later, in February 21, 2013, the employee in charge of maintaining the mailboxes of the Mexican Postal Service, José Luis García, decided to steal a package that caught his attention, which he did not know was a package containing an explosive with a concrete addressee (who we will not speak of), again, on opening the package, for his carelessness and deliberate behavior, the employee ended up with hearing trauma, first- and second-degree burns on his legs, arms, face and the fracture of one of his hands.

[c] Even though as ITS we have been denying it for more than three years, only recently we continue to be categorized as his “followers,” one can read evidence of this in the articles “NanoBombers: A Look at the Terrorist Group that’s trying to kill scientists”, from April 9, 2014, published on the New York web site “Vocativ”, and “As technology swamps our lives, the next Unabombers are waiting for their moment”, from May 13, 2014, published in the English periodical “The Telegraph”.

* For those who may think that the individuals from the photograph are “our leaders,” let us say this is a lie. RS does NOT have leaders or a fixed and absolute leader, we are NOT an army or Marxist guerrilla group, RS is composed of groups of individuals responsible for our own actions, who act according to their possibilities.

The photograph was a proposal from one of the groups, to show its individual capacity to inflict damage by means of firearms, and to visually express the extreme defense of wild nature. While the image is full of symbolism and meanings, we only explain one: The feather in the hat of one of them represents that they have taken a life, this subject is sitting under the letter “s,” the first letter of the name Salinas, of Ernesto Méndez Salinas, the biotechnologist assassinated in Cuernavaca in 2011, the first mortal victim of ITS.

Enemies, observe well! This is not a game, it is not a joke, it is real!

We have the weapons, the explosives and the warrior legacy in our blood, we are coming for you!